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This day is published, in medium 4to. 11. 48. ; imperial 4to. 21. ; with Proofs and Etchings,

41. 49.; folio, with Proofs and Etchings, 61. 68.




Illustrated by a Series of Prints, representing the antient Gateways, Castles, Mansions, Street Scenery, &c.; accompanied by Historical and Descriptive Accounts of eacl Subject, and of the Popular Characteristics of every City.


This Number contains TWELVE ENGRAVINGS, viz. (CITY OF YORK) Walmgate BarPorch of St. Margaret's Church-St. Mary's Abbey Church, Ruins of the West EndDitto, Interior View-Micklegate Bar-Monk Bar-Bootham Bar-Clifford Tower, or

ITY OF LINCOLN: Sally-Port to the Castle -- Keep of the Castle -CITY OF GLOUCESTER : St. Nicholas Church-Old Bridge and Gatehouse.

The First Number of “ PICTURESQUE ANTIQUITIES OF THE ENGLISH CITIES" is submitted to the Public with mingled emotions of anxiety, cheered by the hope of pleasing a large portion of Antiquarians and Artists. The Author is confident that such a publica. tion is calculated to gratify a numerous class of persons; and to effect this he intends to render it cheap in price, and, to the best of his judgment and means, at once pleasiug, original, and interesting. Although this will not be an easy task to accomplish, he is convinced that assiduity, combined with long experience, will surmount many difficulties, and produce results which may seem at first view unattainable.

As supplementary to, and elucidatory of the Series of Picturesque Engravings, from Drawings by Robson, this publication is anuounced. Materials for it have long been preparing, and the Author has only to specify some of these to shew the class of subjects and nature of the work which he has projected.

The CITY OF YORK, for instance, presents many singular features and objects in its architectural remains. Not only the street scenery, but the fortified gates or bars, the dungeon keep, or castle, the embattled walls, with bastion towers, are peculiar, indigenous, and picturesque, and cannot therefore fail of being eminently interesting to the artist, the antiquary, and the historian. All these will be faithfully aud forcibly delineated, whilst the historical and local anecdotes, as well as the architectural peculiarities of each, will afford abundant matter for antiquarian and critical disquisition

The City Or BRISTOL abounds with Picturesque Antiquities, both domestic and ecclesiastical.

The City of Wells has a noble cathedral, a moated and fortified antient palace, a singular gateway, a fine deanery, &c.

Every other City offers its distinctive architectural and natural features, and each in. volves historical and local characteristics, which are not merely interesting to the provincial antiquary, but to most readers of laudable curiosity. The City, both in the olden and in modern times, is unquestionably a place of varied and commanding importance. Either environed with fortifed walls and bastion towers, as York and Chester ; seated on a navigable river, as London; or tranquil stream, as Salisbury, crouching in the peaceful and fertile vale, as Wells ; crowning the craggy, romantic rock, as Durham ; or partly in a dell, and on the steep shelving hill, as Bath, with the noble and venerable cathedral overtopping and dignifying the crowded dwellings of its citizens, it commands attention in the distance, and still more on closer inspection. Its relations and associations are manifold; all tending to give it historical and varied consequence in the annals of our country. Whatever, therefore, tends to inform and improve the mind on such subjects, is laudable exercise for the best talents of the author and the artist; and cannot fail to engage the attention of the well-informed gentleman.

It is proposed to publish this work in Six Portions, or Numbers, each of which will in. clude at least Ten Engravings and Four Woodcuts. Two of the former to be finished in imitation of those in the preceding work, whilst the other eight will be executed in such styles of etching and finishing as may seem best adapted to exemplify the effects and details of the respective subjects. The Author refers to his volumes on Bath Abbey Church, p. 69, and Wells Cathedral, p. 91, to shew the style and manner he proposes to adopt in describing the cities ; added to which, will be brief but apposite accounts of the Pictu. resque Antiquities of eacb.


The Second Edition, revised, with addi. | KING'S FIVE PER CENT. INTEREST tional Notes, price 6s, boards,


Carefully revised, price NINE SHILLINGS,
LOGY; containing the Symptoms,
Diagnosis, and Morbid Characters of Dis.
eases; together with an Exposition of the

1. calculated at FIVE PER CENT. on any different Methods of Examination, appli.

Sum from One Pound to Ten Thousand cable to Affections of the Head, Chest, and

Pounds, from One Day to One Hundred Abdomen. By L. MARTINET, D.M.P.

Days, also for One Month up to Twelve Translated, with Notes and Additions, by

Months. By Joseph KING, Liverpool. JONES QUAIN, A.B. Demonstrator of Ana

Liverpool: printed for G. & J. Robinson, tomy at the Medical School, Aldersgate

and sold by them and all the other Book Street.

sellers in Liverpool; also by Longman and “ We are glad to see that the favourable opi Co. Paternoster Row, J. M. Richardson, nion which we expressed of this work has been Cornbill, and J. Richardson, Royal Ex. confimed by the rapid sale of the first edition.

change, London, This second edition is considerably inaproved, and is still more entiled to public patronage." - Dr.

or whom may be had, compiled by Joseph King, Johnson's Medico Chirurg. Review, Jan. 1828.

TABLES of INTEREST, calculated London : printed for W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers'. Hall-Court, Lud.

at FIVE PER CENT. showing at one view gate-Street.

the Interest of any Sum from One Pound to

Ten Thousand Pounds, from ONE DAY TO Lately published,

THIRTEEN YEARS. To which are added,

Tables for calculating Commission on 1. BLUMENBACII'S MANUAL Sales of Goods or Banking Accounts, from of COMPARATIVE ANATOMY, translated | One-Eighth to Five per Cent. &c. &c. 7th by W. LAWRENCE, Esq. F.R.S. Revised | Edit. carefully revised, in I thick Vol. 8vo. and augmented, according to the last Goet. I price II Jls. 6d. tingen edition, with numerous Additions and Illustrations, and Plates, by WILLIAM Coulson. Price 14s. boards.

In I vol. 8vo. price 14s. 2. LECTURES of SIR ASTLEY COOPER, Bart. Surgeon to the King, &c. 1 EMOIRS, SELECT RE&c. on the PRINCIPLES and PRACTICE

MAINS, and LETTERS of the of SURGERY ; with additional Notes and

| REV. JOHN COOKE, late Pastor of the Cases, by FREDERICK TYRRELL, Esq. The Independent Church, Maidenhead, Berks. Third Volume, 10s. 6d. boards,


"The Memoirs are well and powerfully written, ANATOMY, containing a Minute Descrip and we doubt not that postenity will base to thank tion of the Parts concerned in Operative

Mr. Redford for having added one production at Surgery, with the Anatomical Effects of

least to the number of those which will survive the

date of their existence."-See Evangelical Mag. Accidents, and Instructions for the Perfor

July 1828. mance of Operations. By H. W. EDWARDS, D.M.P. Translated, with Notes, by WIL.

Hurst, Chance, & Co. St. Paul's Church.

yard. LIAM COULSON, Demonstrator of Anatomy at the Medical School, Aldersgate-Street, &c. Price 78. boards.

Published this day, in 1 handsome pocket " The work contains a great deal of practical

volume, with a frontispiece and vignette information, which cannot fail to be interesting to

engraved by Horsburgb, from Paintings by the student and practitioner. The translation is Thomas Stothard, Esq. R.A. 58. 6d. bds. well executed, and Mr. Coulson has increased its value by the addition of notes containing informa SPECIMENS of the LYRItion derived from the records of both English and German surgery."-Lond. Med. and Phys. Journ.

CAL, DESCRIPTIVE, and NAR. Jan. 1628.


from Chaucer to the Present Day: with a 4. BLUMENBACH's ELEMENTS

Preliminary Sketch of the History of Early of NATURAL HISTORY; translated from

English Poetry, and Biographical and Crithe 10th German edition, by R. T. GORE,

tical Notices, by JOHN JOHNSTONE, Editor Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in of “ Specimens of Sacred and Serious London, Price 14s. boards.


Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and Geo. B. Whittaker, London.

This day is published, in 1 vol. royal 4to.

with plates, &c. price ll. 1s. NARRATIVE of an AS

CENT to the SUMMIT of MONT BLANC, on the 8th and 9th of August, 1827. By JOHN AULDJO, Esq. of Trinity College, Cambridge.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.

or whom may be bad, lately published, and uni

formly printed with the above, SPECIMENS of SACRED and SERIOUS POETRY, from Chaucer to the Present Day; including Grahame's Sabbath and other Poems, and Blair's Grave: with Biographical Notices and Critical Remarks, by JOAN JOHNSTONE. Frontispiece and vignette, 5s. 6d. bds.

On the 1st November will be published, elegantly bound in rich Crimson Silk, price 129. THE LITERARY SOUVENIR, or CABINET of POETRY

LAND ROMANCE, for 1829. Edited by ALARIC A. Watts. Illustrated by 12 highlyfinished Line Engravings, from Drawings and Paintings, by c. R. Leslie, R.A.; W. Hilton, R.A.; A. E. Chalon, R.A.; J.M.W. Turnier, R.A.; R. Westall, R A.; J. Northcote, R.A.; F. Danby, A.R.A.; F. P. Stephanoff; E. D. Leahy; R. Farrier; J. Stephanofl;

IO ROMANCE, for 1829. Editings and Paintings: Westall, R A.; J. Northcote:

and Paintings

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The Proprietors of the LITERARY SOUVENIR beg leave to announce their intention of publishing the Volume of their work for 1829 in an improved form, without any addition to the price. An anxiety to render the Souvenir worthy of the high character it has hitherto maintained, has led them to meet the very powerful competition which has lately arisen among the Proprietors of annual publications, by auginenting, in an important degree, and at a very considerable increase of expense, the interest of their book. The Plates (which are already completed) are of a larger size than heretofore; and are all, as will be seen by the subjoined list, from the burins of the most eminent Engravers. The subjects (twelve in number) comprise many Paintings of well-known celebrity, by the most distinguished Artists. In this selection, as well as in the Engravings, no expense has been spared to enable the Souvenir to compete advantageously, not jaerely with those works which are published at a similar price, but with others of nearly double the cost-and with such works a comparison is most earnestly invited. SUBJECTS.


ENGRAVERS. 1. The Proposal

.C.R. Leslie, R.A. . C. Rolls. 2. The Sisters .

. F. P. Stephanoff. J. H. Robinson. 3. Ehrenbretstein

. J. M.W. Turner, R.A.. John Pye. 4. La Fille bien gardée

. A. E. Chalon, R.A. . C. Rolls. 5. Cleopatra embarking on the Cydnus. . F. Danby, A. , . E. Goodall. 6. The Departure of Mary Queen of Scots ? from France.

. E. D. Leahy . . J. Goodyear.

. 7. Love taught by the Graces.

. W. Hilton, R.A. . . J. C. Edwards. 8. She never told her love

. R. Westall, R.A. . . C. Rolls. 9. Feramorz relating the Story of the Peri?

{ .J. Stephanoff . F. Bacon. to Lalla Rookh 10. The Young Novice .

. .J. Northcote, R.A. . W. Greatbatch. 11. The Agreeable Surprise . . .

J. Green . . .H, Rolls. 12. Minney O'Donnell's Toilet

R. Farrier

E. J. Portbury. The Literary Department will, as usual, be composed of contributions from the most distinguished writers of the day.

A few copies will be printed on Crown 8vo. with Proofs of the Plates on India Paper, price 24$. ; Proofs on Imperial folio, price 30s, in a Portfolio. A very few Proofs before letters, price 31, 3s.

London: printed for Lorgman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green.


On the 1st of November will be published, price 7s, in ornamental binding, THE NEW YEAR's GIFT, and JUVENILE SOUVENIR.

Edited by Mrs. Alaric Watts. Illustrated by numerous Woodcuts, and 12 highly-finished Line Engravings on Steel, engraved by Messrs. Edwards, Engleheart, Greatbatch, Baker, &c. after Original Pictures by Mesers. Northcote, F. Howard, Gill, Wood, Hamilton, Green, Behnes, Good, &c.

The Literary Contents of the volume have been supplied by a great number of the most eminent Authors of the day; especially those who have been distinguished as writers for the Juvenile Classes. With regard to the character of this department of the work it may be remarked, that whilst the amusement of the juvenile reader has been A principal aim, the utmost care has been taken to exclude every thing which could be liable to objection from the most scrupulous parent. With a trifling exception, the narrative portion of the volume is strictly true. The work will contain 12 Line Engrayings on Steel, viz. 1. The Children in the Wood. By Miss Dagley. From a Sketch by Miss Spilsbury, 2. A Dancing Girl. By J. Wood. 3. The Marriage of the Infant Prince Richard, Duke of York, second son of Edward IV.

with Lady Anne Mowbray, heiress of the Duke of Norfolk. By J. Northcote, R. A. . 4. The Murder of Edward v. and Richard Duke of York, song of Edward IV. in the

Tower, by order of the Duke of Gloucester, afterwards Richard III. By

J. Northcote, R.A, 5. The Bust of Prince George, son of His Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland.

By W. Behnes. 6. The English Cottage Door. By W. Hamilton, R.A. 7. The Dead Robin. By William GUI. 8. The Blind Grandfather. By W. Good. 9. Peter Thoughtless. By R. Farrier. 10. Hubert and Arthur. By J. Northcote, R.A. 11. Boy and Dog. By J. Green. 12. New Year's Gifts. By Frank Howard,

$14 The New YBAR's Gift will be bound in a style combining at once durability and elegance.

London : printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green,

This day is published, in 2 Vols. 8vo. price This day is published, iu I Vol. 8vo. price 243. in bds.



of the TRAGEDIAS, e variis Virorum Doctorum TUTES, passed in 9th GEO. IV. ANNO Commentariis maxima ex parte selecte, et 1828, being the Second Session of the Textui Matthizeano accommodatæ. In Eighth Parliament of the United Kingdom usnio Praelectionum Academicarum et of Great Britain and Ireland; with Notes Scholarum.

and Comments. By THOMAS WALTER Impensis Geo. B. Whittaker, Londini; WILLIAMS, Esq.of the Inner Temple, BarJ. Parker, Oxon.; et J. et J. Deighton, rister at Law. Cambridge.


TUTES for 1816, 1817, and 1818, one vol. WALKINGAME'S ARITHMETIC IM-12mo. 93. i 1819, 1820, and 1821, 8vo. 8s.

PROVED, WITH KEY TO ALL THE each; 1822 and 1823, 8vo. 10s. 6d each ; EXERCISES, AT LENGTI.

1824, 8vo. 93. ; 1825, 8vo. 143. ; 1826, 8vo.

68. ; and 1827, 8vo.8s. may also be bad. Just published, price 25. bound,

London: published by Wightman and

Cramp, 24, Paternoster-Row. 1 ANT: By Francis WALKINGAME.

Improved Edition of The sixty ninth edition, modernized and Boyer & Deletanville's French Dictionary. improved; containing the new Tables of Weights and Measures, with Rules and Examples for comparing the New Mea This day is published, in 8vo. 148. bd. sures with the Old; and an Appendix on

A NEW DICTIONARY of Repeating and Circulating Decimals, with their application. By John FRASER.

the FRENCH and ENGLISH London: printed for c. and J. Riving-|

LANGUAGES, in Two Parts; combining ton, T. Cadell, Longman and Co. Baldwin

the Dictionaries of BOYER and DELETAN. and Co. E. Williams, Harvey and Co.

VILLE, with various Additions, Corrections, J. Booker, G. B. Whittaker, Simpkin and

and Improvements. By D. BOILEAU and Co. Baker and Co. and Poole and Co.

A. Picguot.
Also may be had, price 4s, bound,

18 The omission of many obsolete ex

pressions has enabled the Editors of this A KEY TO THE ABOVE. Co

Dictionary to introduce a considerable num. taining Solutions of all the Exercises,

ber of words which owe their origin to rearranged in a neat and methodical Manner,

cent improvements in the Arts, and addifor School Practice, including several con tional examples of French Phraseology, cise Methods of Computation, with Expla which are of great importance in a language natory Notes for the Private Student. By abounding in figurative expressions; and JOHN FRASER.

the greatest care has been taken to form the

most perfect Dictionary, either for the Just published, in 12mo. the Third edition, Library or Academy, extant. enlarged, price 9s. boards,

London: printed for C. and J. Rivington ;

T. Egerton, J. Nunn; Longman, Rees, & PROVING HEALTH and PROLONG.

Co.; J. & W.T. Clarke ; T. Cadell; Boosey

& Sons ; W. Ginger; J. Richardson ; J. M. ING LIFE, by regulating the Diet and

Richardson ; Harvey & Darton; E. Wil. Regimen; embracing all the most approved

liams; Hurst & Co.; Baldwin & Cradock; Principles of Health and Longevity, and

J. Booth; W. Joy; J. Booker; R. Scholey: exhibiting the remarkable power of Proper Food, wine, Air, Exercise, Sleep, Clothing,

Sherwood & Co.; J. Souter; J. Bohn; T. &c. in the cure of obstinate Chronic Dis

Tegg; Hamilton & Co.; J. Duncan; Cowie

& Co. ; G. B. Whittaker; J. Harris ; Par. eases, as well as in promoting Health and

bury & Co.; Saunders & Hodgson ; SimpLong Life. To which are added, Maxims

kin & Marshall; Dulau & Co.; Black and of Health for the Bilious and Nervous, the

Youngs; Baker & Fletcher; Treuttel & Co.; Consumptive, Men of Letters, and People

Smith & Co.; J. Bigg ; J. Collingwood; of Fashion Illustrated by Cases. By a

W. Mason; Poole & Edwards, Westley & PHYSICIAN.

Davis; J. Templeman; S. Wilkie ; H. The subject of the book is interesting to every Steele ; Wightman & Cramp; Houlston & individual in existence, and we are disposed to think it the most useful and rational work of the

Sons; and Holdsworths & Ball; Wilson & kind we have met with. It is altogether an admi

Sons, York; J. & J. Deighton, Cambridge ; rable Code of Health."- Allas, Sept.

Oliver & Boyd, and Stirling & Kenny, Edin" The tendency of this volume to advance the burgh; and G. and J. Robinson, Liverpool. important objects which it proposes is unqnestionable; and we warmly recommend it.”- Nero Lil. Gazelle, Sept.

This day is published, in fcap. 8vo. price " It is written by one gifted with good sense, as

2s.6d. extra bds. well as right feeling, and guided, as we conceive, by enlightened views and liberal sentiments.-And A WORD in favour of is calculated throughout to generate and preserve Hope, that great alleviator of human ill."Scots.

FEMALE SCHOOLS, addressed to man, Nov.

Parents, Guardians, and the Public at large. Published by Simpkin and Marshall, Sta

By Mrs. BROADHURST, Belvedere. House, tioners'-hall-court, London, Sold by Bell

Bath. and Bradfute, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh, Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and all Booksellers,

and Green, London,

Recently published, in 8vo. price 15s. A HISTORY OF THE COURT OF CHANCERY, With Practical Remarks on the Recent Commission, Report, and Evidence, and on the

Means of improving the Administration of Justice in the English Courts of Equity.


ath assult of unque present


< But I do not merely cite, against alarm or scruples, that bold and wise and safe measure of Lord Grenville : older authorities, and in the Courts of Westminster, are with me. If the House require further authorities upon this point, I can refer them to one of the ablest and most instructive books published of late years, that of Mr. Parkes. a respectable Solicitor in Warwickshire, who, in giving the History of the Court of Chancery, has collected most of the authorities upon the subject of Legal Reform.”_ Mr. Brougham's Speech on the present state of the Law, Feb. 7, 1828.

“ We hail with great satisfaction the attempts which are made by men of talent and information to expose the real nature of a system to which no expressions but those of unqualified reprobation can be justly applied. Among these stands foremost the subject of our present article- The History of the Court of Chancery,' by Mr. Parkes. That part of the work in which the author details the attempts made during the time of the Commonwealth to accomplish the task of Reform, is one of the most interesting and valuable parts of the work. The ungrateful nature of the subject, and the scantiness of the visible result from so much labour, might have deterred a less energetic searcher after the truth; but Mr. Parkes has succeeded admirably in his attempt, and has the credit of being the first person who has thrown a satisfactory light upon a very interesting part of our domestic history. The work is an extremely useful one : it conveys, in an agreeable form, exactly the sort of information which ought to be universally spread, and takes at once a just and a popular view of a subject which interests every one."

The Jurist, No. III. “ Mr. Parkes has submitted the Court of Chancery, as the anatomical demonstrator exposes the human body, to a complete and analytical dissection. The remedial portion of the work is of course, though not historically, substantially, the most important. We cannot extract any portion of this part of the work, but must conclude with recommending it to the consideration of all those interested in the grave and paramount question on which so much light is thrown by Mr. Parkes's elaborate and valuable work."

The London Magazine, New Series, No. 38, Feb. 1828. Literary discussion on the subject of the Court of Chancery, long coufined, with few exceptions, to the daily and periodical press, has at length assumed a more tangible character in various publications of high pretension, and, generally, of unquestioned talent. Among them may be particularised the able and candid Enquiry into the Present State of the Civil Law of England,' by Mr. Miller, and Mr. Parkes's History of the Court of Chancery."" -The Law Magasine, or Quarterly Review of Jurisprudence, No. 1, June 1828.

« Seldom has antiquarian research produced a work of more practical utility than the • History of the Court of Chancery.' The mass of information it contains will do mnch to remove that popular ignorance in which alone sinister interest can hope to perpetuate its existence. The numerous excellent suggestions for the reformation of the Court. partly original, and partly the selections of this industrious labourer from the writings of the many great men whose attention has been attracted to the subject, are without the limits of a single article." -The Monthly Magazine, New Series, June 1828.

« Mr. Parkes deserves great credit for his industry and research. If in a second edi. tion some important omissions in the early history of the Court be supplied, and some of the numerous and long extracts thrown into an appendix, and others altogether sup. pressed, and recourse be had in every instance to the author cited, the class of readers for whom tbe book is evidently intended, will have little to desire on the subject it treats.” -Cooper's Brief Account of the Proceedings in Parliament relative to the Court of Chancery. 8vo. 1828.

" Among the many publications which have lately appeared on the subject of reform in the administration of public justice, this is one of the most able and useful. The author has with great industry and research traced out the more remote and difficult parts of the history of the equitable jurisdiction ; and he displays, besides, so much practical knowledge of the evils which have grown up in the system, that his opinions as to the nature of the remedies which onght now to be applied are entitled to considerable attention. The great merit of Mr. Parkes's book is, that he has made a subject in which the whole community is interested familiar to every person of common capacity. He has exposed with a bold and skilful hand the evils which exist; he has made a very valuable contribution to the legal and constitutional history of the country in a branch which has hitherto been very much neglected. As a book of reference, too, it is of great utility."The Times, May 17, 1828.

" If, to recover the truth, it be most expedient to trace the progress of error, and to start with a new reckoning, this History is most important. It investigates the origin, it tracks the inerease, it demonstrates the magnitude of evil, under which the country labours for its existing equitable jurisdiction. To have dove this, and to have done this well, was no triding task, and if our author had done Lo more, he would have been en. titled to the highest praise. We have to commend the honesty which exposes abuses without respect to party or persons; the industry which, in the exercise of a profession allowing little leisure, has collected a vast store of recondite learning ; the talent which has combined such a mass in a form at once interesting and intelligible to the general reader.”_-The Athenaum, No. 23, April 8, 1828.

" Mr. Parkes is popular in his method of treatment. His pages forcibly suggest to the reader the question - Why did I not hear of this in the History of England ?" - Atlas, March 30, 1*28.


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