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BOOKS recently published by G, B. White ! taker, Ave Maria Lane, London.

The 2d Edit. with Additions, illustrated by

Maps and Plans, 8vo. price 12s.

A DISSERTATION on tue PASThe 6th Edit. with considerable Additions | SAGE of HANNIBAL over the ALPS. By and Improvements, price 78. 6d.

the Rev. J. A. CRAMER, M.A. and H. L.


A new Edition, in one large vol. 8vo. price Food, Clothes, Air, Exercise, Wine, Sleep,

158. &c. Also, PEPTIC PRECEPTS, pointing ont agreeable and effectual Methods to pre

The HISTORY of the INQUISIvent and relieve Indigestion, and to regulate | TION of SPAIN. Translated and abridged and strengthen the Action of the Stomach from the Works of Don JUAN ANTONIO and Bowels. To which is added, The LLORENTE, (formerly Secretary of the InPLEASURE of MAKING a WILL. By quisition,) composed from the Original Dothe late WILLIAM KITCHENER, M.D.

cuments of the Archives of the Supreme

Council, and the subordinate Tribunals, By the same Author,


In 8vo. with Twenty coloured Engravings

of Manners, Customs, and Religious CePrice 3s.

remonies, price 16s. boards, The ECONOMY of the EYES, in SKETCHES of PORTUGUESE Two Parts :

LIFE, MANNERS, COSTUME, and CHA. Part I. Precepts for the Improvement and RACTER. Preservation of the Sight ; on Spectacles

8. and Opera Glasses. Price 6s.

In Two large Volumes 8vo. price 30s. Part II. On Telescopes. Price 9s.

The HISTORY of ITALY, from the The 2d Edit. in post 8vo. price 99. Bds.

Fall of the Western Empire to the Com.

mencement of the Wars of the French ReCOUNTRY STORIES, SCENES, I

volution. By GEORGE PERCEVAL, Esq. and CHARACTERS. Forming a Third Series of “ Our Village." By MARY Rus. SEL MITFORD,

The 3d Edit. price 28. 6d. bds.

The POOR GIRL'S HELP to the By the same Author,

Knowledge of the First Principles of the OUR VILLAGE; Sketches of Rural CHRISTIAN RELIGION, and to the SACharacter and Scenery. Vols. I. and II.

CRAMENT of the LORD'S SUPPER. By post 8vo. price 16s.


Education, &c. &c. &c. DRAMATIC SCENES, Sonnets,

10. and other Poems. Post Svo price 10s. 6d.

Illustrated by Eighteen superior Engravings FOSCARI; and JULIAN: Tra of Birds of rare and beautiful Species, the gedies. Post 8vo. 8s.

Sixteenth Part, being the Third of the

Class Aves, of The 6th Edit. Corrected and Enlarged,

The ANIMAL KINGDOM, deprice 8s. bound and lettered,

scribed and arranged in conformity with

its Organization, by the Baron CUTIER. The CAMBRIAN TOURIST ; or,

Translated, with considerable Additions, by Post-Chaise Companion through Wales;

E. GRIFFITH, F.L.S. and others. containing cursory Sketches of the Welsh

Price, in demy 8vo. 12s. in royal 8vo. 18s. Territories, and a Description of the Man

in royal 8vo. with the Plates accurately ners, Customs, &c. of the Natives.

coloured, 249, and in demy 4to. with Proots

on India Paper, 24s. In royal 18mo. embellished with upwards of

Also may be had, Sixty Engravings of Manners, Customs, and Curiosities; price 3s. 6d. bound and

The CLASS MAMMALIA of the lettered,

above Work, price, in extra cloth boards,

demy 8vo. 71. 49. royal 8vo. 101. 16s. royal RUDIMENTS of GEOGRAPHY,

8vo. coloured, 141. ds. demy 4to. 141. 8s. on a NEW PLAN ; designed to assist the Memory by Comparison and Classification. By W.C. WOODBRIDGE, A.M.

This day is published, in 8vo, 16s. Bds. To accompany this Geography, is published D'LEMENTS of DESCRIPin royal 4to. coloured, price 8s. half


for the Use of Students. By JONES QUAIN, A MODERN ATLAS; exhibiting,

A.B. M.B. Member of the Royal College of in connexion with the Outlines of Coun

Surgeons, and one of the Lecturers on tries, the Prevailing Religions, Forms of

Anatomy in the Medical School, Aldersgate. Government, and Degrees of Civilization, |

Street. the Comparative size of Towns, Rivers, and London: printed for W. Simpkin and Mountains, and the Ciimates and Produe. R. Marshall, Stationers'-Hall-Court, Lud. tions of the Earth.

gate-Street; and Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh.




ALTHOUGII the unprecedented sale of the LITERARY GAZETTE, which has been established nearly twelve years, evinces that its utility and merits have been highly appreciated, and that it has largely gained the esteem of the literary and inquiring world, yet the Proprietors are desirous of pointing out how peculiarly it is calculated for the improvement and entertainment of every intelligent family, and for the object of placing its readers upon a satisfactory level with the best-informed persons in society. In its pages, which, from their form and the type used in printing them, contain a great quantity of matter, all the important New Works are noticed immediately on their publication : and before the Public have had time or opportunity to peruse them, the readers of the LITERARY GAZETTE are possessed of their most interesting passages, together with a candid opinion of their general character. This in itself supplies a copious fund of rational amusement to the intellectual mind, drawn from the eminent authors of the day ; but in the same Journal will also be found the earliest Accounts of Scientific Voyages and Expeditions, the particulars of New Discoveries and Useful Inventions, and, indeed, all the News relating to the progress of human intelli. gence. Original Papers on a variety of curious, interesting, or amusing subjects ; Criticisms on the Performances of the Theatres, Opera, and Concerts; Reviews of Exbibitions, and all remarkable Productions in the Arts and Music ; in short, whatever tends to elegant refinement and beneficial information is eagerly sought to be communicated in an agreeable manner. To describe the muluplicity of contents, would be to enumerate the many topics which engage the attention, and are the themes of conversation in every intelligent and accomplished circle. Even the most busy may spare a sufficient number of half hours in the course of the week to peruse the separate articles of the GAZETTE, while its small expense (only eight-pence per week) facilitates its introduction to the breakfast-table and fire-side of all who desire to improve their domestic hours, and carry abroad with them a sufficient acquaintance with the subjects which they may bear discussed. On these grounds the LITERARY GAZETTE is particularly recommended as a FAMILY JOURNAL., blending instruction with entertainment, and adapted as far as possible for the improvement of young and female readers, while it preserves the higher claim of supplying what is required by the learned and inquisitive.

Published every SATURDAY, by W. A. Scrirps, 7, Wellington-Street, Strand, and 7, South Moulton-Street, price 8d. ; or stamped, for Country Circulation by Post, 1s.


This day is published, 2d edition, 3s. 60.
I of our FISCAL CODE, addressed
to the Finance Committee. By ALEXANDER

Published by Longman, Rees, Orme,
Brown, and Green, Paternoster-Row; and
T. Egerton, Charing-Cross.

Just published, a Pamphlet written in the

Portuguese Language,

REY; Questao Portugueza submettida ao Juizo dos Homens Imparciaes. 4s.

This day is published, 5th Edit. corrected and improved, in 1 Vol. 8vo, with Explanatory Plates and Woodcuts, 18s. bds. INSTRUCTIONS to YOUNG

SPORTSMEN in all that relates to Guns and Shooting ; Difference between the Flint and Percussion System; PRESERVATION of GAME; Getting Access to all Kinds of Birds ; Specific Directions, with New Apparatus, for WILD FOWL SHOOTING, both on the Coast and in Fresh Water; New Directions for TROUT FISHING ; and Advice to the Young Sportsman on other Subjects. By LIBUT-COL. P. HAWKER.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London.

London: printed by Thompson, and to be had of V.Salva, 124, Regent-Street; Ridgway, Piccadilly; Booth, Duke-Street, PortlandPlace; Hunter, St. Paul's Churchyard; and Wilson, Royal Exchange.

of whom may be had, RURAL SPORTS. By the Rer. W. B. DANIEL. 3 Vols. 4to. 71. 175. 60. bds, illustrated by Seventy-two Plates.



In Cabinet Volumes, 5s.6d. each.

This day are published,

R. LARDNER'S EUson; the MINSTREL, by Beattie; the

CLID. 8vo. price 7e. bds. Task, TABLE TALK, and MINOR POEMS,


| METRY. 2d edition, Bro. price 12s, bds. Poems, 2 vols. ; SHIPWRECK, by Falconer,

13. DR. LARDNER'S CALCULI'S. and the POEMs of Goldsmith and Gray, each yolume embellished with Six Engraviugs

8yo. price 11, 1s. bds. from the designs of Mr. Westall, and toge.

4. INTRODUCTION to ALGEther forming the most unexceptionable, elegant, and appropriate volumes hitherto

BRA, translated from BOURDON, by Profes.

sor DE MORGAN. offered as Presents for Young Persons.

YOUNG'S NIGHT THOUGHTS, 5. DR. PANIZZI'S SELECTION completing the Poetical Series, with Ten I from ITALIAN LITERATURE. Post 12mo. Engravings, is just published, 9s. bds. | price 10s.6d, bds. 151 Small Octavo Editions of the above

6. DR. TURNER'S CHEMISTRY. may also be had, and are generally kept, in elegant bindings, by the most respectable

pectable 2d edition, in 1 large vol. 8vo. 18s. bds. booksellers in the United Kingdom; as also

7. PHARMACOPEIA NOSCOof RASSELAS, price 78. bds.-ELIZABETH, 78.6d.-Mason on SELE-KNOWLEDGE, 7s.6d. | MII ACADEMIE LONDINENSIS. Price - PAUL AND VIRGINIA - Dr. Gregory's Is. 6d, bds, LEGACY-Mrs. Chapone's LETTBRS-THE

London: printed for John Taylor, Book. VICAR of WAKEPIELD - Lord Bacon's

seller and Publisher to the University of Essays, each 8s. - Burns' POEMS AND

London, and sold by James Duncan, 37, SONGS, 2 vols. 188.--Sturin's REFLECTIONS,

Paternoster-Row. 4 vols. price ll. 10s. in boards.

London: published by John Sharpe, Pic. cadilly, and the other Proprietors.


edition, in 10 Vols. 8vo. price 61. 6s., or

in 6 Vols. 4to. 101. 10s. This day is published, in 1 vol. post 8vo.


from the First Invasion of the RoMOIRS. By J. R. BEST, Esq.

mang. By the Rev. JOHN LINGARD, D.D. London : published by Longman, Rees,

London : printed for Baldwin and CraOrme, Brown, and Green; and R. Crutwell,

dock, and B. Fellowes, Successor to the Bath.

late Mr. Mawman. or whom may be had, by the same Author,

*,* The completion of this History to

the Revolution is in great forwardness, and TRANSALPINE MEMOIRS ; or,

will be comprised in two quarto or four Anecdotes and Observations, shewing the

octavo volumes. The first of the quarto actual state of Italy and the Italians. In volumes, beginning with the Common2 vols. 12mo. price 158. bds.

wealth, will be published in November. " The author is particularly entitled to praise for his sentiment, which in places assimilates with success that of the 'Sketch Book.'"-Gent.'s Mog

APPENDIX TO DR. PEARSON'S We have found these volumes very pleasing,

ASTRONOMY. anecdotical, and entertaining."-Lit. Gaz.



In 8vo. price 8s. bds. or with the original

Hebrew Text, price 10s. 6d. bds. THE BOOK of. GENESIS,

in English-Hebrew, accompanied by an Interlinear Translation, Grammatical Introduction, and Philological Notes,

London: printed for John Taylor, Bookseller and Publisher to the University of London, and sold by James Duncan, 37, Paternoster-Row.

This day is published, in 4to. price 10s. 6d.
AN APPENDIX to the First

A Volume of an INTRODUCTION to PRACTICAL ASTRONOMY, by the Rev. w. PEARSON, LL.D. F.R.S. Treasurer to the Astron. Soc.

This Appendix is intended to make the Tables in the former part of the Volume available for giving results, uhatever Coefficients may be employed; and also contains a Catalogue of $20 Zodiacal Stars, with a Table showing when their Occultations may be expected.

Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, Londou.

Works on Natural History, Gardening, &c. 1 An ESSAY on the BENEFICIAL


By R. A. SLANEY, Esq. M.P. Barrister at This day are published, in 8vo. Nos. 1, 2,

Law. I Vol. 12mo. 6s.6d, bds. and 3, (to he continued every Two Months, alternately with the GARDENER's

FIRST STEPS TO BOTANY. MAGAZINE) price 3s. 6d. each, of

By J. L. DRUMMOND, M.D. 2d edition, THE MAGAZINE of NA

with 100 Woodcuts, price 93. boards. TURAL HISTORY, and Journal of

The GARDENER'S REMEMZoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and

BRANCER. By James MacPHAIL. 7s.6d. Meteorology.

CONVERSATIONS on BOTAConducted by J.C. LOUDON. E.L.S.H.S.&c. NY, with Twenty-one Engravings, the 6th

edit. enlarged, in 1 Vol. 12mo. price 7s.60. The different departments edited by Gen- plain, or 12s. coloured. tlemen eminent in each. The Drawings of Botany and Conchology, by SOWERBY ;

MUSCOLOGIA BRITANNICA. of Animals, by HARVEY;-of Trees, by | By WM. JACKSON HOOKER and THOMAS STRUTT ;-and the Engravings on Wood by TAYLOR. 2d edition, 11. Ils. 6d. plain, and BRANSTON.

31. 38. coloured plates. Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, OBSERVATIONS on the MAand Green, London,

NAGEMENT of TRUSTS for the Care of of whom may be had, by the same Author,

Turnpike-Roads. By JOHN L. M'ADAM,

Esq. 8vo. price 6s. boards. The GARDENER'S MAGAZINE,

By the same Author, and Register of Rural and Domestic Improvement. No. XV. (published every Two

REMARKS on the PRESENT Months, alternately with the above.) 38. 6d. 1 SYSTEM of ROAD-MAKING, 8th edit. Also may be had, Vols. 1, 2, and 3, price

price 73. 6d. boards. 21. 2s. 6d.

LECTURES on the ELEMENTS No. XVI. will be published October 1. of BOTANY; containing the Descriptive

| Anatomy of those Organs on which tbe An ENCYCLOPÆDIA of GAR- I Growth and Preservation of the Vevetable DENING ; comprising the Theory and depend. By ANTHONY TODD Thomson, Practice of Horticulture, Floriculture, Ar. M.D. Vol. I. 8vo. plates, 11.8s, bds. boriculture, Landscape Gardening. &c. &c.

"SYLVA FLORIFERA," the Complete in I large Vol. 8vo. illustrated with

« SHRUBBERY.” By HENRY PHILLIPS, many hundred Engravings on Wood, 21. extra boards.

F.H.S. In 2 Vols. 8vo. 11. 1s. bds. An ENCYCLOPÆDIA of AGRI


TION of PROPERTY for the POOR'S CULTURE ; comprising the Theory and Practice of the Valuation and Management

RATE. By J. S. BAYLDON, Land Agent of Landed Property, &c. &c.

and Appraiser. 8vo. 7s. 6d. bds.

In 1 large Vol. 8vo. closely printed, with upwards of

By the same Author, 800 Engravings on Wood, 21. 108. bds.


and TILLAGES. 2d Edition, 8vo. 78. bds. JAMES E. SMITH, M.D.F.R.S. 4 Vols. 8vo. with the Plan of a Farm of 252 Acres. price 21. gs. bds.


CHEMISTRY. By Sir HUMPIIRY DAVY, By the same Author,

Bart. In 8vo. 4th edit. price 15s. bds. COMPENDIUM FLORÆ BRI A NEW SYSTEM of SHOEING TANNICÆ. 5th Edit, 12mo. 7s.6d, bds. HORSES. By Joseph Goodwin, Esq. A GRAMMAR of BOTANY, il

| Veterinary Surgeon to His Majesty. 2d

| edition, price 12s. boards. lustrative of artificial as well as natural

A COMPLETE TREATISE of Classification, with an explanation of Jussieu's System. 2d em 22 Rio Ave with 277 | PRACTICAL LAND SURVEYING. By

Edit. 8vo. with 277 Figures of Plants, and their various Parts

NESBIT, Land Surveyor. 1 large Vol. Svo. and Organs, price 128, ; or col. ll. lls. 6d.

price 12s. boards. An INTRODUCTION to the


displayed in Lodges, Gardeners' Houses, STUDY of PHYSIOLOGICAL and SYS

and other Buildings. By T. F. HUNT, TEMATICAL BOTANY, in 8vo. 5th edit.

Architect. 4to. price 21s. Bds. or India with 15 Plates, price 14s. plain, or coloured, 11.8s. boards.

proofs, ll. lls. 6d. Bds. The DIFFERENT MODES of

By the same Author, Cultivating the PINE-APPLE. from its HALF-A-DOZEN HINTS on PICfirst Introduction into Europe to the late TURESQUE DOMESTIC ARCHITEC. Improvements of T. A. Knight, Esq. 8vo. TURE, in a Series of Designs for Gate price 9s, boards.

Lodges, Gamekeepers' Cottages, and other A TREATISE on the CULTURE

Rural Residences. 2d Edition, in 4to. 15s.

Bds. or 21s. India proofs, Bds. and MANAGEMENT of FRUIT-TREES. By WILLIAN FORSYTH, Gardener to his

DESIGNS for PARSONAGE Majesty. In 8vo. the 7th Edition, with HOUSES, ALMS-HOUSES, &e. &c. In Plates and Portrait, 135. bds.

RI. 4to. 21s. Bds, or India proofs, 11. Ils, ed.



Just published, a New Edition, 6s. 6d half-bound, of 1. THE MANUEL DU VOYAGEUR; or, Traveller's Pocket

1 Companion; consisting of familiar Conversations in English, French, and Ita. lian, also Models of Letters, Notes, &c. a List of French and Italian Coins, and the various Terms used in Music. By MADAME DE GENLIS. Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand, and Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster-Row.

Also, recently published, 2. The MANUEL DU VOYAGEUR, in Six Languages, viz. English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. By MADAME DE GENLIS. 98. 6d. half-bound.

3. BLAGDON'S FRENCH INTERPRETER, New Edition, 6s. 6d. half-bound.

4. WHITAKER'S MODERN FRENCH GRAMMAR, 6s. 6d. half-bound. 5. BERNARDO'S ITALIAN INTERPRETER, 6s. 6d. half-bound.

6. MABIRE'S CONVERSATIONAL PRECEPTOR, in English and French, 6s.6d, half-bound.


8. LEIGH'S NEW POCKET ROAD BOOK of IRELAND, on the Plan of REICHARD'S ITINERARIES ; containing an Account of all the Direct and Cross Roads; together with a Description of every remarkable Place, its Curiosities, Manufactures, Commerce, Population, and Principal Inns: the whole forming a complete Guide to every object worthy the attention of Travellers. Illustrated with a coloured Map of Ireland, a Guide to the Curiosities of Dublin, a Table of Distances between the principal Towns, and a Map of the Lakes of Killarney. Price 9s. neatly bound.

9. LEIGH'S NEW POCKET ROAD BOOK of ENGLAND, WALES, and Part of SCOTLAND ; with coloured Map. Price 8s. bound, or with 55 County Maps, 12s. bound.

10. LEIGH'S NEW ROAD MAP of ENGLAND, WALES, and SCOTLAND, 39 Inches by 29, in a portable form, with tuck, price 16s.

ILLUSTRATIONS TO SHAKSPEARE. This day is published, in 8 Vols. 8vo. with

Portraits, 71. 7s.

THE WORKS of SAMUEL Recently was published, Number IX. with

L1 PARR, LL.D. Prebendary of St. 22 Plates, illustrative of “ MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING" and " RICHARD II.”

Paul's, and Curate of Hatton, &c. With

Memoirs of his Life and Writings, and a price 12s. 8vo. or in 4to. with India Proofs,

Selection from his Correspondence. By price II. Is.


Royal Society, and of the Royal College of

Physicians of London,
I of SHAKSPEARE, exhibited in a
Series of Outline Plates, illustrative of the

A few Copies of this work are printed on STORY of each Play. Drawn and engraved

royal paper, price 121. 12s. by FRANK HOWARD ; accompanied by ap Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, propriate Quotations and Descriptions. and Green.

Printed for T. Cadell (Bookseller to the Royal Acadamy); C. and J. Rivington ; Baldwin and Cradock; and J. Booker.

Just published, 12th edition, enlarged, price 16 With this Number are given a List

48. 64. bds. of the Plays already illustrated, together with the Table of Contents to Vol. i. and

THE FEMALE ECONO. the Title and Table of Contents to Vol. II. I MIST; or a Plain System of Cookery.

for the use of Families : also Lists of ArtiNumber X. containing "Twelfth-Night; cles in Season during each Month, a concise or, What you will," will be published on Gardener's Calendar, and Instructions for the Ist October.

Carving, illustrated with numerous Wood

cuts. By Mrs. Smith. This work will not extend beyond Twentyfive Numbers.

Printed for Samuel Leigh, 18, Strand.

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