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IT is proposed to raise a MONUMENTAL STATUE to LORD

BYRON, by Public Subscription, and a Committee has been formed for that purpose, composed of Individuals who were either his personal Acquaintance or Correspondents, and who are anxious to manifest their admiration for the genius of that illustrious Poet.


Robert Adair, Esq.
Lord Alvanley.
D. Baillie, Esq.
J. W. Bankes, Esq.
Rev. W. L. Bowles.
Michael Bruce, Esq.
Sir Francis Burdett, Bart. M.P.
Hon. F. Byng.
Thomas Canipbell, Esq.
Right Hon. Stratford Canning.
Earl of Clare.
Mons. B. De Constant (Paris.)
Earl Cowper.
Lord Dacre.
Thomas Denman, Esq.
Duke of Devonshire, K.G.
Earl of Dudley.
Edward Ellice, Esq.
Hon G. Agar Ellis,
W. 1. Von Goethe (Weimar.)
Sir Sandford Graham, Bart.
John C. Hobhouse, Esq. M.P.
Lord Holland.
Thomas Hope, Esq.
1. D'Israeli, Esq.
Francis Jeffray, Esq.

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John C word Graheimar.)

Communications may be directed to 50, Albemarle-Street, addressed to such Mem. bers of the Committee as belong to either House of Parliament; and Subscriptions will be received at the following Banking-Houses, both in Great Britain and on the Con. tinent:

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OUTLINES from the AN

GENERAL INDEX to the CIENTS. Etched by F.C. Lrwis, with an Introductory Essay and Critical

COLLECTION of STATE TRIALS Descriptions by Geo. CUMBERLAND, Esq. compiled by T. B. HOWELL and T. J. How.

BLL, Esqrs. By DAVID JARDINE, Esq. of This work will consist of about Eighty | the Middie Temple, Barrister at Law, Etchings in Outline, and will be completed in Four Parts, each Part containing Twenty Etchings. Parts 1, 2, and 3, are published,

London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Part 4 will appear in a few days. Imperial 8vo. price 158. each Part; imperial

and Green, J. M. Richardson; Parbury,

Allen, and Co.; Baldwin and Cradock ; E. 40. 11. 48 ; and a few copies on Indía Pa

Jeffery and Son; J. Hatchard and Son: R. per, price 11. 10s.

H. Evans; J. Rooker; J. Booth; and Budd Published by S. Prowett, 55, Pall-Mall. and Calkin.



OF THE FOLLOWING SIZES : 21 Inch-18 Inch-15 Inch-12 Inch-9 Inch—6 Inch-and 3] Inch Diameter;

At the Prices affixed to each Pattern.
No. 1.
No. 2.


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The Small Size, 34 Inch, in Shagreen Cases, 11. 88.-Mounted on Stands, 21. 2s. 16 The above Globes may be had without the Figures of the Constellations. The price of the 21 Inch will be l1. ls.--the 18 Inch, 12s.- the 15 Inch, 6s,-the 12 Inch, 5s. less than the above-mentioned prices.

Proprietors, grateful for the extensive Patronage with which the Public have honoured their Globes, beg to observe, that they have at a very considerable expense, materially corrected the whole of the Plates, and have availed themselves of the Voyages and Travels of Cook, VANCOUVBR, DE LA PEROUSE, PARK, CLARKE and LEWIS, HUMBOLDT, FLINDERS, ELPHINSTONE, and the Discoveries of Captains ROSS, PARRY, and FRANKLIN, towards the North Pole, and Major DENHAM in the Interior of Africa, which have enabled them to make many very important additions and alterations. The utmost pains have been taken to render their Globes both exact and elegant, and they flatter themselves that they exhibit every Improvement to the present time.

Lately published,
Extracted from the Lectures of the late Mr. FERGUSON, F.R.S.

Price 23, 6d.



The Council published last July a general view of the nature and objects of the institution. They are now advanced so far in their preparations for opening the University as to be able to lay before the public an account of the proposed method If tuition and of the Courses of Study adapted to particular objects ; with a detail of the days and hours when the several Professors are to teach, and of the Fees.

This "Second Statement” is to be had of J. Taylor, Bookseller to the Univerity, 30, Upper Gower Street; Longman and Co., Paternoster Row; Murray, Albemarle Street ; at the University Chambers, 29, Percy Street, Bedford Square; of Adam Black, Edinburgh ; and Hodges and Smith, Dublin. Price 1s. 6d.

The “First Statement" to be had as above, Price ls. · The following Abstract contains the more important parts of the “Second Statenent." : Of the Days and Hours when the different tion. Tuesday and Thursday, from 2 to 4. Satur

Branches of Education are to be taught. day, from 8) to 10. About 150 hours of instruction, The different branches of study for which

Fee 6l. Professors have been appointed, are such as pro

English Literature. Monday and Friday, from 1 jerly belong to an University; and in the ar

to 2. About 70 hours of instruction, Fee 41. angement of the subjects to be taught in the

GERMAN LANGUAGE. LUDWIG VON Müh. Classes which will be attended by the junior stu.

LENFELS, LL.D. lents, it has been assumed that they will come

Tuesday and Thursday, from 2 to 4. Saturday lossessed of that elementary knowledge which

Morning, from 81 to 10. About 150 hours of instruc

tion, Fee 61. boys who leave school at fourteen or Gifteen years

German Literature. Wednesday and Saturday, of age have generally acquired.

from 1 to 2. About 70 hours of instruction, Fee 41. The Lecture Rooms will be open to all who

ITALIAN LANGUAGE. An. Panizzi, LL.D. comply with the terms and the regulations of the

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Mornings, from University, without limitation as to age, and

10 to 111. About 100 hours of instruction, Fee 51. vithout examination as an indispensable pre

Italian Literature. Wednesday and Friday, from iminary. Persons who wish to attend the Lec 3 to 4. About 70 hours of instruction, Fee 4.. ures of one Professor only will be admitted ;

SPANISH LANGUAGE. Don A. GALIANO. put those who intend to apply for University

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Mornings, from Certificates and other distinctions, must go

10) 10 111. About 100 hours of instruction, Fee 5l. through certain courses of study; for these testi

Spanish Literature. Tuesday and Thursday, from nonials will be granted to such students only, 3 to 4. About 70 hours of instruction, fee 46. upon examination at regular intervals are

HEBREW. Hyman Hurwitz, Esq. ound to possess that knowledge by which the

Junior Class. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday value of the Certificate or of the academical ho Mornings, from 91 to 104. About 100 hours of innour will be determined.

struction, Fee 51.-Senior Class. Tuesday and The following are the days and hours when

Thursday Mornings, from 9} to 10). About 100 he different Classes are to be taught. Unless hours of instruction, Fee 5l. otherwise expressed, the Lectures are to continue HINDOOSTANEE. J. B. GILCHRIST, LL.D. hroughout the whole Academical Session, which

Students will have the liberty of attending the Prowill commence the First of November, and con

fessor of Hindoostanee for such portion of the Sesinue to the middle of July, with the exception

sion as shall suit their convenience. The Fee for one of the Medical Classes, which will open the First

hour daily during the Session will be 77. 10s. of October and terminate about the end of May.

ORIENTAL LITERATURE. FREDERIC There will be short vacations at Christmas and

Rosen, Phil. Doct. Easter

Dr. Rosen will give instruction in the Arabic, ROMAN LANGUAGE. THOMAS HEWITT KEY,

Sanskrit, and Persian Languages, and the arrangeEsq. A.M. of Trinity College, Cambridge.

ments will be made to suit the convenience of stuJunior Class. Every morning, (except Saturday,)

dents, as soon as the Professor shall have had a per. from 8 to 10). About 340 hours of instruction,

sonal communication with those who wish to attend Fee 71. 10. Senior Class. Every morning, (ex

bis Classes. cept Saturday,) from 11 to 12!. On Saturday, from MATHEMATICS. AUGUSTUS DE MORGAN, Esq. 104 to 12. About 300 hours of instruction, Fee

A.B., of Trinity College, Cambridge. 71. 105.

Junior Class. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, from GREEK LANGUAGE. GEORGE Loxg, Esq.

21 to 4. Saturday, from 10% to 12. About 200 A.M. late Fellow of Trin. Coll, Cambridge.

hours of instruction, Fee 71.-Senior Class. Tues. Junior Class. Every day, (except Saturday,)

day and Thursday, from 24 to 4. Saturday, from 8) from 114 to 14. About 340 hours of instruction,

to 10. About 150 hours of instruction, Fee 6l. Pee 71. 10s.--Senior Class. Every morning, (except NATURAL PHILOSOPHY AND ASTRO. Saturday,) from 8 to 10. About 340 hours of in

NOMY. The Rev. D. LARDNER, LL.D., F.R.S. struction, Fee 71. j0s.

Junior Class. Every day, (except Saturday,)

Opening of the University of London. CHEMISTRY. Ep. TURNER, M.D., F.R.S.E. the Council will make every effort to obtain a

Every morning, (including Saturday,) from 10 to Hospital which shall be under their own direc. 11. First Course. About 100 hours of instruction, tion. In the mean time, an opportunity has ocFee 4l. Second Course. About 100 hours of instruc

curred of making an arrangement by which the tion, Fee 31. These Lectures, forming a branch of

pupils will have it in their power to witness the general as well as of Medical education, will com

Medical and Surgical practice in the Middlesex mence on the First of November.

Hospital ; and Dr. WATSON, one of the PhysiIt is intended that Occasional Lectures shall be given during the Session, upon THE APPLICATION

cians, and CHARLES BELL, Esq. one of the Suror MECHANICAL PHILOSOPHY TO THE Arts, upon

geons, of that Hospital, having accepted the apCivil ENGINEERING, and upon CHEMISTRY APPLIED pointments of Professors of Clinical Medicine TO THE Arts, the particulars of which will be an and Clinical Surgery, the Lectures in this denounced hereafter,

partment will be delivered at the University as BOTANY. John LINDLEY, Esq. F.R.S.

follows: Every morning, (including Saturday,) in May, CLINICAL MEDICINE, on Monday and Wednesday June, and July, from 8 to 9.o About 80 hours of in- Evenings, from 6 to 7. struction, Fee 41.

About 60 hours of instruction, Fee £4. POLITICAL ECONOMY.

SURGERY and Clinical Surgery, on Tuesday, John R. MacCulloch, Esq.

Thursday and Friday Evenings, from 6 to 7. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, from

About 90 hours of instruction, Fee £5. 10 to 11, from 1st of February, to the End of the

Dispensary Allendance. The Council have Academical Session. About 100 hours of instruc

established a Dispensary in one of the adjoining tion, Fee 51.

streets, to be attended by the Medical and Sur. JURISPRUDENCE. John Austin, Esq., Bar. gical Professors of the University.

rister at law. Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings, from 9

Thomas CAMPBELL, Esq. will give a Course to 10. About 100 hours of instruction, Fee 51. These Lectures will be suspended during the Quarter Ses

of Lectures next Spring on THE HISTORY OF sions and Spring Circuit.


James HUMPHREYS, Esq. of Lincoln's-Inn, ENGLISH LAW. ANDREW Amos, Esq., Bar.

has, at the request of Professor Amos, undertaken rister at Law, late Fellow of Trin. Coll., Camb. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Evenings, (ex.

to deliver to the students of his class, occasional cept during the Quarter Sessions and Spring Circuit,)

Lectures on the Law of Real Property
from 61 to 7. About 100 hours of instruction, Fee 51. Since the publication of the “ Second State-
ANATOMY AND OPERATIVE SURGERY. ment," Mr. P. F. MERLET has been appointed

Every day, (except Saturday,) from 2 to 3.
First Course S About 120 hours of 7 Fee 41.
Second Coursel instruction each,) 34.




WHICH ARE STILL VACANT. First Courses Four Months Fee 31.

Logicand Philosophy of the Human Mind. MoSecond Course? each,


ral and Political Philosophy. History, Ancient PHYSIOLOGY. CHARLES BELL, Esq., F.R.S.

and Modern. Surgery. Mineralogy and Geology. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 11 to 12 First Courses About 50 hours of Fee 31. II. Of the Fees to be paid by the Students.

Second Coursel instruction each, } 21. The Fee payable for each Course includes COMPARATIVE ANATOMY AND 20. the remuneration to the Professor, and a pay

OLOGY. ROBERT E. Grant, M.D. ment to the fund from which the annual expenses Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 3 to 4. of the University are to be defrayed. It has been About 100 hours of instruction, Fee 51.

deemed necessary to state the number of hours NATURE AND TREATMENT OF DIS

of tuition, because the term “ Course of Lectures," EASES. John CONOLLY, M.D.

as commonly used, would give an inadequate idea Every morning. (execpt Saturday.) from 0 to 10 of the amount of instruction which the student First Courses About 80 hours of 2 Fee 37.

will receive for each Fee. Second Coursel instruction each, $ 31. That scale of Fees applies to students noMIDWIFERY. David D. Davis, M.D.

minated by a Proprietor ; all who are not so Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, from

noininated must pay an addition of 11, 10s. to

the University Fund for each Course of Lec10 to 11. First Courses About 60 hours of Fee 3l.

tures, continuing throughout the Academical Second Coursel instruction each, Š 31.

Session, unless they attend more than three. If MATERIA MEDICA AND PHARMACY.

they attend a greater number, this extra payment

will not be required for the additional Courses, ANTHONY TODD THOMSON, M.D.

The additional Fee to be paid by students not Every morning, (except Saturday,) from 8 to 9. First Courses About 80 hours of Fee 31.

nominated, will be 15s. for each of those Courses Second Course instruction each, } 31.

which continue during one half of the Session, MICAL JURISPRUDENCE. JOHN GOR.

and for the Summer Course of Botany.

Those who become regular University stuDON SMITH, M.D. it the conclusion of the Spring Courses.

dents,—that is, students entered for a complete

course of education, whether general or profespital Attendance. Aware of the great im sional,---must pay a Matriculation Fee of 21. the ce of affording to the pupils of a Medical first year of their attendance, which will entitle

the opportunity of observing Hospital them to admission to the Library and Museums ice, and of receiving Clinical instruction, for four successive Sessions. Occasional stu

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орепттЅ о те олтире ѕпу о тит. dents must pay annually 10s. for one Course, have been so framed as to enable the pupils to and 11, for two or more Courses, which payment comply with the regulations which must be obwill entitle them to admission to the Library and served by Candidates for the Diplomas of the Museums.

Royal College of Surgeons, or the Company of THE COUNCIL ARE NOW READY TO RECEIVE THE Apothecaries. NAMES OF PUPILS WHO MEAN TO ATTEND THK The expense of the Courses required by the UNIVERSITY DURING THE SESSION WHICH IS TO College of Surgeons to a student at the UniverCOMMENCE Ist OCTOBER NEXT.

sity, will be as follows:

£. s. d. 'The Register in which the names will be in

3 Courses of Anatomy . . . . . 10 00 scribed, will be found, until 1st Oct. at the Uni.

1 Course of Physiology . . . . 3 0 0 versity Chambers, No. 29, Percy Street, Bedford

1 Course of Surgery . . . . . . 3 0 0 Square, and afterwards at the University, every

I Course of Chemistry . . . . . 4 0 0 day, except Sunday, from nine in the morning

2 Courses of Midwifery ... 6 0 0 to five in the afternoon. The parents and friends

Dissections and Demonstrations. . 5 0 0 of pupils, or the pupils themselves who may

Matriculation Fee .. . .. 2 0 0 wish to see THE WARDEN before entering their Total Fees of the University, if no-lag rames, may call at the Chambers between Two minated by a Proprietor .

0 33 00

. . s and Five o'clock, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Addition, if not noininated . . . 4 10 0 or Fridays. As an interview is desirable between

37 10 0 the Professors and their pupils, in order that the One Year at Middlesex Hospital . . 22 6 0 former may ascertain the state of preparation of

59 16 0 the student, and adapt his instruction accordingly, the address of the Professors may be obtained at The expense of the Courses required by the the Chambers. And Students are requested to Company of Apothecaries to a student at the enter their names, and see the Professors whose University, will be as follows: £. s. d. Courses they mean to follow,as early as possible. 1 Course of Materia Medica ... 30

Proprietors have the right of having one stu. 1 Course of Chemistry . . . . . 4 0 0 dent of their nomination at the University for 2 Courses of Anatomy . . . . . 7 0 0 every share of One Hundred Pounds which 1 Course of Physiology. . . . . 3 O they possess; and Donors of Fifty Pounds have 2 Courses of Practice of Medicine. the same privilege.

Matriculation Fee . . . . . . 2 0 III. Of the Courses of Study.

Total Fees of the University, if no-195 o o

minated by a Proprietor ... It is probable that, in the majority of in

Addition, if not nominated. ... 4 10 0 stanoes, those who enter as regular University students will be disposed to attend the Lectures

29 100 in that order which the Council think most ad

Six Months at Middlesex Hospital . 10 10 0 vantageous for a complete general education.

40 0 0 To such students the following Course for four Or, Nine Months at the Dispensary. 5 0 0 years is recommended. Those who are already Fees as above . . . . . . . 29 10 0 advanced beyond the Junior Classes may begin

34 100 in that part of the Course for which they are most fitted by previous attainments; but as the The time which the Professors are to devote examinations for the University Certificates and to their pupils will be considerably greater, in other distinctions will include what is taught in most of the Classes nearly one balf more, than the earlier as well as in the later years of study, has hitherto been the case in the Courses dethe pupil ought to ascertain before he passes livered at the Medical Schools in London ; for over a Junior Class, that he is fully prepared to the subjects of the Lectures will be treated more undergo an examination upon all that is to be minutely, and there will also be weekly examilearned in it.

nations of the pupils. First YEAR.- Junior Latin, Junior Greek, and Junior Mathematics. Second YEAR.- Senior Latin, Senior Greek,

Rooms are provided for the accommodation of

the pupils during the intervals of lecture; and and Senior Mathematics.

suitable refreshments will be sold within the A student may this year substitute Junior Na.

Building, by a Steward (appointed by the tural Philosophy for Senior Mathematics, or he

Council) upon his own account, but subject to may attend both Classes.

regulations both as to what he is to supply and Third Year. - Chemistry, Junior Natural

the prices to be charged. Philosophy, Logic, and the Philosophy of the Human Mind.

IV. Of Eraminations and Certificates. Fourth Year.- Jurisprudence, Political Eco It is intended that in every class in the Uninomy, Senior Natural Philosophy, and Moral versity, the Professor shall devote a certain porand Political Philosophy.

tion of the hours of instruction in each week to Average annual expense of the four £, s. d. the examination of his pupils. years to students nominated by a

The manner of conducting these examinations Proprietor for the above education 22 7 6 and the frequency of their recurrence, must ne. Average annual expense of the four

cessarily vary; and as each Professorship will years to students not nominated . 26 17 6 probably require a separate plan of examination,

In addition to the above branches, the student the details can only be properly settled in concert will have time to study the Modern Languages with the several Professors. and attend the Lectures on History, and some of the Persons who may be desirous of attending most popular among the Professional Courses. Lectures in the University, without submitting

The arrangements for the Medical School to examination, will be at liberty to do so. No

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