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RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION. We, the undersigned Professors in the University of London, who are Clergymen of the Established Church, having from the period of our uppointment entertained the intention of providing religious instruction for those students who are members of our Church, do hereby Give Notice, That final arrangements have been at length made, with the full approbation of the Council, for that purpose.

An Episcopal Chapel has been obtained contiguous to the University, where accommodation will be afforded to the students for attendance at divine service, and where a Course of Divinity Lectures will be regularly delivered during the Academical Session. Parents and others interested in this arrangement, may learn further particulars by applying to Mr. Taylor, 30, Upper Gower Street. THOMAS DALE, M.A. Camb.

Dionysius LaRDNER, LL.D. Dublin.

student, however, who wishes to obtain a Certi. ficate can be exempted from the examinations.

It is intended that, in addition to the weekly examinations, there shall be at the conclusion of every Session a public examination of all who may be desirous of obtaining a Certificate from the Professor whose Course they have attended. As the value of these documents must depend upon the strictness of the examinations, such a system will be adopted as shall most accurately determine the attainments of those to whom they are granted.

Besides Certificates of the Professors, the University will grant Certificates of general pro. ficiency in literature and science. It would be premature at present to fix the conditions on which such certificates will be granted. The Council will be enabled hereafter to frame the regulations with greater precision, profiting by the suggestions which experience will afford, when the system of the University is in operation.

V. Library and Museums. The Council have set apart a portion of the funds at their disposal for collections in Anatomy, Natural History, Books, and Philosophical appa. ratus ; and they propose in the month of October to open the small Library and Anatomical Museum. The Council have availed themselves of an opportunity of adding to this Museum a more perfect collection of drawings of morbid struc. ture than, it is believed, has hitherto been applied to the purposes of teaching and study, and which will be peculiarly valuable to the student of the Practice of Medicine. Dr. A. T. Thomson is collecting a Museum of Materia Medica on a more extensive scale than has hitherto been attempted in that branch of medical science.

Dr. Lardner has been employed above a year in the collection of philosophical apparatus; and Dr. Turner is preparing all that is necessary to render the laboratory complete and efficient.

VI. Houses for the Reception of Boarders.

The Council feel that their direct interference in the management of houses opened for the reception of boarders must necessarily be inef. ficient; and unwilling to give a pledge which they cannot redeem, they will not attempt to lay down any rules for the conduct of the students beyond the walls of the University. They therefore earnestly recommend to parents and guar. dians, in the first instance, to be scrupulously careful in examining the references given by persons opening such houses, and the experience of a very short period will establish the character of those in whom confidence may be placed.

Some of the Professors have informed the Warden that they intend to receive boarders in their families.

This Statement by the Council is followed by a brief Outline by each Professor, pointing out the manner in which he means to treat his subject.

The Council are desirous to enlarge the Ca. pital. The number of Sharcs already taken is sufficient to carry the object into effect in the rutset, but the full design can only be accomished by increased resources. The Shares are Ol. each; a deposit of 251. is paid at first, and e rest by sums not exceeding 101. at intervals

four months. Apply at the Chambers ; at mith, Payne and Co. 1, Lombard Street; or Lt Coutts and Co. 59, Strand.

We, the undersigned, being Protestant Dissenting Ministers, have, with the sanction and approbation of the Council, united in the formation of a plan for delivering LECTURES in the immediate neighbourhood of the University, during the Academic Session, on the EVIDENCES AND GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF REVELATION, the ELEMENTS OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE, and the LEADING Facts or ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY. Parents and others interested in this arrangement are respectfully requested to apply to Mr. John Taylor, Bookseller to the University, 30, Upper Gower Street. F. A. Cox, LL.D. Hackney, July 7, 1828. Librarian to the University.

Joseph FLETCHER, A.M. Stepney.

BOARDING 'HOUSES. MR. Taylor, Bookseller and Publisher to the University, No. 30, Upper Gower Street, with the sanction of the Council, has opened a REGISTER, in which the names of those House. keepers will be inserted who are willing to reeeive Boarders. Those who wish to bave their names entered and retained in this Register, must comply with the following Conditions: That the persons applying shall produce satisfac

tory proof of correctness of character, with regard to religious and moral habits. A testimonial from the Minister to whose congre.

gation they belong, will be indispensable. That they will require their boarders to be at

home at an early hour of the night. That they will not suffer gaming or licentious

conduct on the part of the boarders. That they will require their boarders to attend

some place of public worship. That they will make an immediate report to the

parents or friends of their boarders, in case of

any irregularity of conduct or serious illness. That they will not receive any boarders except

students of the University. The names of such persons as shall be disco

vered to have evaded these rules, will be erased from the Register, and notice of that erasure will be sent to the parents or relatives of all the students who may be boarded in their house.


Printed by RICHARD TAYLOR, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street.






THE MARQUIS of LONDONDERRY'S NARRATIVE of the LATE WAR in THE PENINSULA. Second Edition, dedicated to the King, in 1 large vol. 4to. with Map and Plans, 31. 3s.

“ We have read nothing descriptive of any portion of the Peninsular War at all to be compared, in point of interest and important information, with the volume now before us. It combines the authenticity of history with the attractive character of a personal narrative ; and is interspersed with anecdotes and observations, which will be read by all classes with infinite satisfaction. On the whole, this Narrative bids fair to take its place among the few works which are destined to survive the age in which they were compiled."--Blackwood's Magazine.

II. MEMOIRS of THE DUKE of ROVIGO, (SAVARY,) Minister of Police under Napoleon. WRITTEN BY HIMSELF. Vols. 1, 2, and 3, 8vo. English, 16s. French, 14s. per vol. (To be completed in 4 vols.)

N. B. Each Volume of Mr. Colburn's edition comprises two of the Paris edition. 6. These Memoirs are invaluable."- Literary Gazette.

“Notwithstanding the thousand and one • Memoirs' that have already been published respecting Napoleon, to form a just and complete idea of his character, the “ Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo" must be read. Coining from an individual so high in office, intrusted with the management of such difficult negotiations, these Memoirs may be considered among the most important that have yet appeared on the subject."-London Weekly Review.

“The Duke's Memoirs possess much of the dignity and importance of histo. ry, and will take their enduring place in all historical libraries, when other perishable memoirs of the day shall have sunk into oblivion."-New Monthly Magazine.


COMMENTARIES on the LIFE and REIGN of CHARLES I. KING of ENGLAND. By I. D'ISRAELI. Author of the Curiosities of Literature, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 21s.

“ The present is, in our opinion, another delightful book added to the former productions of this esteemed writer, full not inerely of his usual pleasant gossip of the olden time, but of curious personal and political history."

Literary Gazelle.

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ILLUSTRATIONS OF TUE LITERARY CHARACTER; or, the HISTORY of MEN of GENIUS, drawn from their OWN FEELINGS and CONFESSIONS. By I. D'ISRAELI. The Fourth Edition, with a Letter and Notes by LORD BYRON. In 2 vols. post Svo. price 18s.

v. LORD BYRON and SOME of HIS CONTEMPORARIES. By LEIGH HUNT. Comprising his Correspondence with Lord Byron, Mr. Shelley, &c. Second Edition, in 2 vols. 8vo., with Portraits and Fac-similes. 285.

"rTis for slaves to lie, and for freemen to speak truth."- Montaigne. "When a writer comes forward, with ultimate knowledge and superior acquirements, to state what he knows of such a man, he is not to be considered a volunteer informer, but one who stands up to set people right, to correct error and misrepresentation. This work contains a multitude of ideas and expressions which would make the fortune of half the books that come out in the course of the year."--Allas.

Mr. Hunt has done a bold deed by publishing this work."--Athenaeum.

“It must be acknowledged that in this very curious series of literary and personal sketches, Mr. Hunt has sketched in a very bold manner, not only the public, but the private characters and habits of many of the celebrated writers of the present day. With the exception of the principal subject, Lord Byron, the portraits of Mr. Thomas Moore, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Shelley, Mr. Coleridge, Mr. Charles Lamb, Mr. Theodore Hook, Messrs. Horace and James Smith, (the authors of “ Rejected Addresses,”) and Mr. Landor, will perhaps most excite public attention. The Letters of Lord Byron and Mr. Shelley will be found eminently interesting." Morning Chronicle.

VI. The LIVING and the DEAD. By a Country Curate. Second Edition, 1 vol. post 8vo. 10s. 6d.

“ This Country Curate' has enjoyed opportunities very rare in his profes. sion, and he has used them with a talent which, we fear, is equally rare. Lords, Ladies, Poets, Blues, Parsons, Reviewers, Litterateurs, have all been in the comprehensive circle of his acquaintance; and his personal sketches and anecdotes of individuals belonging to all these classes, are of the most attractive kind."- New Monthly Magazine.


This work comprises Memoirs of the elder Angelo, his Friends, and Connexions, from his first arrival in England, in 1750. It contains numerous Original Anecdotes and curious Traits in the Personal History of many noble, and Illustrious Characters. The Book abounds not only in piquant matter relating to Persons of Rank, but of Talent also for the elder Angelo's intimacy with Englishmen as well as Foreigners, Professors of all the Fine Arts, &c. made his house, in Carlisle Street, for many years the rendezvous of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Garrick, the Sheridans, the Linleys, Gainsborough, Foote, Bach, Abel, &c. &c.

" 'The period through which Mr. Angelo has lived has been one of much curiosity, merriment, and interest; and he relates what he has seen in a lively, agreeable way."-New Monthly Magazine.

“ He appears to have been, partly on his own account, and partly for his father's sake, highly favoured."-Atlas.

“ This book will particularly engage the attention of all who have once known the persons, or retain a kind recollection of the characters of whom the author treats."-Athenaeum.

VIII. PARRIANA; - SKETCHES of the late Rev. SAMUEL PARR, LL.D. Edited by E. H. Barker, Esq. of Thetford, Norfolk. In one large volume, 8vo. 16s. “I love to exhibit sketches of my illustrious friend by various hands."

Boswell, “ I admired him as a great, illustrious, faulty human being, whose character, like all the noblest works of human composition, should be determined by its excellencies, not by its defects."-Sir Philip Francis's Speech.

IX. THE DIARY of THOMAS BURTON, Esq. MEMBER in the PARLIAMENTS of the PROTECTORS OLIVER and RICHARD CROMWELL, from 1656 to 1659, now first published from the original Autograph Manuscript; with an Introduction, containing AN ACCOUNT OF THE PARLIAMENT OF 1654, from the Journal of GurBON GODDARD, Esq. M.P. ALSO NOW FIRST PRINTED;' and several other curious Documents and Notices, Historical and Biographical. Edited by JOHN TOWILL RUTT, Esq. In 4 vols. 8vo. with Plates, U. 168.

“This work serves to fill up that chasm, so long existing in our Parliamentary History."

“The importance of the Diary to history will be felt upon the single statement of its anthenticity." -Literary Gazette.

“These volumes overflow with information respecting the principles and proceedings of the Legislature during a most important period of English history, Every library which pretends to contain an historical collection, must possess itself of Burton's Diary : it is as indispensable as Burnet, Clarendon, or Brodie."


MEMOIRS and CORRESPONDENCE of SAMUEL PEPYS, Esq. F.R.S. Secretary to the Admiralty in the Reigns of Charles II., and James II., and the intimate friend of the celebrated John Evelyn. EDITED BY LORD BRAYBROOKE. SECOND EDITION. In 5 vols. 8vo. embellished with Portraits and other Engravings, by the first Artists. Price 31. 10s.

“Notwithstanding the extensive popularity of the Memoirs of Grammout, and the still greater attractions of those of Evelyn, we have no hesitation in stating our opinion that these volumes will outstrip them both in public estimation. They reach the very beau ideal of what we desire from such records."-Literary Gazette.

« There is much (in Pepys's Diary) that throws a distinct and vivid light over the picture of England and its Government, during the ten years succeeding the Restoration. If we seek for minute information concerning ancient manners and customs, the progress of arts and sciences, and the various branches of antiquity, we have never seen a mine so rich as the volumes before us."-Quarterly Review.

“ This work gives more clear and andistorted glimpses into the true English life of the times, than all the other memorials of them that have come down to our own." - Edinburgh Review.

“ Publications of this kind are of the highest value."'-T'imes.

" We hesitate not to confess, that we regard this publication as in a very high degree historically valuable." -Eraminer.

XI. PRIVATE MEMOIRS of FOREIGN COURTS. . By the Author of " Memoirs of the Princess de Lambelle,” &c. In 2 vols, 8vo. price 28s.

“ These volumes strongly remind us of Count Grammont's Memoirs ; they possess the same warmth of colouring--the same light and amusing sketches of character-and, above all, the same unbounded rage for lively and good-humoured scandal."-Sun.

“ These volumes have higher pretensions than that of being a mete collection of anecdotes. They comprise many connected historical details of an extremely interesting character."--Star.

ΧΙΙ. An OCTAVO EDITION of the MEMOIRS of GRANVILLE SHARP. Composed FROM HIS OWN MANUSCRIPTS and other AUTHENTIC DOCUMENTS, in the POSSESSION of his family. By PRINCE HOARE, With OBSERVATIONS on MR. SHARP's BIBLICAL CRITICISMS, by the Right Rev. the Lord BISHOP OF SALISBURY. In 2 vols. 8vo. with a fine Portrait, after the Bust by Chantrey, price 24s.

“Every thing that Mr. Sharp wrote, and said, and did, is worthy of attention."-Enquirer.

“We rejoice to see this excellent biography of a most amiable and virtuous man in a form better suited to general readers than the first quarto.”—Literary Gazette.

“The value and interest of these Memoirs have been sufficiently attested by the sale of a first Edition. Though the difficulty of the task was great, Mr. Hoare bas executed it in a manner equally honourable to himself and the benevolent and illustrious deceased." —New Monthly Magazine.

N.B. The profits of this edition are appropriated to the Fund for the Relief of the Houseless Poor.

XIII. THE CORRESPONDENCE and DIARIES of HENRY HYDE, EARL of CLARENDON, and LAWRENCE HYDE, EARL of ROCHESTER; comprising minute particulars of the events attending the Revolution, &c. &c.; published from the Original Manuscripts, with Notes. In 2 vols. 4to. Illustrated with Portraits, copied from the Originals, by permission of the Right Hon. the Earl of Clarendon; and other Engravings. 51. 5s.

“Of all the momentous epochs in the annals of Englaud, from the Norman Conquest to the year 1688, there is not one of equal moment to that upon which the volumes before us throw so many new lights.”Literary Gazette.

A body of the most remarkable and authentic private evidence which has descended to us, of the events connected with the Revolution of 1688.”— Monthly Review.

“ This valuable collection of papers is an important accession to the historical and biographical library."- Gentleman's Magazine.

XIV. MEMORIALS of SHAKSPEARE; or, SKETCHES of his ChaRACTER and Genius, by Sir Walter Scott, Campbell, Coleridge, Godwin, Mackenzie, Cumberland, Warton, Dryden, Goethe, the two Schlegels, Lessing, Madame de Stael, and other eminent Writers. Edited, with a Preface and Notes, by NATHAN DRAKE, M.D., &c. In 1 large volume 8vo. forming a valuable accompaniment to every Edition of the Poet. 14s.

“The design and execution of this volume are admirable."- Gentleman's Magazine.

“ Dr. Drake has written a very excellent Essay on the merits of Shakspeare's commentators and critics, and has collected a variety of particulars which cannot fail to be interesting to every reader of the bard."-Atheneum

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