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GOLDSMITH's VICAR of WAKEFIELD, ESSAYS, and POEMS; with Prefatory Remarks. By John M'DIARMID.

55. boards.

PAUL and VIRGINIA, from the French of ST PIERRE ; and

ELIZABETH, from the French of Madame COTTIN. New Translations; with Prefatory Remarks. By John M‘DIARMID.

3s. boards. « This new translation of the two most beautiful and interesting tales in the French language is executed in a style of elegance, sweetness, and simplicity of diction, that renders it a valuable addition to the library of the man of taste, and the lover of whatever is pathetic in story or sentimental in feeling. From the trane lator's Prefatory Observations, he would seem to possess & soul as ductile and susceptible of all the fiber impulses of our nature as St Pierre himself."-European Magazine.

... See also La Belle Assemblée, Literary Chronicle, &c.

LETTERS of JUNIUS; with Preliminary Dissertations and copious Notes. By ATTICUS SECUNDUS.

Es. boards. “ Notwithstanding the various shapes in which Junius has appeared, few of his editors have done more than present him as he presented himself, until Atticus Secundus has ventured to give a series of Preliminary Dissertations, written with great acuteness and discrimination. He has also enriched his work with Notes well calculated to free these Letters from every obscurity which the passing nature of the events discussed in them may have created."--Literary Chronicle.

See also New Monthly Magazine, &c. &c.

THE POEMS of OSSIAN, translated by James MACPHERSON,

Esq.; with the Translator's Dissertations on the Era and Poems of Ossian; Dr Blair's Critical Dissertation, and an Inquiry into the Genuineness of these Poems, written expressly for this Edition, by the Rev. ALEX, STEWART.

5s. boards.

POEMS and SONGS, by ROBERT BURNS; with a Sketch of the Author's Life, and a Glossary.

2s.6d, boards.

A FATHER's GIFT to his CHILDREN; being a short View of

the Evidences of the Christian Religion, adapted to the Understandings of Young Persons, and presented to his own Family. By a Layman. Fourth Edition.

* 2s.6d. boards.


MANNERS; in which the Principles of Politeness, and the Art of acquiring a Knowledge of the World, are laid down in an easy and familiar Manner.

Is. 6d. boards.

ESSAYS on VARIOUS SUBJECTS; principally designed for Young Ladies. By Hannau MORE. With a Memoir of the Author,

9s. boards.

SACRED DRAMAS, chiefly intended for Young Persons. The

Subjects taken from the Bible. By Hannah MORE. With a Memoir of the Author. 28. boards.

THE SEARCH after HAPPINESS, a Pastoral Drama ; and other Poems. By Hannah MORE,

2s. boards.

THE SEASONS; with a Poem to the Memory of Sir ISAAC

Newton. By James Thomson. To which is prefixed, An Account of his Life and Writings, by Dr SAMUEL JOHNSON.

2s. boards.

THE LOTTERY TICKET; or, The Evils of Gaming


American Tale,

ls, boards,


ELEMENTS of MORALITY ; to which is prefixed, An Address

to Parents. From the German of the Rev. C. S. SALZMANN. A new and improved Edition, with seven Plates, from designs by Corbould.

12mo. 58. boards.

FANNY FAIRFIELD, the Farmer's Daughter; a Juvenile Tale. By a Lady. With Frontispiece, designed by Uwins and engraved by Horsburgh.

12mo. 58. boards.

THE HISTORY of the BIBLE; being a Narrative of the Prin

cipal Events recorded in the Old and New Testaments. By a LEARNED DIVINE. With 50 Wood-Cuts.

2 vols. 18mo. 58. half-bound.

menade they did not appearers for curious.coin design and in the mihose who love to the plan from Mr Stewanta Mr Scewárt. The huo works so similarst such a suspicio not only the idea bute. as far as chronicles must

tradition allowed by huvenile readers, and in this re advanced age, we thinkers

be veralter's lonkeness, tn amhe Scottish anhe case of his into

STORIES from the HISTORY of SCOTLAND, in the Manner of

“ Stories selected from the History of England." By the Rev. ALEX. STEWART, Author of « The History of Scotland,"&c.

18mo. 2s.6d. half-bound. " The volumes which hear the title of Tales of a Grandfather,' it is almost unnecessary to inform our readers, are by Sir Walter Scott; but though, from respect to their illustrious author, we have placed them first, they did not appear till six months after the publication of the interesting little volume by the Rev. Mr Stewart. The hunters for curious coincidences' (a pestilent class) would find one in the almost simultaneous appearance of two works so similar in design and in the mode of execution; and were not the name of Sir Walter Scott sufficient warrant against such a suspicion, those who love to impute plagiarism to all eminent persons would find that Sir Walter Scott had taken not only the idea but the plan from Mr Stewart. Mr S. makes his personages unfold their own characters in their own language, as far as chronicles and tradition allowed him; and he has thus given an air at once dramatic and real to his portraits, which must be very attractive to juvenile readers, and in this Sir Walter Scott has followed him. However amusing Sir Walter's longer tales may he to readers of a more advanced age, we think Mr Stewart's better calculated, from their conciseness, to amuse younger students, who are uninfluenced by the magic of a name. Mr Stewart has rejected every thing in the Scottish annals that holds a doubtful place betwixt history and fable, and by judiciously avoiding long details, (as in the case of Queen Mary, whose story occupies far too much space in Sir Walter's book.) he has succeeded in bringing his interesting performance within the limits of one volume, forming an admirable companion to Mr Croker's Stories from the History of England.' New Monthly Magazine.

" This little book is admirably adapted to impress on the minds of children the leading and most inte resting events and characters of Scottish history. The Stories are told with that clearness and simplicity which are peculiarly valuable in works of this nature."--London Weekly Revieu.

"This is a nice little book, neatly finished without, and richly furnished within.---Each tale is introduced in a pleasing manner. The author has contrived to render his language at once simple and interesting, calculated to arrest the attention and to impress the memory. The volume has also another excellence its Tales are short and Mr Stewart has acquired an art, which many writers of celebrity have yet to learn, to end his story where the narrative terminates." -Imperial Magazine.

* This is a very amusing and instructive little book for a juvenile present. The stories in it are well chosen. and abridged with care. It deserves to be preferred to scores of other works intended to awaken a love of reading in the young scholar, and furnish him with materials for thinking. We recommend it to persons engaged in tuition, as a very useful little volume."-Athenaum.

insan nice little book, nextles of this nature."---Londries are told with that sea
ted to arrang manner. 'Thally finished with

MARY HARLAND; or, The Journey to London. A Tale of

Humble Life. By a LADY. With Frontispiece and Vignette. 18mo. 4s. bound in cloth. « This is a very touching tale of seduction, lonely anguish, and repentance. The heroine belongs to the lower classes ; and her story may be of much use to young persons, like her, in the station of servants, while it must interest the feelings of readers both in high and humble life."-New Monthly Magazine.

« The description of Mary's return to her native village possesses much nature and feeling: her taking leave is also well described, and is illustrated by an exquisite wood-engraving."-London Magazine.

« This is an unpretending but excellent little work, and should be put into the hands of every young female, in humble life, proceeding to London in search of employment. It is full of good advice and useful information, and is written in that simple and interesting manner in which works of this nature should always be composed."-London Weekly Review.

“ It inculcates an excellent moral, and the narration is spirited and interesting."-Literary Chronicle.

« We have seldom met with a tale of simple life containing more touching incidents than the History of Mary Harland.-Atheneum.

MY EARLY DAYS. With a Frontispiece, designed by Wright

and engraved by James Mitchell. SECOND EDITION, improved. 18mo. 28. 6d. boards. « Done for juniors on the model of the clever school, which hath delighted in Adam Blair, Margaret Lindsay, &c.; and a publication displaying talents far above its humble pretensions in bulk and manner. At first we thought that the children were too much men, and that this must be in the Modern Athens, since no useful lesson can be taught where a pedagogue tries to be a child of six, or a youth of fourteen years old; but when the narrative proceeds to adolescence and maturity, this is really one of the best little volumes of its class which we have ever met with."-Literary Gazette

** This is a very little book, and ther fore ought not to have a long review. It claims, however, to be selected from the crowd of similar publications, for the high degree of merit attaching to it, and the force and excellence of the moral lesson conveyed by the tale. It is beautifully written; and were we to speak of it as warmly as we felt disposed to do under the fresh impression of the perusal, we might be suspected of partiality or extravagance. -Relactic Reniero.

« This is a pretty domestic tale, narrating, with much truth to nature, the events of early life, and pointing out their influence in forming the human character at mature age. The hero of the tale concludes his own history by declaring, that he never yet had a happy moment when he was not obedient to the laws of God, and that he attributes the sufferings of his whole existence to no other cause than the few but fatal follies of his early days. The story is interesting, and the moral it inculcates excellent."--Literary Chronicle.

« It is an excellent book to put into the hands of children." - Gentleman's Magazine.

« It is a highly-interesting and well-written sketch, abounding in lively descriptions of character and inetdent. The principles it inculcates are directly conducive to the cultivation of filial piety, reverence for the Sabbath, and a watchful regard to the dictates of conscience in the formation of early habits. A higber degree of talent in the delineation of character is evinced in this volume than in most of the publications of this order." --Congregational Magasine.

“ We will venture to predict, that when not a few of our modern novels are consigned to the shelf, My Early Days will be frequently on the table, and recur to the thoughts of many a tender and pious mother, as often as she wishes to make a vivid impression on the minds of her children. -Dumfries Magasine.


&c.; containing a Description of the different Conntries, their Inhabitants, Dress, Manners, and Customs ; with a variety of interesting Anecdotes. With 24 emblematical Engravings on Wood. SECOND EDITION.

2 vols. 18mo. 58. half-bound.

EARLY GENIUS exemplified in the Juvenile Pursuits of eminent Foreigners. With 20 Wood-Cuts.

18mo. 2s.6d, half-bound.

ANGELINA; or, Conversations of a Little Girl with her Doll:

interspersed with interesting Stories. With 25 Wood-Cuts. 18mo. 2s.6d, half-bound.

THE VACATION; or, Truth and Falsehood. A Tale for Youth. With 7 Wood-Cuts.

18mo. 2s.6d, half-bound.

A CONCISE HISTORY of QUADRUPEDS and BIRDS, from the best Authorities. With 120 Wood-Cuts.

18mo. 2s.6d. half-bound.


18mo. 2s.6d, half-bound.

QUEEN MAB’s TREASURY OPENED; a Collection of Choice Fairy Tales. With 36 Wood-Cuts.

18mo. 2s, Bd. half-bound.

LETTERS from a LADY to her NIECE; containing Practical

Hints, intended to direct the Female Mind in the Pursuit of Attainments conducive to Virtue and Happiness. With a Frontispiece, designed by Uwins and engraved by Horsburgh. THIRD EDITION.

18mo. 2s. boards. * The anonymous writer of Letters from a Lady to her Niece is more justly entitled to the praise of the judicious critic, and the thanks of her own sex, than many others who have becn eager to avow their claini to their productions. The style is easy and elegant; the maxims inculcated are those of sound prudence and sincere virtue ; and to any females entering into life, the perusal of this little volume will be attended with manifold advantages, in strengthening the intellectual powers, and indicating the most eligible path to the attainment of tranquillity of mind and true happiness." --Monthly Magazine..

ARTIFICIANA; or, A Guide to the Principal Trades. With 37

Wood-Cuts, descriptive of each Profession. Second Edition, 18mo. 28, half-bound.


riety of Pleasing Tricks and Humorous Deceptions, By JASPER WISEMAN. Frontispiece and Vignette. SECOND EDITION.

18mo. 28, half-bound.

LITTLE COLLIER of the BLACK FOREST; or, The Magical Mirror. A Moral Tale. With 14 Wood-Cuts.

18mo. 2s. half-bound.

LITTLE DESERTER; or, Holiday Sports. With 15 Copperplates.

18mo. 2s. half-bound; or with coloured Plates, 3s, half-bound.

JUVENILE GAMES of the FOUR SEASONS. With 16 Cuts, representing the different Amusements. SECOND EDITION.

18mo. 2s. hall-bound.

THE ACCIDENTS of CHILDHOOD, narrated in short Stories,

calculated to deter Youth from Mischievous Actions. With 29 Wood-Cuts. 18mo. 2s. half-bd.

THE HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the Invasion of Julius

Cesar to the present Time. By ALEXANDER Bower. Vignette, Frontispiece, and 36 Portraits.

18mo. ls.6d, half-bound,

THE HISTORY of SCOTLAND, from the earliest Period to the

present Time. By ALEXANDER BOWER. Vignette, Frontispiece, and 34 Portraits.

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THE HISTORY of IRELAND, from the earliest Period to the

present Time. By ALEXANDER BOWER, Frontispiece and 5 Views. 18mo. Is. 6d. half-bound.

JUVENILE INCIDENTS; or, The Studies and Amusements of a

Day. To which is added, The Story of Little George. With 23 Wood-Cuts. 18mo. Is. 6d. hbd.

PARENTAL INSTRUCTOR; or, A Parent's Present to his Children : containing 17 Stories, and 18 Wood-Cuts.

18mo. Is. 62. half-bound.

STORIES WORTH TELLING; or, Mental Food for Young Readers. With 13 Wood-Cuts,

18mo. Is. 6d, half-bound.



ABBOT's MOTHER'S PRIMER. A New Edition, enlarged and improved. With nearly 100 Wood-Cuts.

18mo. 64.

ADAM's TWOPENNY BOOK; or, The Infant's First Lessons.

Ismo. ADAM's INFANT's GUIDE to the ALPHABET, and First Principles of Pronunciation. With numerous Cuts.

Royal 18mo. 6. In the composition of these little manuals, the object of the author is to simplify the notation employed by Walker, Scott, &c. in their Dictionaries for distinguishing the sounds of the vowels, and to reduce the scheme to practice in a course of initiatory lessons.

FULTON'S PRIMER; or, First Lessons for Children. 12ma sa. FULTON's PRONOUNCING SPELLING-BOOK, with Reading Lessons in Prose and Verse. THIRTEENTH EDITION.

12mo. 18. Gd. bound. FULTON'S PRONOUNCING VOCABULARY, with Lessons in Prose and Verse, and a few Grammatical Exercises.

12mo 28. bound. ** This is a well-arranged little book, evidently proceeding from a person of practical experience, we recommend it cordially."-Literary Gacette.

“ We are persuaded that this work is fitted to be very useful. Although the author is too well known to be in need of our recommendation to his work, we have great pleasure in thus announcing it with appre bation and praise."-Edinburgh Theological Magazine.


MAR, arranged upon a new and an improved Plan, and illustrated by appropriate Rules, Exam. ples, and Exercises, which are so explained as to render every part of the Grammar intelligible to the Learner.

18mo, Is. 6d, bound. " This work is well executed, and will, no doubt, supersede many publications of a similar nature which are without its advantages of clear and systematic arrangement, variety and simplification of grammatica knowledge, and, more important than all, its appropriate intelligibility." -Literary Chronicle.

* In its general outline the grammar before us is well arranged, and several of the deviations from comman practice are real improvements." - Imperial Magasine.

EWING's ENGLISH LEARNER; or, A Selection of Lessons

in Prose ayd Verse, adapted to the Capacity of the Younger Classes of Readers. SEVENTH EDITION, carefully revised and enlarged.

12mo. 2s. bound, EWING’s PRINCIPLES of ELOCUTION; containing numer

ous Rules, Observations, and Exercises, on Pronunciation, Pauses, Inflections, Accent, and Emphasis ; also copious Extracts in Prose and Poetry. TWELFTH EDITION, improved.

12mo. 48. 6d. bound. EWING's RHETORICAL EXERCISES; being a Sequel to the Principles of Elocution.

12mo. 4s. 6d. bound. This volume completes the series of Mr Ewing's Elementary Books on Elocution, adapted to the various stages of the pupil's progress. In the learner, he has confined himself to a few of the most obvious and simple rules; and, in the arrangement of the lessons, he has studied a natural and an easy gradation. In the Principles of Elocution he has given, in pretty full detail, the best directions for pronunciation, pauses, inflections, and the various modulations of the voice, illustrated by appropriate examples, and accompanied with a suitable variety of exercises. The rapid and extensive sale of these works, and their introduction into many of the most respectable seminaries in the kingdom, afford the most gratifying proof of their utility, and of the estimation in which they are held.

To form an accomplished reader or speaker, however, many other directions appeared necessary; some of which are of a nature so refined and complicated, that to understand and follow them requires considerable maturity of judgment, as well as a certain proficiency in the knowledge and practice of elocution. These directions are contained in the present volume; and though much must still remain to be learned from the voice of a teacher, and from the study of the best living models, the Publishers would gladly Aatter theinselves, that, from the rules laid down in these several publications, with the diligent practice of the accompanying exercises, those who are desirous of acquiring this necessary accomplishment may derive all the benefit which written Instruction can impart.

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