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Published by J. HATCHARD & SON, 187, Piccadilly.

The AMATEUR'S PERSPECTIVE ; being an Attempt to present the Theory in the simplest Form, and so to methodize and arrange the subject as to

render the practice familiarly intelligible to A NEW YEAR'S EVE and the uninitiated in a few hours study. By


with plates, 198. bds. BARTON. Illustrated with a Frontispiece drawn and engraved by John Martin, lo 1 vol 8vo. price 9s. bds.

The SACRED PRECEPTOR; or, a Series of Questions and Answers, eluci. dating the Doctrine, Practice, and Natural

History of Scripture. For the Use of Schools EIGHT LECTURES on the HIS and Young Persons, 2d edition, 18mo. 33. TORY of JACOB: delivered during Lent, neatly half-bound. 1828, at the Church of St. Luke, Chelsea, by the Rev. BENRY BLINT, A.M. Curate of the Parish, &c. &c. The Profits of this Publi

The CONFESSION of the cation will be given to the Chelsea Infant School, 12mo. neatly bound in cloth, price

CHURCH of ENGLAND practically eluci4s. 60. 2d edition.

dated in Seven Discourses, preached, during' the Season of Lent, at the Parish Church of St. Andrew, Canterbury. By


stone, 12mo. 33.6d. bds. for the FORMATION and CULTURE of the TREE ROSE.

10. The above little work has been written LETTERS to the YOUNG. By for the information of those whose means MARIA JANE JEWSBURY. A second edition, are not sufficient to enable them to orna

almust ready. ment their grounds as fully as they might desire, without participating in the labour requisite for such purpose, as well to find

In the Press, employment for the leisure hours of those whose pursuits are in character with the in

THE LONDON REVIEW, struction it is intended to convey. This little volume contains twenty-six

1 No. 1. To be continued Quarterly. Plates illustrative of the subject; and as no

Printing for Saunders and Otley, ConduitTrouble has been spared, it is hoped it may

Street. be found sufficiently explanatory to convey the necessary information, and concise

LONDON ORIENTAL INSTITUTION, enough not to occupy that time which might

23, LEICESTER-SQUARE, be devoted to matters of more consequence or interest. 12mo. 33, 60. bds.


B. GULCHRIST, L.L.D. under the Pa. tronage of the Hon. East India Company,

aud by him, in 1826-7, resigned solely to, The ANNALS of the POOP ; con

and now under the direction of SANDFORD taining the Dairyman's Daughter; the Negro

ARNOT, Member of the Asiatic Society of Servant, and Young Cottager ; to which are

Paris, and DUNCAN FORBES, A.M. added, The Cottage Conversation, and a Visit to the Infirmary. By the Rev. LEGE

The Public is hereby informed that the RICHMOND, A.M. late Rector of Turvey,

LONDON ORIENTAL INSTITUTION, 23, LeiBedfordshire. With an Introductory Sketch

cester-Square, is the only Seminary in the of the Author, by the Rev. JOHN AYRE,

British Metropolis where the principal LanA.M. A new edition, in a neat foolscap

guages of British India, the HINDOOSTAvolume, illustrated with Engravings by Ed.

NEE, BENGALEE, and PERSIAN, are ward Finden, price 7s. bds.

taught, through the medium of their proper characters, by persons who have studied

and practised them among the Natives of 5.

the East. TYPICAL INSTRUCTION Considered and Illustrated ; and shown to be

BIBLIA SACRA POLYGLOTTA. suited to all, but particularly the Early

QUARTO. ages of the Church. By JOHN PEERS, A.M. 8yo, 14s. bds.

THE FIFTH and concluding 6.

1 PART, containing the New TestaMEMOIR of the REV. HENRY ment, is now ready for delivery. Price

11. lls. 6d. MARTYN, B.D. late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. and Chaplain to the May be had of the Booksellers, and of Honourable East India Company. 9th edit. the Publisher, Samuel Bagster, Paternos12mo. price 7s. bds.


eta o

EDUCATION.-THE LATE MR. CAN. with the following testimony that the moNING.

desty and urbanity of that distinguished ........

and lamented statesman were not less re

markable than 'the splendour of his ta. « The great promoters of the march of mind in

lents :nations are short cuts and cheap tuition."

Foreign Office, January 28, 1826. "Mr. Canning presents his compliments to Mr. Pufief, and acknowledges the receipt

of his letter, dated the 19th instant, contle Street, Holborn, having been so

tained in a parcel, which, by some mistake, fortunate as to discover a Law of Nature, on

was not opened till to-day. which he has founded a System of Educa

"Though Mr. Canning cannot justify to tion, at once the most perfect, rapid, and

himself the flattering sentiments which Mr. economical of any in existence, now purposes Dufieferorrades towards him in the Dedica. to open a Course of Thirty-six Lectures on

tion, yet Mr. Canning does not feel himself the French Language, at the unexampled

at liberty to reply to Mr. Dofief's request low price of Six Shillings for the whole

by a refusal which would suspend the pubCourse, Two Lectures will be given weekly.

lication of his valuable work." The Course will commence as soon as Five Hundred Ladies and Gentlemen shall have

L'exemple d'un grand bomme est un fambeau sacré

Que le ciel bienfaisant, dans cette nuit profonde, signibed their wishes to join the Class)

Allume quelquefois pour le bonh: ur du monde ! when that number shall be made up, either by

$For more particular information upon personal or written application (post paid) to

the various subjects of this Advertisement, Mr. Dufief, he will appoint an evening for

apply (if by letter, post paid) to N.G. Dufief, delivering an Introductory Lecture on the

Lecturer to the London Mechanics' InstituImportant Discovery which gave rise to his

tion, &c. &c., No. 19, Castle Street, HolSystem.

born. As, however, in so numerous & body,

London, Oct. 27, 1928. some precautions are requisite to insure its respectability, Mr. Dufief begs to premise that the same testimonials which are required for admission to Institutions

DR. BUTLER'S GEOGRAPHY AND of repute will be expected from those who

ATLASES, purpose joining his Lectures; from persons attached to any of the Institutions alluded This day is published, a new edit., 1 vol. 8vo., to, or to the London Univereity, such re

9 bds. ferences will not be required; their tickets of membership will be sufficient. It is Mr. A SKETCH of MODERN and Dulief's object and ambition to spread ge. H1 ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY, for the nerally the knowledge of his plan, which will Use of Schools. By SAMUEL BUTLER, D.D. prove that no one in the British dominions, F.R.S., &c., Archdeacon of Derby, &c. however poor, is too poor to despair of

In the present edition of this little work attaining a liberal education, and that if,

the Author has made some very important for Six Shillings, a complicated modern

additions, chiefly in the Modern part of it. language, like the French, may be obtained, Greek, Latin, or Hebrer, also may be taught

By the same Author, to numbers, at even a less expense.

ATLAS of MODERN GEOGRA. In the very flattering success and approbation which has already attended Mr. Du

PHY, consisting of 22 Coloured Maps, from tief's Lectures at the London Mechanics'

a new set of Plates, corrected to 1828. 12s.

half bound. Institution, may be found ample evidence of the power of his New System. No better ATLAS of ANCIENT GEOGRAguarantee of its efficacy can be desired than

PHY, consisting of 21 Col ured Maps, with the rapid progress of a Class of above Two

a complete accentuated Index. 12s. Hundred Ladies and Gentlemen now under his instruction in that highly-useful Esta


and MODERN GEOGRAPHY. 43 Coloured Mr. Dufief wishes it to be clearly under Maps and 2 Indexes. li. 4s. half bound. stood that he has no intention of discon.

The Indexes contain the latitude and tinuing his Private Lessons ; but will still

longitude of all the places; and in that of continue to form limited Classes, on various the Ancient Atlas, the quantities are marked. terms, both at home and abroad.

OUTLINE GEOGRAPHICAL CO. Mr. Dutief takes this opportunity of an

PY-BOOKS, in 4to. ; intended as Practical nouncing the Ninth Edition of his "Nature

Exercises on Dr. Butier's Atlases. 4s. each Displayed in her Mode of Teaching Lan

eewed, or 7s. 6d. together. guage, adapted to the French;" and also the publication of his “ Nature Displayed,

OUTLINE MAPS of ANCIENT adapted to the Spanish.” It is of these GEOGRAPHY, selected by Dr. Butler from Works, which contain a full Development D'Anville's Ancient Atlas. Folio, 10s. 6d. of the System, that all the respectable Pe

A PRAXIS on the LATIN PREriodicals have spoken so highly; and to them it is that the "Scotsman" refers when

POSITIONS, being an Attempt to Illustrate he says-“Mr. Dufief has conferred a bene.

their Origin, Signification, and Government; fit on mankind by publishing them." And

for the Use of Schools. 2d edit. in 8vo.. upon the subject of the latter of the two,

68. 6d. Uds., or 78. Gd. bound. which was, by permission, dedicated to the Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, late Mr. CANNING, Mr. Dufief was honoured

and Green, London.

This day is published, in 8 large vols. 8vo. | This day is published, in 8vo., price 8s. 6d. price 61. 2s. in bds.


1 OF THE EVIDENCES OF NA. a Critical Digest and Synoptical Arrange

TURAL AND REVEALED RELIGION; ment of the most important Annotations on

being the Substance of Lectures read in the the New Testament. By the Rev. S. T.

University and King's College of Aberdeen. BLOOMFIELD, M.A. Vicar of Bisbrooke, in


D.D., late Professors of Divinity, and Chap

lains in Ordinary for Scotland to his late Extract from the Rev. T. H. Horne's Majesty. Introduction to the Study of the Holy Scrip- Printed for C. & J. Rivington, St. Paul's tures, 6th edit. 8vo.

Church-Yard, and Waterloo Place, Pall " Those only who have been engaged in Mall; and sold by A. Brown & Co., Aber. similar studies can appreciate the labour of deen, and Bell & Bradinte, Edinburgh. Mr. Bloomfield's undertaking, to which he has devoted many years of patient research, amid the conflicting opinions of critics and A NEW EDITION OF DR. HOOPER'S theologians. There is scarcely a single

SPLENDID WORK ON DISEASES dificult passage which is not elucidated :

OF THE BRAIN. while the genuineness of some important texts, which had been impugned, is ably vindicated and established. Avoiding minor

This day is published, topics, on which real Christians may agree to differ in opinion, Mr. B. has laudably

y n of the HUMAN BRAIN, Illustrated applied his learning to the defence of ttese cardinal doctrines of the New Testament,

by Coloured Engravings; containing a comthe Deity and vicarious atonement of Jesus

plete Account of the Organic Diseases of that

Christ, and the Deily and Personality of the
Holy Spirit. To those who have not the

This work will be found not only to afford

those who have not the opportunity of makmeans of procuring the costly and volu. minous publications of foreign commenta

ing extispicial dissections, or of investigattors, these volumes will be most acceptable;

ing diseased parts, the means of becoming while such as may possess them will here

acquainted with their appearances on dis. find a convenient manual of referente for

section, and their structure, but will also their opinions on various topics.-The value

put them in possession of a museum, in of Mr. Bloomfield's work is enhanced by

some respects more desirable and useful the numerous glossarial notes which he has

than the parts themselves. introduced on difficult words of rare and

In order to extend the circulation of this unfrequent occurrence.

work, the Author has fixed the price at Two

The first part, which consists of three volumes, is appro.

Guineas and a Half, which is just one half

of what would cover his expenses, provided priated to the elucidation of the four Gos.

the whole of the edition is sold. pels; the second, which is in five volumes,

Purchasers of the “ Illustrations" may treats on the Acts and Epistles, Alto. gether, this is one of the most important

have their copy exchanged for this, with works in sacred literature which has been

out any additional expense, by applying at offered to the attention of Bible students for

21, Saville Row. many years."

London: printed for the Author, and sold Printed for C. and J. Rivington, St. Paul's

by Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Church-Yard, and Waterloo-Place, Pall.

Green. Mall, London.

.* The Second Part, (containing the This day is published, in I thick vol. Bro.. Acts and Epistles, and an Appendix to

.! Part

9th edit.. revised and considere. Part I.) in 5 vols. may be had to complete in an Appendix to

ed by an Addition of much New and Im sets, price 41. in bds.

portant Matter, 18s. bds., of

THE MODERN PRACTICE This day is published in 8 vols. 8vo. with

1 of PHYSIC ; exhibiting the Character, Portraits, 71. 78,

Causes, Symptoms, Prognostics, Morbid

Appearances, and Improved Method of THE WORKS of SAMUEL Treating the Diseases of all Climates. By

ROBERT THOMAS, M.D., an Honorary Mem. Paul's, and Curate of Hation, &c. With her of the Literary, Historical, and PhilosoMemoirs of his Life and Writings, and a phical Societies of New York. Selection from his Correspondence. By Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, JOHN JOHNSTONE, M.D. Fellow of the

& Green ; T. Cadell; Baldwin & Cradock; Royal Society, and of the Royal College of W. Joy: E. Cox; Hurst, Chance, & Co. ; Physicians of London.

Callow & Wilson ; Hamilton, Adams, & Co; A few Copies of this work are printed on Simpkin & Marshall; G. B. Whittaker: S. royal paper, price 121, 12s.

Highley; Burgess & Hill, Wightman &

Cramp ; C. Tilt : A. Black, Edinburgh : Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Hodges & Smith, Dublin; and C. & J. Ro. and Green

binson, Liverpool.

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PARR, LL.Di Hation, &c. With phical Societies of New


PUBLISHED BY J. BARFIELD, Printer to His Majesty, Wardour-Street, Soho; And Sold by Longman & Co. and Sherwood & Co. Paternoster-row ; Simpkin & Marshall,

and Westley & Davis, Stationery'-Court; Taylor, Holborn; and all Booksellers.

In Nos. Is. each ; in 35 Parts, at 6s. each; Royal Parts, with Proof Prints of the Plates,

10s. each.

PETER NICHOLSON'S ARCHITECTURAL DICTIONARY, And Builders', Carpenters', and Joiners' complete Work Book, Containing all the Terms of Art used by Architects, Builders, &c. with their practical Application. The Theory of the warious Branches of Architecture, Building, Carpentry, Joinery, Masonry, Bricklaying, &c. with the most approved Mode of Execution hitherto adopted, and many new practical Methods never before published, including Specifications of a Building, and Directious for making a Contract for the several Branches of Labour it comprises. Also, the Art of Architectural Drawing, Perspective, and Projection in general ; with all the useful Diagrams in Carpentry, Joinery, &c. new geometrical Problems for reducing the number of Lines, and renderiug the Practice easy of Attain. ment, and expeditious in the Performance : likewise, a general Description of the Five Orders, ancient Edifices, &c. The whole forming a complete Guide to the science of Architecture and the Art of Building.

Also, by the same Author, the Third Edition, in 3 Vols. 8vo. Price 31. 3s. in Boards, THE PRINCIPLES OF ARCHITECTURE, Containing the Fuadamental Rules of the Art, in Geometry, Arithmetic, and Mensuration ; with the Application of those Rules to Practice. The true Method of drawing the Ichnography and Orthography of Objects; Geometrical Rules for Shadows; also the Five Orders of Architecture ; with a great Variety of beautiful Examples, selected from the Antique, showing the Proportions of the Grecian and Roman Orders, their proportional Measures in Numbers; Grecian Mouldings compared with Roman, to shew the Difference of their Form and Application ; the Grecian Doric Order compared with the Roman ; and many useful and elegant Ornaments, with Rules for projecting them. Illustrated with 218 Copperplates, engraved in a superior manner by W. Lowry, from original Drawings by the Author.

Likewise, large Folio, in 68 Maps, Price Six Guineas and a Hall, Half-Bound, A NEW AND GREATLY IMPROVED COMPLETE EDITION OF

LAVOISNE'S Genealogical, Historical, Chronological, f. Geographical Atlas, Enlarged and elucidated by Geographical Maps and Description, upon a new, easy, and interesting Plan. The Maps are accurately drawn from the latest Surveys, including se. veral never before published. The Work contains an Account of the Creation and Dis. persion of Mankind, the Origin of Nations, the Establishment, Continuation, and Decline of Empires and States; the Genealogy, direct and collateral, of all the Sovereigns and Potentates in the World, including all the famous Battles, Landings, &c. from the beginning of the World to the present Time. The whole forming the most complete System of History and Geography ever produced; being peculiarly adapted for the Use of Schools, and for the Improvement of the Mind of the rising Generation. Also, Just published, in Royal 12mo, fine Paper, hot-pressed, Price 9s. in Boards,

a New Edition of DR. WATTS'S PSALMS AND HYMNS, with a New Type of the largest Size ever employed in printing this most valuable Work. Containing enlarged Indexes, Tables of Contents, Scriptures, First Lines, &c. forming a valuable Acquisition for the Desk or Pulpit. The following Lines are given as a Specimen :

Great God! how infinite art thou !

What worthless worms are we !

“ We hail this addition of a most approved work, with the greatest satisfastion, on behalf of the aged, and those whose sight may be imperfect. From the superb style of its execution, it is altogether unique ; and, when the number of pages, and the size of the type are taken into account, it is really pre eminently cheap."-Brang. Mag.Ang.

* Nothing seems to have been omittrd which could contribute to make the work naerut and attrac. tive. The excellent type-the copious indexes-the arrangement of the content the moderate charge,-all concur in preferring on its behalf a claim to superiority."-Bapt. Meg. Sept.



Booksellers to the Honourable East India Company,



EAST INDIA GAZETTEER; con MEMOIR of CENTRAL INDIA, taining particular Descriptions of the Em. including MALWA and adjoining Provinces. pires, Kingdoms, Principalities, &c. of

By Major-Gen. Sir JOHN MALCOLM, G.C.B. Hindostan, and the adjoining Countries.

K.L.S. 2 vols. 8vo. with an Original Map, By the late WALTER HAMILTON. A new

&c. 11. 128. bds. edition, 2 vols. 8vo. Il. 129. bds.

Also, by the same Author,

Instructions to Officers acting under TRAVELS from INDIA to ENG. I his Orders in Central India, A. D. 1821.

8yo. 2s.6d. sewed.
LAND, including a Visit to the Burman
Empire, in the Years 1825-6. By J. ALEX.
ANDER, Esq. 4to. ll. lls. 6d. bds.

TIAL. By Capt. Hough, 48th Regt. Ben-

gal N. I. 1 tbick vol. 8vo. 11. 6s. bds. ANALYSIS of the CONSTITU. TION of the EAST INDIA COMPANY.

8. To which is prefixed, a Brief History of the Rise and Progress of the British Power in MILBURN's ORIENTAL COMIndia. By PETER AUBER, Esq. I thick yol.

MERCE. Abridged, improved, and brought royal 8vo. 11. lls. 6d. bds.

down to the present time, by T. THORNTON, M.R.A.S. I large rol, 8vo. illustrated with

maps, 11. 16s. bds. Also, by the same Author,

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Supplement to the above; em

| EAST INDIAN CALCULATOR. bracing the important Laws as to Criminal Justice and Insolvent Debtors. passed last By T. THORNTON, M.R.A.S. 1 large vol. Session of Parliament; together with some

8vo. 11, ls, bds. preliminary Observations, Royal Svo. 108. 6d. bds.


| and VADE-MECUM. BY J. HISTORY of the POLITICAL and MILITARY TRANSACTIONS in INDIA during the Administration of the Marquess

11. of Hastings. By H. T. PRINSEP, Esq. 2 vols.

OBSERVATIONS on the LAW 8vo. Il. 12s. bds.

1 and CONSTITUTION OF INDIA, on the Na. ture of Landed Tenures, &c. 8vo. 128. bds.

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MEMOIRS of the OPERATIONS of the BRITISH ARMY in India during the late Mahratta War. By the late Lieut. Col. V. BLACKER. I vol. 4to, with a separate vol. of Maps and Plans, 21. 28. bds.

12. On the ADMINISTRATION of JUSTICE in the British Colonies in the East Indies. By JOHN MILLER, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn. 8vo. 39. 6d. stitched.

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