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Conditions of Sale.

I--The highest bidder to be the Buyer; in all cases of disputed bids, the

lot shall be immediately re-sold.

2–Books are sold per volume, other articles per piece, unless otherwise

stated in Catalogue, and bids must be made accordingly.

3—Books are presumed to be perfect, unless otherwise stated. To pur

chasers who have had opportunity for examination, they are sold as they are. On mail orders, an intelligent discretion will be used as to purchase. Imperfect books (not so described) may be returned within three days.

4-To prevent confusion and inaccuracy, goods will not be delivered dur

ing the sale. .

5–Terms Cash. Bills to be paid before delivery of goods.

Bids will be faithfully executed by the Auctioneer, without charge.

Order of Sale.

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onday Evening, December 2d, beginning at 7.30 o'clock,

Catalogue Nos. 2712 to 2980 inclusive.

"Wesday Evening, December 3d, beginning at 7.30 o'clock,

Catalogue Nos. 2981 to 3256 inclusive.

This Sale will be conducted by Mr. George D. Morse

haverbill, Mass.

THE Volumes selected for description in this portion of the

McKee collection have been strictly limited to those written by Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Authors, though in a few cases the works bear a later date.

Much that might have been said, bibliographically, in describing the books in this catalogue remains unsaid, because unnecessary. Any attempt to give such information to those who measure up to the purchase of Early English Literature, would be like “carrying coals to Newcastle.”

In the interest of intending purchasers unable to make personal inspection of the volumes, extraordinary care has been exercised in the descriptions of the works now offered for sale. In many cases detailed mention has been made of trifling defects which in previous descriptions of the identical copies were not deeined of sufficient importance to notice.

It is fitting that a special acknowledgment should be made of the valuable aid afforded by the use of the “ Catalogue of Original and Early Editions of some of the Poetical and Prose Works of English Writers from Langland to Wither," issued by he Grolier Club. It is a question whether any known work, on strictly bibliographical lines, can be more absolutely depended


Early English Literature.

2712 ACADEMIA : | or, the | HUMOURS | of the University of

Oxford. | in | BURLESQUE Verse. | by Mrs Alicia D'An-
vers. | LONDON, | Printed and sold by Randal Taylor

near Stationers | Hall. 1691.
4to, half roan. A few pages slightly stained. Writing on title.

The earliest edition of this rare and curious poem mentioned by LOWNDES is 1716.
The name of the author, as given, is probably assumed.

French King, (Irish Camp at Havre de

Admiral Tourvill

.( Murmuring, Jacobites, &c.

Printed for Randal Taylor near Stationers-Hall, 1692.
4to, half roan. Re-printed in “Poems on Affairs of State.”

2714 ALEMAN (MATHEO). The Rogue : OR, I THE

ten in Spanish | by MATHEO ALEMAN, | Servant to his
Catholike Majestie, | and borne in SEVILL. | OXFORD, I
Printed by William TURNER, for Robert Allot, / and are to be sold
in Pauls Church-yard; | Ann. Dom. 1630.

Small folio, two parts in one vol., original calf, re-backed. Contains the lines to
the Author by HERNANDO DE Soto, others by Ben Jonson, WILLIAM BROWNE and
John) F(LETCHER). Slight tear on title (repaired). IN ALL OTHER RESPECTS A

2715 ALEXANDER (SIR WILLIAM, Earl of Stirling). A PARAE-

NESIS | to the Prince | By William ALEXANDER of Menstrie. |
LONDON, | Printed by RICHARD FIELD for Edward Blovnt. | 1604.

4to, full crimson crushed levant morocco, gilt back, edges and borders, gilt panels
on sides, with corner ornaments, by FRANCIS BEDFORD. Device on title. FINE COPY.

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