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94 Q^ When he was released from Prism it Rome, whither did he go? A. Into several Countries both of Europe and Asia, preaching the Gos-pel, and confirming the Christian Converts.

95 Q^ Who attended and assisted him in his Ministry and his Travels? A, Sometimes Tychicus, or Timothy; fometimes Titus, Demas, or Luke, Silas, or Trophimus, whom he left sick at Miletum, when he went again to Rome. See 2 Tim. iv. Io, 11, 12.

96 Q. What became of him when he came the second Time Rome? A. He was cast into close Prifon, and when he made his first Desence all Men forfook him ; and Alexander the Copper-smith did him much hurt, I Tim. iv. 14, 15, 16.

97 Q. Did he finijjh his Life and Labours here? A. He now tells Timothy, that the Time of his Dt~ ■parture is at hand, and he was just ready to be offered up, when he wrote the second Epistle to him

from Rome, 1 Tim. iv. 6. And when he had both laboured and sufsered more than any of the Apostles, as he himself had told us, t Cor. xv. 10. 2 Cor. xi. 23, tjfc. he was beheaded, as a Martyr for Christ, under the Reign of Nero, Emperor of Rome, as the ancient Historians inform us.

Note, My Design in writing this Summary of the Scripture-History, by way of Question and Answer, was chiefly for the easier Instruction of the younger part of Mankind, and not fo much for the Improvement of the learned; for which Reason I have not been follicitous to trace out, with a critical and chronological Accuracy, every Step of the Travels of Paul; nor relate how often he went to Jerusalem, and to other Cities, in repeated Voyages and Journeys; but only to point out his most remarkable Travels, Labours and Sufferings. A more exact Account is drawn Up, with great Labour and Skill, by a learned Writer, in his Book intltled Miscellanea

lanea Sacra, Vol. I. to which I would reser those who 'desire a suller Information of this Matter.

The principal Thing I had in view from the Beginning to the End of this Work, was to set down some of the most necessary and the most important Matters of Fact recorded in Scripture; amongst which I have chosen out those which would be most entertaining to younger Minds, and would make the deepest and most lasting Impression upon them, and such as would lead them into a Survey of the various and wonderful Transactions of the Providence and Grace of God among Men, the successive and gradual Discoveries of the Will of God to Men, the different Forrqs of Religion in different Ages of Mankind, the Rules of Duty toward God and toward one another; together with an Account of their Obedience or Disobedience to him, with their Blessings and their Punishments, their Afflictions, Trials and Deliverances, and that from the Beginning of the World to the.Promulgation of the Gospel by the Apostles in the first Age of the Christian Church : and this is as far as theHiitory of the Scripture reaches.

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The Old Testament.

7 HE Introduction. Page I

An Account of the several Dispensations of Gtd toward Men. 3

Chap. I. 7be History of Mankind before the Flood, {viz.) of Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Enoch, &c.

ibid. Chap. II. Of Noah, Abraham, and their Families after the Flood. 11

Sect. I. OfNoah and his Sens. ibid.

Sect 2. Of Abraham and Lot, Ishmael and
Isaac. 14

Sect. 3. Of Esau and Jacob, and their Posterity.

20 Chap. III. The Deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt by Moses and Aaron. 24

Chap. IV. Of the Moral Law. 30

Chap. V. Of the Ceremonial Law of the Jews. 34 * Sect. 1. Of the Ceremonies of Purification, ibid. Sect. 2. Of the holy Persons, viz. Priests, Levites, Nazarites. 38

Sect. 3. Of the holy Places, particularly the Tabernacle. 41


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