Transactions of the College of Dentists of England


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Página 68 - His chorea continued for three months, during which time a variety of medicines were swallowed. At last he fell into an epileptic fit, struggling much, foaming at the mouth, and grinding the teeth. I thrust my forefinger along the inside of his cheek, and found a hard cartilaginous space on each side, behind his first molar teeth. I succeeded in gashing these parts ; he uttered a scream and fell out of his fit, becoming quite sensible ; nor had he a recurrence of his chorea.
Página 78 - Ward applies the frigorific only for one minute, while Dr Hargrave applies it for five. Perhaps the longer congelation is continued (and it may be safely continued for double this period) the deeper and the longer continued the produced anaesthesia may be ; but it were unreasonable to prolong an operation inconveniently in order that there shall be absolutely no feeling.
Página 271 - Citric acid or lemon juice, though less frequently brought in contact with the teeth, acts upon them still more readily. Mallic acid or the acid of apples, in its concentrated state also acts promptly upon the teeth. Muriatic, sulphuric and nitric acids, though largely diluted, soon decompose the teeth — these are in common use as tonics.
Página 178 - Secretaries, shall retire, cast the poll, and sign the return. In the event of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
Página 68 - A boy, twelve years of age, was cutting the second or posterior permanent molares of the upper jaw, before those of the lower, and the process was accompanied by twitchings of various parts of the body. At last he became affected with chorea. Being a very nervous lad, if any notice were taken of him, he would quite involuntarily make the most extraordinary faces, and contort his body into various attitudes that appeared to be most difficult and painful. This chorea continued for three months, during...
Página 79 - On the contrary, so far from having this consequence, there is little doubt that, however valuable intense cold may be as an anaesthetic, it is as an antiphlogistic that it will chiefly be prized, or as a means of preventing or immediately subduing, with perfect safety to the patient, every inflammation within its reach.
Página 1 - MD, Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians, Physician to the Royal Infirmary for...
Página 78 - ... reached the stage of congelation, be a renewal of it on the adipose matter again becoming fluid. This gradual return of the natural heat is ensured by placing a little powdered ice on the part, or a thin bladder containing ice and water. The question how far the refrigeration should be allowed to proceed, or which of the three stages just described should be reached, has been answered differently by different operators. In many of the slighter operations, either of the first stages will be sufficient,...
Página 177 - MATTHEWS occupied the chair. The minutes of the previous meeting having been read, and...
Página 8 - The consequence was that he brought on a hectic fever, vast hemorrhages from the intestines, nose and gums; every one of his teeth dropped out, and he could eat nothing solid ; he wasted vastly in his flesh, and his muscles became as soft and flabby as those of a new-born infant, and he broke out all over his body in pustules.

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