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Total No. of Lots, 44,462. Total Amount realised, ^139,842 4s. tod.
Average Sum realised per Lot, £3 2s. lod.


No. 812. The date 1652 should read 1651. No. 1677. For "Helen's Tour" read "Helen's Tower."


Metallurgy. See Geology

Monuments. See also Brasses (Monu-
Music and Musicians

Natural History (General). See also

Voyages and Travels
Naval. See Military
Navigation. See Yachting

Occultism Ornithology, Oology

Pedigrees. See Genealogy
Peerages. See Genealogy

Picture Galleries. See General Index Plans. See Charts Plate (Gold and Silver)

Playing Cards

Plays. See also Drama Poetry

Political Economy

Portraits. See General Index (*' Portraits")

Precious Stones
Proverbs. See Folk Lore


Registers (Church and Parish), Records Religious Ceremonies. Sec Theology

Rhetoric. See Logic

Riding. See Horse-racing, Horses Romances of Chivalry Ruins. See Archaeology

Science (General) Sculpture and Marbles Ships and Shipping. See Yachting Shooting

Songs. See also Music and Musicians
Snorting, Pastimes. See also under Spe-
cial Subjects
Statutes Superstitions. See Folk Lore


Tortures. See Crime and Criminals
Tracts. See General Index (" Tracts ")
Travels. See Voyages and Travels

Upholstery. See Cabinet-Making

Visitations (Heralds')
Voyages and Travels

Wood-Carving. See Cabinet-Making
Writing. See Penmanship


Acts of Parliament. See Statutes


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214 Crescentio (P.) De Agricultura, 1129
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bandry, 2061
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ing, "173

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5128 Merian (M.) Florilegium, 675
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Scott (R.) Perfite platforme of a Hoppe

Garden, 789
Tusser (T.) Good Husbandrie, 6001
Warwick (Countess). Old English Gar-
den, 862 Almanacks. See General Index

Alpine Journal, The, 3
Brockedon (W.) Passes of the Alps,

Moore (A. W.) The Alps. 1853

Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, 1404
America. Sec General Index, " America, Works relating to," also under the names of the Authors
Amours, etc.:

Davenport (J.) Aphrodisiacs, 3220 Ferraud (Jas.) Erotomania, 4996

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Russie, 1251
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Romae, 269
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astical Antiquities, 2175
Britton (Jno.) Architectural, Pictures-
que and Cathedral Antiquities, 2180
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Dawkins (W. B.) Cave Hunting, 133

Archeology {continued):
Delagardette(C.M.) RuinesdePaestum,

Dilettanti Society. Publications, 3648-

Dionysius Halicamassensis Antiqui-
tates Romanae, 3571
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Gell (Sir W.) Pompeiana, 3669
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Wales, 2476
Grose (F.) Antiquities of Ireland, 4256
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quities. 2S73

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ques, etc., 2102 Herculaneum. Antichita, 3671 Horn Books, 3198

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I aborde 'A. de). Description d un

Pave, 3683
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de la Grece, 3689
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pliou^e, 692
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Monarchic Irancoise, 1504
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Androuet du Cerceau (J .) Livre d'Archi-
tecture. 3138

Architecture {continued):

Belcher (J.) Architecture in England,
2734 Chambers (W.) Civil Architecture, 918
Colling (J. K.) Gothic Ornaments, 1233
De l'Orme (P.) Architecture, 510
Gotch (J. A.) Architecture of the Re-
naissance, 2855
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2270 Macgibbon (D.) Architecture of Scot-
laud, 1894
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Armorials. See Genealogy
Arms and Armour:

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and Engraved Illustrations, 240, 2197
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Atlases. See also Charts

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cribed, 5065
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Autography. See Penmanship
Ballads. See Music and Musicians
Bibliography:Almack (E.) Bibliography of Eikon

Basilike, 274
American Book-Prices Current, 3096
Barbier (A.) Dictionnaire des Ouvrages

Anonymes, 4017
Bibliographica, 121

Bibliographical Society. Publications,
372 Bibliotheca Grenvilliana, 374
Book-Prices Current (Slater), 3101
"Books about Books," 4321
Book-worm, The (W. Roberts), 1869
Brunet (J. C.) Manuel du Libraire,

Burger (K.) Monumenta Tvpographica,

Copinger (W. A.) The Bible and its

Transmission, 4708
Davenport (C.) Thomas Berthelet, 5373
Dibdin (T. F.) See General Index

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