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Página 429 - The Commissioners think it probable that you may feel an interest in this object, and be willing to assist in the attainment of it ; and with that view they desire to lay before you an outline of the course which they usually follow. If any nobleman or gentleman express his willingness to submit...
Página 431 - ENGLAND. House of Lords ; Westminster Abbey ; Cambridge and Oxford Colleges ; Cinque Ports, Hythe, and other Corporations ; Marquis of Bath, Earl of Denbigh, &c.
Página 431 - FIRST REPORT, WITH APPENDIX Contents :- ENGLAND. House of Lords ; Cambridge Colleges ; Abingdon and other Corporations, Ac. SCOTLAND. Advocates' Library, Glasgow Corporation, Ac.
Página 436 - Price. 1895 (8.) APPENDIX AND INDEX. Lincoln, Bury St. Edmunds, Hertford, and Great Grimsby Corporations ; The Dean and Chapter of Worcester, and of Lichfield ; The Bishop's Registry of Worcester.
Página 431 - Contents : — ENGLAND. House of Lords; Cambridge Colleges ; Oxford Colleges ; Monastery of Dominican Friars at Woodchester, Duke of Bedford, Earl Spencer, &c.
Página 433 - I. - - - f'cap [C.3773] 5 2 printed Contents : — 1895.) St. Paul's and Canterbury Cathedrals ; Eton College ; Carlisle, Yarmouth, Canterbury, and Barnstaple Cor1884 DITTO. PART II. APPENDIX AND INDEX porations, AT.
Página 339 - Solemn League and Covenant for Reformation and Defence of Religion, the Honour and Happinesse of the King, and the Peace and Safety of the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland.
Página 429 - Commissioners, they will cause an inspection to be made by some competent person, and should the MSS. appear to come within the scope of their enquiry, the owner will be asked to consent to the publication of copies or abstracts of them in the reports of the Commission, which are presented to Parliament every Session. To avoid any possible apprehension that the examination of papers by the Commissioners may extend to title-deeds or other documents of present legal value, positive instructions are...
Página 24 - Honour, and Estate : as also the power and Privilege of Parliament, the Lawful Rights and Liberties of the Subjects ; and every Person that maketh this Protestation in whatsoever he shall do in the lawful pursuance of the same.
Página 433 - Lord Stafford ; Sir NW Throckmorton; Sir PT Mainwaring, Lord Muncaster, MP, Capt. JF Bagot, Earl of Kilmorey, Earl of Powis, and others, the Corporations of Kendal, Wenlock, Bridgnorth, Eye, Plymouth, and the County of Essex ; and Stonyhurst College.

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