The Plan of Union Between the Consociated Churches of Connecticut and the Presbyterian Church

University of Wisconsin--Madison, 1906

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Página 2 - ... we desire you would be pleased to take notice of the principals and body of our company, as those who esteem it our honor to call the Church of England, from whence we rise, our dear mother ; and cannot part from our native country, where she specially resideth, without much sadness of heart, and many tears in our eyes...
Página 7 - I acknowledge myself much bound to you, for your kind love, and care, in sending Mr. Fuller, among us; and rejoice much that I am by him satisfied touching your judgments of the outward form of God's worship.
Página 39 - That the churches which are neighboring to each other, shall consociate, for mutual affording to each other such assistance as may be requisite, upon all occasions ecclesiastical. And that the particular pastors and churches, within the respective counties in this government, shall be one consociation (or more, if they shall judge meet), for the end aforesaid.
Página 99 - ... rules having never been submitted to the Presbyteries ; and as they were totally destitute of authority as proceeding from the General Association of Connecticut, which is invested with no power to legislate in such cases, and especially to enact laws to regulate churches not within her limits ; and as much confusion and irregularity have arisen from this unnatural and unconstitutional system of union ; therefore it is " Resolved, That the act of the Assembly of 1801, entitled a Plan of Union,...
Página 8 - ... without they shall first acquaint the magistrates, and the elders of the greater part of the churches in this jurisdiction, with their intentions, and have their approbation therein.
Página 37 - Churches and preservation of the publick peace so greatly hazarded : " Do Declare, That whereas the Congregational Churches in these parts, for the general of their profession and practice have hitherto been approved, we can do no less than...
Página 3 - Mr. Cotton's charge at Hampton was ; " That they should take advice of them at Plymouth, and should do nothing to offend them...
Página 15 - Association of Pastors in these Colonies, and in some Parts and Places, there is none yet. But after the Country had suffered much in the slaughters and depredations committed by the Heathen, and by many other Afflictions, the Neighboring Ministers in some Counties, met to Pray together, &c., and for no other intent, that I ever knew or heard of.
Página 11 - The ministers in the bay and Sagus did meet, once a fortnight, at one of their houses by course, where some question of moment was debated.
Página 59 - Should you accede to this Plan of Union and Correspondence, and our General Assembly permit us to form it, which we are disposed to think they readily will, we anticipate the auspicious period as just at hand, when all the congregations of Presbyterian churches in this northern region will form one great phalanx against the common enemy, and combine their exertions to advance the mediatorial kingdom of our exalted Lord.

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