The Lure of the Japanese Garden

W. W. Norton & Company, 2002 - 206 páginas
This book is a delightful journey through the gardens of Japan, their art, culture, and history. This beautifully designed book is a guide to gardens in Japan and a revelation of their historical and cultural contexts. Offering a tour of over 120 gardens spanning east, west, north, and south in Japan, the authors provide a brief description, beautiful photographs, and directions for easy reference, interwoven with notes on personal experiences and travel in different seasons. A glossary of terms and a chronological summary of the gardens in different historical periods are included. A perfect reference for visitors to Japan as well as armchair travelers, this book is the first to show such a wide geographical spread of gardens throughout Japan, and will be beloved by all garden lovers and anyone captivated by this unique element of Japanese culture. 120 color photographs and illustrations. - Publisher.

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Alison Main and Newell Platten are both retired architects. Alison practices as an artist, and Newell is an urban design consultant.

Newell Platten is a retired architect and an urban design consultant.

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