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Página 114 - Report of the Committee of the London Association, in aid of the Missions of the United Brethren, commonly called Moravians.
Página 127 - OSTÉOGRAPHIE ou Description iconographique comparée du squelette et du système dentaire des cinq classes d'animaux vertébrés récents et fossiles...
Página 116 - An Inquiry into the Nature of the Numerical Contractions, found in a passage on the Abacus, in some MSS. of the Geometry of Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus Boetius, and Notes on Early Calendars.
Página 115 - Brussels. — From the same. A Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of New Zealand. London, 1820— From the Rev. JP Engles. Directions for rightly offering up Secret Prayer. (In Armenian.) — From the same. Proverbs in Hinduwee.— From the same. A Spelling Book written in the Chahta (Choctaw) Language, with an English Translation. Cincinnati, 1827. — From the same. L'Exercise du Microscope, par Francois Watkins.
Página 127 - SYSTEM OF ANATOMY, for the use of Students of Medicine. By CASPAR WISTAR.
Página 126 - W. 28 41 52 W. 23 59 24 W. REPORT ON THE MAGNETIC ISOCLINAL AND ISODYNAMIC LINES IN THE BRITISH ISLANDS. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Introduction page 49 DIVISION I. DIP. Errors of dipping needles, and recent improvements 51 Annual alteration of the Dip 62 Dip in London, May 1838 64 Sect. 1. Observations in England 67 Sect. 2. Observations in Scotland 86 Sect. 3. Observations in Ireland. (This section is by Mr.
Página 136 - ... the same arrangement, and does not give shocks, but affects the needle of the galvanometer. It is of equal energy at the moment of making contact and of breaking contact, and is not affected by the introduction of a plate of copper or zinc between the conductors.* The phenomena produced by the first kind of induction form the subject of my last paper, as well as that of the previous one; while it would appear from the arrangement of Dr.
Página 127 - Rapport sur les travaux dans la vue de déterminer la marche du temps dans les principales localités du Royaume de Belgique, par A.
Página 114 - Annual Report of the Trustees of the New England Institution for the Education of the Blind.
Página 135 - Society, that when a plate of metal is interposed between a galvanic current and a conductor the secondary shock is neutralized. Dr. Faraday finds, on the contrary, under apparently the same circumstances, that no effect is produced by the interposition of the metal. As the fact mentioned forms a very important part of my paper, and is connected with nearly all the phenomena described subsequently to it, I was anxious to investigate the cause of the discrepancy between the results obtained by Dr....

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