Frier Bacon and Frier Bungay: an acting version

The English Club, 1905 - 61 páginas

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Página iii - THE FAMOUS HISTORIE OF FRYER BACON, containing the wonderfull things that he did in his life : also the manner of his death, with the lives and deaths of the two conjurers, Bungye and Vandermast.
Página 21 - ... conjuration, I would cut off his head, and make him do it by force. Miles. In faith, my lord, your manhood and your sword is all alike ; they are so fast conjured that we shall never see them.
Página 18 - I am your man;' I warrant you, sir, as good Tully's phrase as any is in Oxford. Bacon. Come on, sirrah; what part of speech is Ego? Miles. Ego, that is 'I'; marry, nomen substantivo. Bacon. How prove you that? Miles. Why, sir, let him prove himself an 'a will; I can be heard, felt and understood.
Página 21 - Miles. In faith, my lord, your manhood and your sword is all alike; they are so fast conjured that we shall never see them. Ermsbie. What, doctor, in a dump!
Página 37 - And broughtst home triumphe on thy launces point ? And shall thy plumes be puld by Venus downe? Is it princely to dissever lovers leagues, To part such friends as glorie in their loves? Leave, Ned, and make a vertue of this fault, And further Peg and Lacie in their loves : So in subduing fancies passion, Conquering thy selfe thou getst the richest spoile.— Lacie, rise up.
Página 8 - And by the help of devils and ghastly fiends, Thou mean'st ere many years or days be past, To compass England with a wall of brass.
Página 7 - O, then she loves; but if her cheeks wax pale, Disdain it is. Lacy, send how she fares, And spare no time nor cost to win her loves.
Página 37 - And doth the English prince mean true? Will he vouchsafe to cease his former loves, And yield the title of a country maid Unto Lord Lacy?
Página 15 - Œuon in the vale by Troy. Great lords have come and pleaded for my love : Who but the Keeper's lass of Fressingfield ? And yet methinks this farmer's jolly son Passeth the proudest that hath pleas'd mine eye. But, Peg, disclose not that thou art in love, And show as yet no sign of love to him, Although thou well wouldst wish him for thy love...
Página 36 - fore the morning sun Shall vaunt him thrice over the lofty east, Margaret will meet her Lacy in the heavens. Lacy. If aught betides to lovely Margaret That wrongs or wrings her...

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