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Copyright 1918
The STRATFORD 00., Publishers

Boston, Mass.


The Alpine Press, Boston, Mass., U. S. A.

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UST now, when the world is going through the

most significant period of human history, it is well that woman's voice be heard above the tumult. For upon woman's activity may rest the salvation of the race.

This Anthology is not an attempt at literary effects so much as it is an attempt to present seriously woman's viewpoint of life to a nation standing on the verge of - it knows not what!

So new is the voice of woman in the affairs of life, that in time of stress or panic it must become insistent to be heard or heeded. One book, by one woman, regardless of its strength or purpose, could not have the effect that one book by “crowds” of women could have. That is why this volume has come into existence. It literally is the voice of “crowds of women.

Those whose words are quoted here are representative women, leaders in their various organizations, representing hundreds of thousands of individuals. Many of them are among our foremost writers, artists, teachers, actors, orators and organizers some of them combining several of these qualities.

Woman's Voice” might easily have been two or three times its present size, but that would have meant a publication too expensive to reach the thousands of readers of moderate means to whom this

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