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Free through the post for Fourteen Stamps.

Christmas and other Festivals. By W. and
G. AUDSLEY. Eight pages 4to, in double columns,
and 40 Illustrations in Colours and Gold.

TEXTS. Illuminated or in Black only, may be had
free through the post at the following prices :—
Initial Letters in Three Colours, 11} in. by 9^ in.,
6d. each; -j\ in. by 6 in., in Gold and Blue, 41/.
each. Black Letters for Texts, 6 in. and 4.^ in.,
1 j. per doz. ; 3 in., 8d. per doz. Letters in Two
Colours, 5^ in., is. per doz., post free; 3 in., yd.
per doz,, post free. Shields and Emblems, in Two
and Three Colours, 11^ in. by 9 in., is. each.
Large Crosses, in Three Colours, is. 6d. each. A
Sample Sheet, in Colours, is included in the Book
advertised above. Usual Trade Discount.

London: Zorn & Co., 22, Fleet Street, E.C.

Now ready, crown 8vo, cloth, price 6s.

BARBOUR'S BRUCE, Edited by JOHN Jamieson, D.D. Reprinted from the celebrated Edition of 1820. 1

Now ready (uniform with Barbour's Bruce), price 6s.

BLIND HARRY'S WALLACE, Edited by John Jamieson, D.D. Reprinted from the celebrated Edition of 1820.

In the Press (principally for Subscribers).

The POETICAL WORKS of Sir WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Earl of Stirling. Nowfirst Collected, with Memoir and Notes. 3 vols., post 8vo, price £1 10s. Impression strictly limited to 350 copies. Prospectuses, &c, on application to the Publishers.


MAURICE Ogle & Co., 1, Royal Exchange Square.



Selected By The Rev. Walsham How, M.A. SCRIPTURE READINGS. Fcap. 8vo, cloth boards. [Shortly.

By The Rev. J. Erskine Clarke, M.A. CHILDREN OP THE OLD TESTAMENT. Demy 410. Illustrated Coloured

wrapper, is. 6d. ; cloth boards, 2s. 6d.

By The Rev. William Baird, M.A. GLIMPSES OF EARLY CHURCH HISTORY. [In the Press.

By The Rev. W. Walsham How, M.A. PLAIN WORDS. Sixty Short Sermons for the Poor and Family Reading. Fcap. 8vo, cloth turned in, 2s. [7^tA Thousand.

PASTOR IN PAROCHIA. Fcap. 8vo, cloth boards, 3J. bd. [SecondEdition.

By The Author Of " Harry's Battles," &c. EDITH VERNON'S LIFE-WORK. Small crown 8vo, cloth boards, 3s. 6d.

By MRS. E. G. O'REILLY. [Second Edition.

CHILDREN OF THE CHURCH. Lessons on the Church Catechism for Infant
Children. 18mo, cloth boards, is. 6d. [ThirdEdition, with Additions.

LILLIAN AND HER MAID. By the Author of " Lame Annie," &c.
FABLES AND FAIRY TALES, in Short Words. By Miss Crompton.

London: W. WELLS GARDNER, 10, Paternoster Row.




THE GOOD ST. LOUIS AND HIS TIMES. By Mrs. Bray, Author of "The Life of Stothard," "Romance^of the Tamar and Tavy," &c. Post 8vo, price "]s. 6d.

PATRANAS; or, Spanish Stories, Legendary and Traditional. Illustrations by Edward H. Corbould. Post 8vo, price $s.

FAVOURITE FABLES IN PROSE AND VERSE. With 24 beautiful Illustrations from Drawings by Harrison Weir. Printed on Toned Paper. Small 4to, price 6s.; or bevelled boards, gut edges, Js. 6d.

JOHN DEANE OF NOTTINGHAM: His Adventures and Exploits. A Tale of the Time of William of Orange. By W. H. G. Kingston. With Illustrations. Post Svo, price 5/.

Theodora: A Tale for Girls. By Emilia Marryat Norris. Illustrations by G. Hay. Post 8vo, price +r. 6d.

Millicent and her Cousins. By the

Hon. Augusta Bethell. Price 3s. 6d.

Tales of the White Cockade. By

Barbara Hutton. Illustrations by Lawson. Price jr.

Rosamond Fane; or, The Prisoners of

St. James's. By M. and C. Lee. Illustrations by Dudley. Price y. 6d.

From Peasant to Prince; or, The

Life of Alexander, Prince Menschikoff. Price as. 6d.

Amy's Wish, and What Came of It:

A Fairy Tale. By Mrs. G. Tylee. as. 6d. plain; 3J. 6d. coloured, gilt edges.

Bertrand du Guesclin, the Hero of

Brittany. By Emile De Bonnechosf.. Price is. 6d.

Heroes of the Crusades. By BarBara Hutton, Author of "Castles and their Heroes." Illustrations by P. Priolo. Post 8vo, price y.

Adventures of Hans Sterk, the African Hunter and Pioneer. By Captain Dkayson, R.A. Illustrations by Zwecker. Post8vo, price jr.

Our White Violet. By Kay Spen,

Author of "Getty and May." With Illustrations. Price as. 6d. plain ; y. 6d. coloured, gilt edges.

Neptune; or, The Autobiography of a Newfoundland Dog. By the Author of " Tuppy." Price 2s. 6d. plain; y. 6d. coloured, gilt edges.

Tales of the Toys. Told by Themselves. By Frances Freeling Broderip. Illustrations by Tom Hood. Price y. 6d. plain; 4s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges.

The Attractive Picture - Book. A

New Gift from the Old Corner, containing numerous Illustrations by eminent Artists. Price 3*. bd. plain, bound in an elegant cover; js. 6d. coloured; 10s. 6d. on cloth and coloured.

The Stolen Cherries; or, Tell the

Truth at Once. By Emilia Marryat Norris. Price 2s. 6d. plain ; y. 6d. coloured, gilt edges.

Gerald and Harry; or, The Boys in

the North. By Emilia Marryat Norris. Post 8vo, price 5^., cloth.

Cousin Trix, and her Welcome Tales. By Georgiana Craik. 3*. 6d. plain; 4s. 6d. coloured, gilt edges.

The Bear King. By James GreenWood. Illustrations by GRISF.T. Small 4to, price 3-r. 6d. plain; y. coloured, gilt edges.

Helen in Switzerland. By the Hon. Augusta Bethf.ll. Illustrations by E. WiiymPf.r. Price 31. 6d. plain; 41. 6d. coloured, gilt edges.

The Fairy Tales of Science. By J.

C BROUOH. Wilh 16 beautiful Illustrations by C. H. Benne Tt. Fcap. 8vo, price y.

Mark Seaworth: A Tale of the Indian Ocean. By W. H. G. Kingston. New Edition, price y. 6d.

The Boy's Own Toy-Maker. By E.

LANDELLS. Seventh Edition. 200 Engravings. as. 6d.

The Girl's Own Toy-Maker. Fourth

Edition. 200 Engravings, as. 6d.

Home Amusements: A Choice Collection of Riddles, Conundrums, Parlour Games, Forfeits, &c. Price as.

THE HISTORY OF THE ROBINS. By Mrs. Trimmer. With 24 beautiful Engravings from Drawings by Harrison Weir. Small 4to. Price 6s., cloth extra; 7/. 6d., cloth elegant, gilt edges.

"The delicious story of Dicksy. Flapsy, ami Pecksy—who can have forgotten it? The story is as fresh to-day as it was half a century ago. Harrison Weir is the painter-laureate of the lower world. We have, therefore, a most attractive book."—A rt Journal.

THE LITTLE GIPSY. By Elie Salvage. Translated by Anna Blackwai I.

Profusely Illustrated by LoRENZ Fkolich. Small 4to. Price S-r., cloth extra; 6s., cloth elegant, gilt edges.

"An exquisite story."—Aihena-um. "Cleverly told, and still more cleverly illustrated.'"—Timr.\

%* A Complete List of Griffith and Farran's Publications sent Post FREE on application.

GRIFFITH & FARRAN, Corner of St. Paul's Churchyard.


In a Eich and Tasteful New Cloth Binding
In Gold and Colours.

Large /cap. &vo, each Illustrated with Eight Steel Engravings, and with
Biography of the Author.


1. COWPER'S Complete Poetical Works, including the Olney Hymns, Miscellaneous and Latin

Poems, Translations, &c.

2. SCOTT'S Poetical Works, containing the Lay, Marmion, Lady of the Lake, Don Roderick,

Rokeby, Lord of the Isles, and Miscellaneous Poems.

3. MILTON'S Complete Poetical Works, including his Miscellaneous Poems, Sonnets, Psalms,

and Latin and Italian Pieces and Translations.

4. CRABBE'S Poetical Works, containing The Library, The Village, The Newspaper, The

Parish Register, The Borough, &c.

5. LONGFELLOW'S Complete Poetical Works, containing Evangeline, Voices of the Night,

Golden Legend, Seaside and Fireside, Spanish Student, Hiawatha, Wayside Inn, &c.

6. KIRKE WHITE'S Poetical and Prose Works, containing Childhood, Grove, Time, The

Christian, and the Miscellaneous Ballads, Songs, Clifton Sonnets, Hymns, &c., with his Letters,
Melancholy Hours, &c.

7. CAMPBELL and COLERIDGE'S Poetical Works, containing Campbell's Pleasures of

Hope, Gertrude of Wyoming, and Miscellaneous Pieces; with Coleridge s Ancient Mariner,
Piccolomini or Wallenstein, Remorse, Fall of Robespierre, and Miscellaneous Poems and

8. GOLDSMITH'S Poetical and Prose Works, containing The Traveller, The Deserted Village,

The Captivity, The Hermit, and Miscellaneous Poems, with the Plays, The Good-Natured Man and She Stoops to Conquer, Prose Works, Vicar of Wakefield, Miscellaneous Essays, &c.

9. WORDSWORTH'S Poetical Works, containing The Excursion, The White Doe of Rylstone, j

and Miscellaneous Poems.

10. BYRON'S Poetical Works, Family Edition, containing Hours of Idleness, English Bards and j

Scottish Reviewers, The Giaour, Bride of Abydos, The Corsair, Lara, Hebrew Melodies, Siege of I
Corinth, Parisina, Prisoner of Chillon, The Dream, Manfred, Lament of Tasso, Curse of Minerva,
Childe Harold, Mazeppa, &c, and Miscellaneous Pieces.

11. BURNS' Poetical Works and Letters, Family Edition, with copious Marginal Explanations j

of the Scotch Words. The recently discovered Stanzas additional of "The Vision, and the "Song of the Ruined Farmer," are included.

12. MOORE'S Poetical Works, including Lalla Rookh, Odes of Anacreon, Twopenny Post-Bag, |

M.P., or the Blue Stocking, Sacred Songs, Part L, Irish Melodies, Six Parts, and Miscellaneous Songs and Poems.

13. POPE'S Poetical Works, containing Essay 011 Criticism, Rape of the Lock, Essay on Man, 1

Moral Essays, Satires, and Miscellaneous. I

14. HERBERT'S and HEBER'S Poetical Works, &c.

15. MONTGOMERY'S, JAMES (of Sheffield), Poetical Works, contains the Wanderer of Swit

zerland, West Indies, World before the Flood, Greenland, Prison Amusements, &c, and he well-known Hymns.

16. GLEANINGS from the ENGLISH POETS: Being Extracts, in Chronological, Order from

about Two Hundred of the Poets of Great Britain, from Chaucer to Tennyson, with a short I Notice of each Author prefixed.

17 /SHAKESPEARE'S Dramatic Works, Family Edition, with a copious Glossary at the foot I & 18. ^ of each page, in 2 Thick Volumes (no Plates).

19- YOUNG'S, EDWARD, Complete Poetical Works.

SHAKESPEARE'S Dramatic Works, Family Edition, Complete in One Volume, demy Svo, pp. 928, with 8 full-page Original Steel Engravings, handsomely bound in cloth, gilt edges, and full gilt side and back, 7.. (x/. Do. Morocco Antique, 16s.

Edinburgh : GALL & INGLIS, 6, George Street.


Small crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, with Coloured Steel Frontispiece, and 8 full-page Illustrations.
Xo. I. MEN WHO WERE EARNEST: A Series of Biographical Studies.

2. NOBLE TRAITS OF KINGLY MEN: Pictures and Anecdotes of European History.

3. STORY OP A BOY'S ADVENTURES, and How he Roae in the World. By Mrs.



Large fcap. 8vo, bevelled boards, cloth extra, gilt edges.

No. 12. ADVENTURES OP A SAILOR BOY, and other Tales of the Sea and of the British
Navy. By William Martin. With full-page Illustrations.

13. TALES OP FILIAL LOVE. By Theodore H. Barrau. With 8 full-page Illustrations.

14. THE BRAID OP CORDS. By A. L. O. E. 256 pp., with Six Illustrations. [Early in Dec.


Fcap. 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, with full-page Illustrations.
10. OLIVE LEAVES. By Mrs. L. H. Sigournev.

NINEPENNY SERIES.—Demy i8mo, cloth lettered.
No. 11. HISTORY OP SUSAN GRAY. By Mrs. Sherwood.
12. THE FOUNDLING; or, The School of Life.

SIXPENNY SERIES.—Super-royal 32mo, cloth lettered.
No. 15. LITTLE GIPSY MARION. By C. O'brien.
16. DOMINICK'S TRIALS. By C. O'brien.

Early in December. £ s. d.

New Packet, by A. L O. E., containing 6 Books, with Woodcuts and Col. Covers, in Packet 020

CHEAP REWARD CARDS.—With Cuts and Poetry, with Coloured Borders.

2. GLEANINGS. 8. Do. do. 2nd Series.

In Sheets, containing 16 Cards, each . . . . . . .002

In Packets, ,,50 . . . . . . .006

EASY GUIDE TO CONSTELLATIONS. By Rev. J. Gall. Entirely New Edit., sewed o 1 o
Edinburgh: GALL & INGLIS, 6, George Street.




Introduction to the Study of

the Bible. By Rev. Josei-h Baylee, D.D., late Principal of St. Aidan's College, Birkenhead. Second Edition. 3 vols. Demy 8vo, cloth, £l is. [In January.

Bye-Path Meadow. By Rev.

E. Paxton Hood, Author of *' Self-Formation," "Blind Amos," &c. With Coloured Frontispiece, crown 8vo, cloth, 3J. 6d.

[Nearly Ready.

Daybreak in Italy. By Emma

Leslie. With Coloured Frontispiece, crown 8vo, cloth, y. 6d. [Nearly Ready.

The Mother's Family Prayer

Book. A Help to Family Worship, Designed chiefly for use in the absence of Fathers, and for all Heads of Households. By the Author of "Light Beyond." Crown 8vo, cloth, y. 6d.

[Nearly Ready.

The Life of Jesus. For Young

People. By the Editor of "Kind Words." Profusely Illustrated with Original Engravings by J. and G. Nicholls. Tenth Thousand. Crown 8vo, cloth, gilt edges, $s.

The Great Antichrist. Who?

When? Where? A Contribution for Anxious Times. By Rev. W. J. Bolton, M.A., Author of Hulsean Prize Essay for 1852, &c. With Lithographic Frontispiece. Crown 8vo, cloth, is. M.

The Gospel Treasury, and

Practical Exposition of the Harmony of the Four Evangelists. Compiled by R. Mimpriss. Library Edition. Large type, demy 4to, 1100 pages. Fifth Thousand. Cloth 16s.; half calf, 22s.; whole calf, 30/. Also publishing in Sixteen Monthly Shilling Parts. Parts I. to IV. arc now ready.

The Gospel Treasury, and Ex

pository Harmony of the Four Evangelists, according to Greswell. The Authorized Version. Compiled by R. Mimpriss. Crown 8vo, 950 pages. 27th Thousand. Cloth, 6j. ; calf gilt, as. 6d.; morocco, I Or.

A Reply to Cobbett's "History

of the Reformation in England and Ireland," Compiled and Edited by Charles Hastings Collette. Demy 8vo, cloth, pp. 350. $s.

God's Purpose in Judgment:

Considered with Especial Reference to the Assertion of Mercy or Annihilation for the Lost. By Robert Baxter, Esq. i6mo, cloth, is. 6d.

The Road to Rome via Oxford:

or, Ritualism Identical with Romanism. By Rev. J. A. Wylie, LL.D., Author of "The Papacy," &c. Crown 8vo, cloth, 5*.

Tim Doolan, the Irish Emi

grant: Being a full and particular Account of his Reasons for Emigrating— His Passage across the Atlantic—His Arrival in New York — His Brief Sojourn in the United States, and his further Emigration to Canada. By the Author of "Mick Tracy." Second Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3J. 6d.

On Spiritualizing Scripture:

The Confessions of a Millenarian. By W. Graham, D.D., Bonn, Author of "The Spirit of Love," &c Fcap. 8vo, cloth, is. 6d.

Life in Christ. By J. Denham

Smith. Second Thousand. i6mo, cloth, is. 6a".

Voices from the Valley, Testifying of Tesus. By Rev. F. Whitfield, M.A. Fifth Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth, y. (tel.

The Pastor's Wife: A Memoir

By her Thou

of Mrs. Sherman, of Surrey Chapel. Husband. With Portrait. Thirteenth sand. Crown 8vo, cloth, 3* 6d.

Earth's Eventide, and the Bright

Dawn of the Eternal Day. By Rev. J. G. Gregory, M.A., Minister of Park Chapel, Chelsea, late Rector of Bonchurch. Fourth Edition. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 41. 6d.

An Introduction to the Read

ing and Study of the English Bible. By W. Carpenter. 3 vols., cloth, I6j., or in 12 parts, is. 6d. each.

Hymn - Writers and their

Hymns. By Rev. S. W. Christophers. Tost Svo, cloth, red edges, Is. 6d.

St. Mary's Convent; or, Chap

ters in the Life of a Nun. By the Author of "Thady D'Arcy," &c. Fcap. 8vo, cloth, 2s. Cxi.

Blind Amos and his Velvet

Principles; or Proverbs and Parables for the Young Folk. ByRev.E.PAXTON Hood, Author of "Self-Formation," &c New Edition. Crown Svo. Coloured Frontispiece and Title, cloth, is. 6d.

S. W. Partridge and Co.'s Five

Shilling Sample Packet of Small Gospel Books, for wide Distribution. Seventy-two various. Sent free on receipt of stamps.

Full Catalogues post free for one stamp.

London: S. W. PARTRIDGE & CO., 9, Paternoster Row.

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