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School officers, on retiring from office, are required by law to deliver this book, with all other books and documents of an official character, to their successors in office.—See Compiled Laws of 1877, Chapter CCXX.


This edition of the General School Laws has been prepared in obedience to the provisions of law requiring the Superintendent of Public Instruction to “compile and cause to be printed all general laws relating to schools, together with all necessary forms, regulations, and instructions for conducting all proceedings under said laws, or relative to the organization and government of the schools, including rules and regulations for the management of township and district libraries,” and to transmit the same to the several officers intrusted with the care and management of said schools.

The last general compilation was made in 1879, but by an act passed by the Legislature of 1881, revising and consolidating the general school laws of the State, nearly all the provisions contained in that compilation were repealed and replaced by Chapters I to XIII of the present compilation. These thirteen chapters, constituting Act 164, Laws of 1881, embrace all the general provisions relating to public schools. To these, for convenience of reference, are added the laws relating to election of school inspectors, teachers’ institutes, Normal school diplomas, State certificates, teachers' associations, and the safe keeping of public moneys, and a note in reference to the distribution of the surplus dog-tax.

With copious side notes and references, and appendixes containing the necessary forms for proceedings, rules for libraries, and a digest of decisions of the Supreme Court relating to the proper execution of the school laws, together with a very full index, it is hoped that this volume may prove of service to all who have occasion to refer to it for guidance or information.

VARNUM B. COCHRAN, Superintendent of Public Instruction.

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