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daisy that grew on the railway bank. Was she bound for the great city, with its swarming population, in which she would be the merest unit? Or was it no more than a vexed, confused dream, from which she should awaken presently ?

Iris's perturbed half-incredulous reflections were brought to an end by the arrival of the train. Amidst the little stir of arriving and departing passengers, she stepped into an empty carriage, and seated herself, but rose the next moment and stood in the doorway, impelled by the recollection that since there was no one to look after the luggage she ought to attend to it. Nothing had been left on the platform, the train was moving, and she drew back just as she caught a glimpse of a familiar face, the owner of which was coming leisurely into the station. The face was the homely but trustworthy visage of Jenny Rogers's brother Bill, Sir William Thwaite's man-servant.

Then the engine steamed off, carrying the travellers fast into the unknown, and the marvel of the expedition, the adventure of it, began to seize hold of the brave spirit, to fascinate and excite it, at the same time that a great trust in the Father of the fatherless, and the Brother of all His desolate brothers and sisters, rose in her soul and stilled its tribula




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About.–The Fellah : An Egyp. | Alexander (Mrs.).—Maid, Wife,

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'Twas in Trafalgar's Bay,
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