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Dobson (W. T.), Works by : Literary Frivollties, Fancles, Follies,

and Frolics. Post 8vo, cloth limp,

28. 6d. Poetical Ingenuities and Eccentrl

cities. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 28. 6d. Doran. - Memories of our Great Towns; with Anecdotic Gleanings concerning their Worthies and their Oddities, By Dr. JOHN DORAN, F.S.A. With 38 Illustrations. New and Cheaper Edition, crown 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 6d.

Early English Poets. Edited,

with Introductions and Annotations, by Rev. A. B.GROSART, D.D. Crowd

8vo, cloth boards, 6s. per Volume. Fletcher's (Glles, B.D.) Complete

Poems. One Vol. Davles' (Sir John) Complete

Poetical Works. Two Vols. Herrick's (Robert) Complete Col

lected Poems. Three Vols. Sidney's (Sir Philip) Completo

Poetical Works. Three Vols.

Herbert (Lord) of Cherbury's Poems.

Edited, with Introduction, by J. Cht RTON COLLINS. Crown 8vo, parchment, 8s.

Drama, A Dictionary of the.

Being a comprehensive Guide to the Plays, Playwrights, Players, and Playhouses of the United Kingdom and America, from the Earliest to the Present Times. By W. DAVENPORT ADAMS. (Uniform with BREWER'S “ Reader's Handbook.") Crown 8vo, half-bound, 128. 6d. (In preparation.

Emanuel.-On Diamonds and

Preclous Stones: their History, Value, and Properties; with Simple Tests for ascertaining their Reality. By HARRY Emanuel, F.R.G.S. With numerous Illustrations, tinted and plain. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 68.

Dramatists, The Old. Crown

8vo, cloth extra, with Vignette Por

traits, 68. per Vol. Ben Jonson's Works. With Notes

Critical and Explanatory, and a Biographical Memoir by WM. GIFFORD. Ēdited by Colonel CUNNINGHAM.

Three Vols. Chapman's Works. Complete in

Three Vols. Vol. I. contains the Plays complete, including the doubtful ones: Vol. II., the Poems and Minor Translations, with an Introductory Essay by ALGERNON CHAS. SWINBURNE; Vol. III., the Transla

tions of the Iliad and Odyssey. Marlowe's Works. Including his

Translations. Edited, with Notes and Introduction, by Col. CUNNING

HAM, One Vol.
Massinger's Plays. From the Text of


Englishman's House, The: A

Practical Guide to all interested in Selecting or Building a House, with full Estimates of Cost, Quantities, &c. By C. J. RICHARDSON. Third Edition. With nearly 600 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 7s.6d. Ewald (Alex. Charles, F.S.A.),

Works by:
Stories from the State Papers.
With an Autotype Facsimile. Crowa

8vo, cloth extra, 68.
The Life and Times of Princo

Charles Stuart, Count of Albany, commonly called the Young Pretender. From the State Papers and other Sources. New and Cheaper Edition, with a Portrait, crown 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 6d.

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Fairholt.-Tobacco: Its His.

tory and Associations; with an Account of the plant and its Manufacture, and its Modes of Use in all Ages and Countries. By F. W. FAIRHOLT, F.S.A. With Coloured Frontis. piece and upwards of roo Illustrations by the Author, Crown 8vo, clotb extra, 68.

Familiar Allusions: A Hand

book of Miscellaneous Information; including the Names of Celebrated Statues, Paintings, Palaces, Countı y Seats, Ruins, Churches, Ships, Streets, Clubs, Natural Curiosities, and the like. By WILLIAM A. WHEELER, Author of " Noted Names of Fiction ; " and CHARLES G. WHEELER. Demy

8vo, cloth extra, 78. 60.
Faraday (Michael), Works by:
The Chemical History of a Candle :
Lectures delivered before a Juvenile
Audience at the Royal Institution.
Post 8vo, cloth extra, with numerous

Illustrations, 48, 6d.
On the various Forces of Nature,

and their Relations to each other :
Lectures delivered before a Juvenile
Audience at the Royal Institution.
Post 8vo, cloth extra, with numerous

Illustrations, 48, 6d.
Fin-Bec. - The Cupboard

Papers : Observations on the Art of Living and Dining. By Fin-Bec. Post 8vo, cioth limp, 28. 6d. Fitzgerald (Percy), Works by : The Recreations of a Literary Man; or, Does Writing Pay? With Recollections of some Literary Men, and a View of a Literary Man's

Working Life. Cr. 8vo, cloth extra, 68.
The World Behind the Scenes.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 38. 6d.
Little Essays: Passages from tho

Letters of CHARLES LAMB. Post
8vo, cloth limp, 28. 6d.

Francillon (R. E.), Novels by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d.each;

post 8vo, illust. boards, 28. each.
Olympla. | Queen Cophetua.
One by One.
Esther's Glove. Fcap. 8vo, picta:o

cover, 1s. A Real Queen. Three Vols., cr. 8vo. Frere.-Pandurang Hari; or,

Memoirs of a Hindoo. With a Preface by Sir H. BARTLE FRERE, G.C.S.I., &c. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 38. 6d. ; post

8vo, illustrated boards, 28. Friswell.-One of Two: A Novel. By HAIN FRISWELL. Post 8vo, illus.

trated boards, 28. Frost (Thomas), Works by: Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 38. 6d. each. Circus Life and Circus Celebrities. The Lives of the Conjurers. The Old Showmen and the Old

London Fairs. Fry.-Royal Guide to the Lon. don Charities, 1884-5. By Herbert FRY. Showing, in alphabetical order, their Name, Date of Foundation, Address, Objects, Annual Income. Chief Officials, &c. Published Annually.

Crown 8vo, cloth, 18. 6d. [Immediately. Gardening Books: A Year's Work in Garden and Green. house: Practical Advice to Amateur Gardeners as to the Management of the Flower, Fruit, and Frame Garden, By GEORGE GLENNY. Post 8vo, cloth

limp, 23. 6d.
Our Kitchen Garden: The Plants we
Grow, and How we Cook Them.
By TOM JERROLD, Author of "The
Garden that Paid the Rent," &c.

Post 8vo, cloth limp, 28. 6d.
Household Horticulture: A Gossip

about Flowers. By Tom and Jane JERROLD. Illustrated. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 28. 6d. The Garden that Pald the Rent. By Tom JERROLD. Fcap. 8vo, illus

trated cover, 18.; cloth limp, 18. 6d. Garrett.-The Capel Girls: A

Novel. By EDWARD GARRETT. Post 8vo,illust.bds., 28.; cr.8vo, cl.ex., 38. 6d. German Popular Stories. Col

lected by the Brothers Grimm, and Translated by EDGAR TAYLOR. Edited, with an Introduction, by John RUSKIN. With 22 Illustrations on Steel by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. Square 8vo, cloth extra, 68. 6d. gilt edges, 7s.6d.

By Grower, Fruit and Management

Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. each.

Bella Donna. | Never Forgotten.
The Second Mrs. Tillotson.
Seventy-five Brooke Street.

Fletcher's (Giles, B.D.) Com.

plete Poems: Christ's Victorie in Heaven, Christ's Victorie on Earth, Christ's Triumph over Death, and Minor Poems. With Memorial-Introduction and Notes by the Rev. A. B. GROSART, D.D. Cr. 8vo, cloth bds., 68. Fonblanque.-- Filthy Lucre: A Novel. By ALBANY DE FONBLANQUE.

Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. French Literature, History of.

By HENRY VAN LAUN. Complete in 3 Vols., demy 8vo, cl, bds., 78. 68. each.

Gentleman's Magazine (The)

for 1884 One Shilling Monthly. Á New Serial Story, entitled “Philistla," by Cecil Power, is now appearing. " Science Notes," by W. MATTIEU WILLIAMS, F.R.A.S., and “Table Talk," by SYLVANUS URBAN, are also continued monthly. *** Now ready, the Volume for JULY to DECEMBER, 1883, cloth extra, price 83. 60. ; Cases for binding, 28. each. Gibbon (Charles), Novels by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 38. 6d. each;
post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. each,
Robin Gray.
For Lack of Gold.
What will the World Say P
In Honour Bound.
in Love and War.
For the King.
Queen of the Meadow.
In Pastures Green.
The Braes of Yarrow.
The Flower of the Forest.
A Heart's Problem.
Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 29.

The Dead Heart.
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 38. 6d. each.

The Golden Shaft.
Of High Degree.

Fancy-Free. Three Vols., crown 8vo. Gilbert (William), Novels by : Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. each.

Dr. Austin's Guests.
The Wizard of the Mountain.

James Duke, Costermonger. Gilbert (W. S.), Original Plays

by: In Two Series, each complete in itself, price 28. 6d. each.

The FIRST SERIES contains - Tho
Wicked World-Pygmalion and Ga.
latea - Charity - The Princess --The
Palace of Truth-Trial by Jury,

The Second Series contains--Bro-
ken Hearts-Engaged-Sweethearts-
Gretchen-Dan'l Druce-Tom Cobb-
H.M.S. Pinafore-The Sorcerer-Tho

Pirates of Penzance. Glenny.-A Year's Work in Garden and Greenhouse: Practical Advice to Amateur Gardeners as to the Management of the Flower, Fruit, and Frame Garden. By GEORGE GLENNY, Post Svo, cloth limp, 28. Od.

Godwin.-Lives of the Necromancers. By WILLIAN GODWIN.

Post 8vo, cloth limp, 28.
Golden Library, The:
Square 16mo (Tauchnitz size), cloth

limp, 28. per volume. Bayard Taylor's Diversions of the

Echo Club. Bennett's (Dr. W. C.) Ballad History

of England. Bennett's (Dr. W. C.) Songs for

Byron's Don Juan.
Godwin's (William) Lives of the

Holmes's Autocrat of the Break-

fast Table. With an Introduction

by G.A. SALA. Holmes's Professor at the Break.

fast Table. Hood's Whims and Oddltles. Come

plete. All the original Illustrations. Irving's (Washington) Tales of a

Irving's (Washington) Tales of the

Jesse's (Edward) Scenes and Oc-

cupations of a Country Life. Lamb's Essays of Ella. Both Series

Complete in One Vol.
Leigh Hunt's Essays: A Tale for a

Chimney Corner, and other pieces.
With Portrait, and Introduction by

Mallory's (Sir Thomas) Mort

d'Arthur: Tho Stories of King
Arthur and of the Knights of the
Round Table. Edited by B. MONT-
Pascal's Provinclal Letters. A New

Translation, with Historical Intro-
duction and Notes, by T.M'CRIE,D.D.
Pope's Poetical Works. Complete.
Rochefoucauld's Maxims and Moral

Reflections. With Notes, and In

troductory Essay by SAINTE-BEUVE. St. Pierre's Paul and Virginia, and

The Indian Cottage. Edited, with Life, by the Rev. E. CLARKE. Shelley's Early Poems, and Queen

Mab. With Éssay by Leigh HUNT.
Shelley's Later Poems: Laon and

Cythna, &c.
Shelley's Posthumous Poems, the

Shelley Papers, &c.
Shelley's Prose Works, including A

Refutation of Deism, Zastrozzi, St.

Irvyne, &c.
White's Natural History of Sel

borne. Edited, with Additions, by THOMAS BROWN, F.L.S.

Golden Treasury of Thought, | Hall.-Sketches of Irish Cha

The: An ENCYCLOPÆDIA OT Quora racter. By Mrs. S. C. HALL. With TIONS from Writers of all Times and numerous Illustrations on Steel and Countries. Selected and Edited by Wood by MACLISE, GILBERT, HARVEY, THEODORE TAYLOR. Crown 8vo, cloth and G. CRUIKSHANK. Medium 8vo, gilt and gilt edges, 78. 6d.

cloth extra, gilt, 78. 6d. Gordon Cumming (C.F.), Works

Halliday.-Every-day Papers. by:

By ANDREW HALLIDAY. Post 8vo, in the Hebrides. With Autotype Fac

illustrated boards, 28.
simile and numerous full-page Illus-
trations. Demy 8vo, cloth extra,
88. 6.

Handwriting, The Philosophy In the Himalayas. With numerous of. With over 100 Facsimiles and Ex

Illustrations. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, planatory Text. By Don Felix DE 88. 6.

[Shortly. SALAMANCA. Post 8vo, cloth limp,

28. 6d. Graham, - The Professor's

Wife: A Story. By LEONARD GRAHAM. Hanky Panky: A Collection of Fcap. 8vo, picture cover, 18.; cloth Very EasyTricks, Very Difficult Tricks, extra, 28. 6d.

White Magic, Sleight of Hand, &c.

Edited by W. H. CREMER. With 200 Greeks and Romans, The Life

Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, of the, Described from Antique Monu 48. 60, ments. By ERNST GUHL and W. KONER. Translated from the Third German Edition, and Edited by Dr.

Hardy (Lady Duffus). — Paul F. HuEFFER. With 545 Illustrations, Wynter's Sacrifice: A Story. By New and Cheaper Edition, demy 8vo,

Lady DUFFUS HARDY, Post 8vo, illust. cloth extra, 78. 60.

boards, 28. Greenwood (James), Works by: Hardy (Thomas). Under the The Wilds of London. Crown 8vo, Greenwood Tree. By THOMAS HARDY, cloth extra, 3s. 6d.

Author of "Far from the Madding Low-Life Deeps: An Account of the Crowd,” Crown 8vo, cloth extra,

Strange Fish to be Found There. 38. 6d. ; post 8vo, illustrated boards,
Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 38. 6d.

28. Dick Temple: A Novel. Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28.

Haweis (Mrs. H. R.), Works by:

The Art of Dress. With numerous Guyot.-The Earth and Man;

Illustrations. Small 8vo, illustrated or, Physical Geography in its relation

cover, 18.; cloth limp, 18. 6d. to the History of Mankind. By

The Art of Beauty. New and Cheaper ARNOLD GUYOT. With Additions by

Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, Professors AGASSIZ, PIERCE, and GRAY;

with Coloured Frontispiece and Il. 12 Maps and Engravings on Steel,

lustrations, 6s. some Coloured, and copious Index. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 48, 6d.

The Art of Decoration. Square 8vo,

handsomely bound and profusely Hair (The): Its Treatment in Illustrated, 10s. 6d.

Health, Weakness, and Disease. Chaucer for Children: A Golden Translated from the German of Dr.

Key. With Eight Coloured Pictures PINCUS. Crown 8vo, 1s.; cloth, 18. 6d. and numerous Woodcuts. New

Edition, small 4to, cloth extra, 6s. Hake (Dr. Thomas Gordon), Chaucer for Schools. Demy 8vo, Poems by:

cloth limp, 25. 6d. Malden Ecstasy. Small 4to, cloth extra, 88.

Haweis (Rev. H. R.).-American New Symbols. Crown 8vo, cloth

Humorists. Including WASHINGTON extra, 6s.

IRVING, OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, Legends of the Morrow. Crown 8vo,


WANDMARK TWAIN, and BRET HARTE. The Serpent Play. Crown 8vo, cloth By the Rev. H. R. HAWEIS, M.A, extra, 6s.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 68,

Hawthorne (Julian), Novels by. | Hindley (Charles), Works by: Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each;

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each. post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. each.

Tavern Anecdotes and Sayings: In Garth.

cluding the Origin of Signs, anc Ellice Quentin.

Reminiscences connected with Sebastian Strome.

Taverns, Coffee Houses, Clubs, &c.

With Illustrations,
Prince Saroni's Wife.

The Life and Adventures of a Cheap

Jack. By One of the Fraternity, Mrs. Galnsborough's Dlamonds.

Edited by CHARLES HINDLEY. Fcap. 8vo, illustrated cover, 18. ; Holmes (0.Wendell), Works by: cloth extra, 28. 6d.

The Autocrat of the Breakfast. Fortune's Fool. Crown 8vo, cloth

Table. Illustrated by J. GORDON extra, 3s. 60.

THOMSON. Post 8vo, cloth limp, Beatrix Randolph. With Illustrations

28. 6d.; another Edition in smaller by A. FREDERICKS. Crown 8vo, cloth

type, with an Introduction by G. A. extra, 38. 6d.

[Preparing. Sala. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 23. Heath (F. G.). - My Garden

The Professor at the Breakfast. Wild, and What I Grew There. By

rith the Story of Iris. Post

8vo, cloth limp, 28. FRANCIS GEORGE HEATH, Author of “The Fern World," &c. Crown 8vo, Holmes. — The Science of cloth extra, 68.; cloth gilt, and gilt Volce Production and Voice Preseredges, 6s.

vation: A Popular Manual for the

Use of Speakers and Singers. By Helps (Sir Arthur), Works by:

GORDON HOLMES, M.D. Crown 8vo, Animals and their Masters. Post cloth limp, with Illustrations, 28. 6d. 8vo, cloth limp, 28. 6d.

Hood (Thomas); Social Pressure. Post 8vo, cloth limp,

Hood's Choice Works, in Prose and 28. 6d.

Verse. Including the Cream of the Ivan de Biron: A Novel. Crown 8vo, Comic Annuals. With Life of the cloth extra, 3s. 6d.; post 8vo, illus Author, Portrait, and 200 Illustratrated boards, 28.

tions. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 6d. Heptalogia (The); or, The

Hood's Whims and Oddities. Com.

plete. With all the original IllusSeven against 'Sense. A Cap with

trations. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 28. Seven Bells. Cr. 8vo, cloth extra, 68. Herbert.-The Poems of Lord

Hood (Tom), Works by: Herbert of Cherbury. Edited, with

From Nowhere to the North Pole : an Introduction, by J. CHURTON

A Noah's Arkæological Narrative, COLLINS. Crown 8vo, bound in parch

With 25 Illustrations by W. BRUNment, 88.

TON and E. C. BARNES. Square

crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, 68. Herrick's (Robert) Hesperides, A Golden Heart: A Novel. Post 8vo,

Noble Numbers, and Complete Col illustrated boards, 28.
lected Poems. With Memorial-Intro-
duction and Notes by the Rev. A. B.

Hook's (Theodore) Choice Hu. GROSART, D.D., Steel Portrait, Index morous Works, including his Ludiof First Lines, and Glossarial Index, crous Adventures, Bons Mots, Puns and &c. Three Vols., crown 8vo, cloth Hoaxes. With a New Life of the boards, 188.

Author, Portraits, Facsimiles, and

Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, Hesse. Wartegg (Chevalier gilt, 7s.6d. Ernst von), Works by :

Hooper.-The House of Raby : Tunis: The Land and the People.

A Novel By Mrs. George HOOPER. With 22 Illustrations. Crown 8vo,

Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. cloth extra, 38. 6d. The New South-West: Travelling

Horne.- Orion : An Epic Poem, Sketches from Kansas, New Mexico, in Three Books. By RICHARD HenArizona, and Northern Mexico. GIST HORNE. With Photographic With 100 fine Illustrations and Three Portrait from a Medallion by SUMMaps. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, WERS. Tenth Edition, crown 8vo, 148.

[In preparation. cloth extra, 78.

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