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Moncrieff. - The Abdication;

or, Time Tries All. An Historical Drama. By W. D. Scott-MONCRIEFF. With Seven Etchings by JOHN PETTIE, R.A., W. Q. ORCHARDSON, R.A., J. MACWHIRTER, A.R.A., COLIN HUNTER, R. MACBETH, and Tom GRAHAM. Large

4to, bound in buckram, 218. Murray (D. Christie), Novels

by. Crown 8vącloth extra, 38.6d. each; post 8vo, illustrated boards, 29. each. A Life's Atonement. A Model Father. Joseph's Coat. Coals of Fire. By the Gate of the Sea.

Ouida, Novels by. Crown 8vo,

cloth extra, 68. each ; post 8vo, illus

trated boards, 28. each. Held In Bondage. | A Dog of Flanders. Strathmore. Pascarel. Chandos.

Signa. Under Two Flags. In a Winter City. Cecil Castle. Arladne.

maine's Gage. Friendship Idalia.

Moths. Tricotrin.

Pipistrella Puck.

A Village Com. Folle Farine.

mune. TwoLittleWooden Bimbl. Shoes.

lin Maremma.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. Bd. each. Val Strange: A Story of the Primrose

Way. Hearts. , The Way of the World. Three Vols.,

crown 8vo. North Italian Folk. By Mrs.

COMYNS CARR. Illust. by RANDOLPH CALDECOTT. Square 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 6d.

Wanda: A Novel Crown 8vo, cloth

extra, 58. Frescoes: Dramatic Sketches. Crowe

8vo, cloth extra, 108. 6d. Bimbi: PRESENTATION EDITION. Sq. 8vo, cloth gilt, cinnamon edges,

78. 6. Princess Napraxine. Three Vols., crown 8vo.


Wisdom, Wit, and Pathos. Selected

from the Works of OUIDA by F. SYDNEY MORRIS. Small crown 8vo. cloth extra, 68.

Number Nip (Stories about),

the Spirit of the Giant Mountains. Retold for Children by WALTER GRAHAME. With Illustrations by J. MOYR SMITH. Post 8vo, cloth extra, 58.

Page (H. A.), Works by : Thoreau: His Life and Aims: A Study, With a Portrait. Post Svo, cloth

limp, 28. 6d. Lights on the Way: Some Tales with.

in a Tale. By the late J. H. ALEX.. ANDER, B.A. Edited by H. A. PAGE. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

Nursery Hints; A Mother's
Guide in Health and Disease. By N.
E. Davies, L.R.C.P. Crown 8vo, 18. ;
cloth, 18. 6d.
Oliphant. - Whiteladies: A

Novel. With Illustrations by ARTHUR HOPKINS and HENRY WOODS. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 60.; post 8vo,

illustrated boards, 2s. O'Reilly.-.Phoebe's Fortunes :

A Novel. With Illustrations by HENRY Tuck. Post Svo, illustrated boards, 2s.

Pascal's Provincial Letters. A

New Translation, with Historical Introduction and Notes, by T. M'CRIE D.D. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 28.

Paul Ferroll:

Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2. each. Paul Ferroll: A Novel. Why Paul Ferroll Killed His Wife.

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extra, 108. 60.

Paul.-Gentle and simple. By MARGARET AGNES Paul. With a Frontispiece by HELEN PATERSON, Cr. 8vo, cloth extra, 38, 6d. ; post 8vo illustrated boards, 28.

Payn (James), Novels by.
Crown svo, cloth extra, 38. 6d. each;
post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. each.
Lost Sir Massingberd.
The Best of Husbands
Walter's Word.

Fallen Fortunes.
What He Cost Her.
Less Black than We're Painted.
By Proxy. High Spirits.
Under One Roof. ) Carlyon's Year.
A Confidential Agent.
Some Private Views.
From Exile.
A Grape from a Thorn.
For Cash Only.
Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. each.
A Perfect Treasure.
Bentinck's Tutor.
Murphy's Master.
A County Family. / At Her Mercy.
A Woman's Vengeance.
Cecil's Tryst.
The Clyffards of Clyfie.
The Family Scapegrace.
The Foster Brothers.
Found Dead.
Gwendoline's Harvest.
Humorous Stories.
Like Father, Like Son.
A Marine Residence.
Married Beneath Him.
Mirk Abbey,
Not Wooed, but Won.
Two Hundred Pounds Reward.
Kit: A Memory. Crown 8vo, cloth

extra, 38. 6d. The Canon's Ward. Three Vols.,

crown 8vo. Pennell (H. Cholmondeley),

Works by: Post 8vo, cloth limp,

28. 6d. each. Puck on Pegasus. With Illustrations, The Muses of Mayfair. Vers de

Société, Selected and Edited by H.

C, PENNELL. Pegasus Re-Saddled With Ten full

page Illusts. by G. DU MAURIER. Phelps.- Beyond the Gates.

By ELIZABETH STUART PHELPS, Author of “The Gates Ajar." Crown 8yo, cloth extra, 28. 6d. Published by special arrangement with the Author, and Copyright in England and its Dependencies.

Pirkis.-Trooping with Crows :

A Story. By CATHERINE PIRKIS. Fcap. 8vo, picture cover, 18. Planche (J. R.), Works by: The Cyolopædia of Costume; or,

A Dictionary of Dress-Regal, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Military-from the Earliest Period in England to the Reign of George the Third. Including Notices of Contemporaneous Fashions on the Continent, and a General History of the Costumes of the Principal Countries of Europe, Two Vols., demy 4to, half morocco, profusely Illustrated with Coloured and Plain Plates and Woodcuts, £7 78. The Vols, may also be had separately (each complete in itself) at £3 13s. 60. each: Vol. I. THB DICTIONARY. Vol. II. A GENERAL HISTORY OF COSTUME IN EUROPE. The Pursuivant of Arms; or, Heraldry Founded upon Facts. With Coloured Frontispiece and 200 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra,

78. 6d.
Songs and Poems, from 1819 to 1879.

Edited, with an Introduction, by his
Daughter, Mrs. MACKARNESS. Crown

8vo, cloth extra, 68. Play-time : Sayings and Doings

of Babyland. By EDWARD STANFORD. Large 4to, handsomely printed in Colours, 5s. Plutarch's Lives of Illustrious Men. Translated from the Greek, with Notes Critical and Historical, and a Life of Plutarch, by JOHN and WILLIAM LANGHORNE. Two Vols.,

8vo, cloth extra, with Portraits, 108. 6d. Poe (Edgar Allan): The Choice Works, in Prose and Poetry, of EDGAR ALLAN POE. With an Introductory Essay by CHARLES BAUDELAIRE, Portrait and Facsimiles. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 6d. The Mystery of Marle Roget, and other Stories. Post 8vo, illustrated

boards, 28. Pope's Poetical Works. Com

plete in One Volume. Post 8vo, cloth

limp, 28. Price (E. C.), Novels by: Valentina: A Sketch. With a Fron

tispiece by HAL LUDLOW. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 39. 6d. ; post 8vo,

illustrated boards, 28. The Foreigners. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 38. 6d.


cloth extra, 6s.

Proctor (Richd. A.), Works by; | Reade (Charles, D.C.L.), Novels Flowers of the Sky. With 55 Illus by. Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. trations. Small crown 8vo, cloth. each; or crown 8vo, cloth extra, Ilextra, 48. 6d.

lustrated, 38. 6d. each. Easy Star Lessons. With Star Maps Peg Woffington, Illustrated by S. L.

for Every Night in the Year, Draw Fildes, A.R.A. ings of the Constellations, &c. Christie Johnstone. Illustrated by Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

WILLIAM SMALL. Famillar Science Studies. Crown It Is Never Too Late to Mend. 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 6d.

lustrated by G. J. PINWELL. Rough Ways made Smooth: A The Course of True Love Never did Series of Familiar Essays on Scien

run Smooth. Illustrated by HELEN tific Subjects. Cr. 8vo, cloth extra,6s.

PATERSON, Our Place among Infinities : A Series The Autobiography of a Thief: Jack of Essays contrasting our Little

of all Trades; and James Lambert. Abode in Space and Time with the Illustrated by Matt STRETCH. Infinities Around us. Crown 8vo,

Love me Little, Love me Long. Il.

lustrated by M. ELLEN EDWARDS. The Expanse of Heaven: A Series

The Double Marriage. Illustrated of Essays on the Wonders of the Firmament. Cr. 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

by Sir JOHN GILBERT, R.A., and

CHARLES KEENE, Saturn and Its System. New and

The Cloister and the Hearth. IlRevised Edition, with 13 Steel Plates.

lustrated by CHARLES KEENE, Demy 8vo, cloth extra, 10s. 6d. The Great Pyramid: Observatory,

Hard Cash. Illustrated by F. W. Tomb, and Temple. With Illus

LAWSON. trations. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 6s. Griffith Gaunt. Illustrated by S. L. Mysteries of Time and Space. With

FILDES, A.R.A., and Wu, SMALL. Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth Foul Play. Illustrated by GEORGE extra, 78. 6d. .

DU MAURIER, Wages and wants of Science Put Yourself in His Placo. IllusWorkers. Crown 8vo, 13. 6d.

trated by ROBERT BARNES.

A Terrible Temptation. Illustrated Pyrotechnist's Treasury(The); by Edw. HUGHES and A, W. COOPER. or, Complete Art of Making Fireworks.

The Wandering Heir. Illustrated By THOMAS KENTISH, With numerous

by HELEN PATERSON, S. L. FILDES, Illustrations. Cr. 8vo, cl. extra, 43. 6d. A.R.A., CHARLES GREEN, and HENRY Rabelais' Works. Faithfully

WOODS, A.R.A. Translated from the French, with

A Simpleton. Illustrated by KATE variorum Notes, and numerous charac

CRAUFORD. teristic Illustrations by GUSTAVE A Woman-Hater. Illustrated by Doré. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 60.


Readiana. With a Steel Plate Portrait Rambosson.- Popular Astro. of CHARLES READE. nomy. By J. RAMBOSSON, Laureate of the Institute of France. Trans

A New Collection of Storles. In lated by C. B. Pitman. Crown 8vo,

Three Vols., crown 8vo. (Preparing. cloth gilt, with numerous Illustrations,

Riddell (Mrs. J. H.), Novels by: and a beautifully executed Chart of Spectra, 78. 6d.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 38.6d, each;

post 8vo, illustrated boards, 2s. each. Reader's Handbook (The) of

Her Mother's Darling. Allusions, References, Plots, and

The Prince of Wales's Garden Party. Stories. By the Rev. Dr. BREWER. Third Edition, revised throughout, Rimmer (Alfred), Works by: with a New Appendix, containing a Our Old Country Towns. With over COMPLETE ENGLISH BIBLIOGRAPHY.

50 Illusts. Sq. 8vo, cloth gilt, 108. 6d. Crown 8vo, 1,400 pages, cloth extra,

Rambles Round Eton and Harrow. 78. 6d.

50 Illusts. Sq. 8vo, cloth gilt, 108. 6d. Richardson. - A Ministry of About England with Dickens. With Health, and other Papers. By Ben

58 Illustrations by ALFRED RIMMER JAMIN WARD RICHARDSON, M.D., &c. and C. A. VANDERHOOF. Square 8vo, Crowa 8vo, cloth extra, 6s.

cloth gilt, 10s. 60. ·

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Robinson (F. W.), Novels by: Women are Strange. Cr. 8vo, cloth

extra, 3s. 60.; post 8vo, illust. bds., 28. The Hands of Justice. Crown 8vo,

cloth extra, 38. 6d. Robinson (Phil), Works by: i ne Poets' Birds. Crown 8vo, cloth

extra, 78. 60. 'The Poets' Beasts. Crown 8vo, cloth

extra, 78. 6d. [In preparation, Robinson Crusoe : A beautiful

reproduction of Major's Edition, with 37 Woodcuts and Two Steel Plates by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK, choicely printed. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 6d. 100 Large-Paper copies, printed on hand. made paper, with India proots of the

Illustrations, price 36s. Rochefoucauld's Maxims and Moral Reflections. With Notes, and an Introductory Essay by Sainte

Beuve. Post 8vo, cloth limp, 28. Roll of Battle Abbey, The; or,

A List of the Principal Warriors who came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror, and Settled in this Country, A.D. 1066-7. With the principal Arms emblazoned in Gold and Colours. Handsonely printed,

price 5s. Rowley (Hon. Hugh), Works by:

Post 8vo, cloth limp, 28. 6d. each. Punlana: Riddles and Jokes. With

numerous Illustrations. More Puniana. Profusely Illustrated. Russell (Clark).- Round the

Galley-Fire. By W.Clark Russell,
Author of "The Wreck of the

Grosvenor." Cr. 8vo, cloth extra, 68. Sala.-Gaslight and Daylight.

By GEORGE AUGUSTUS SALA. Post 8vo, illustrated boards, 29. Sanson.-Seven Generations

of Executioners: Memoirs of the Sanson Family (1688 to 1847). Edited by Henry SANSON. Crown 8vo, cloth

extra, 38. 6d. Saunders (John), Novels by:

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 3s. 6d. each ;
post 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. each,

Bound to the Wheel.
One Against the World.
Guy Waterman.
The Lion in the Path.
The Two Dreamere.

Science Gossip: An Illustrated Medium of Interchange for Students and Lovers of Nature. Edited by J. E. TAYLOR, F.L.S., &c. Devoted to Geology, Botany, Physiology, Chemistry, Zoology, Microscopy, Telescopy, Phy. siography, &c. Price 4d. Monthly; or 6s. per year, post free. It contains Original Illustrated Articles by the best-known Writers and Workers of the day. A Monthly Summary of Dis. covery and Progress in every department of Natural Science is given, Large space is devoted to Scientific “Notes and Queries,” thus erabling every lover of nature to chronicle his own original observations, or get his special difficulties settled. For active workers and collectors the “Exchange Column” has long proved a well and widely known means of barter and exchange. The column devoted to “ Answers to Correspondents" has been found helpful to students requiring personal help in naming specimens, &c. The Volumes of Science Gossip for the last eighteen years contain an unbroken History of the advancement of Natural Science within that period. Each Number contains a Coloured Plate and numerous Woodcuts. Vols. I. to XIV. may be had at 78. 6d. each; and Vols. XV. to XIX. (1883), at 58. each.

" Secret Out” Series, The :

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, profusely Illustrated, 4s. 6d. each... The Secret Out: One Thousand

Tricks with Cards, and other Recreations; with Entertaining Experiments in Drawing-room or “White Magic." By W. H. CREMER. 300

Engravings. The Pyrotechnist's Treasury; or,

Complete Art of Making Fireworks. By Thomas Kentish. With numerous Illustrations. The Art of Amusing: A Collection of Graceful Arts, Games, Tricks, Puzzles, and Charades. By FRANK BELLEW,

With 300 Illustrations. Hanky Panky: Very Easy Tricks,

Very Difficult Tricks, White Magic,
Sleight of Hand. Edited by W. H.
CREMER. With 200 Illustrations.
The Merry Circle: A Book of New

Intellectual Games and Amusements.
By CLARA BELLEW. With many

Magician's Own Book: Performances

with Cups and Balls, Eggs, Hats,
Handkerchiets, &c. All from actual
Experience. Édited by W. H. CRB.
MER. 200 Illustrations.

STROSART, D Notes to the Poetor

THE "SECRET OUT” SERIES, continued Sheridan's Complete Works, Maglc No Mystery: Tricks with with Life and Anecdotes. Including

Cards, Dice, Balls, &c., with fully bis Dramatic Writings, printed from descriptive Directions; the Art of the Original Editions, his works in Secret Writing; Training of Per Prose and Poetry, Translations, forming Animals, &c. With Co Speeches, Jokes, Puns, &c. With a loured Frontispiece and many Illus Collection of Sheridaniana. Crown trations.

Svo, cloth extra, gilt, with 10 full-page Senior (William), Works by :

Tinted Illustrations, 7s.6d. Travel and Trout in the Antipodes. | Short Sayings of Great Men. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, 68.

With Historical and Explanatory By Stream and Sea. Post 8vo, cloth Notes by SAMUEL A. Bent, M.A. limp, 28. 6d.

Demy 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 6d. Seven Sagas (The) of Prehis. Sidney's (Sir Philip) Complete toric Man. By JAMES H. STODDART, Poetical Works, including all those in Author of “The Village Life." Crown " Arcadia." With Portrait, Memorial. 8vo, cloth extra, 68.

Introduction, Essay on the Poetry of

Sidney, and Notes, ty the Rey, A. B. Shakespeare :

GROSART, D.D. Thiee Vols., crown The First Follo Shakespeare.-MR. 8vo, cloth boards, 188. WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE's Comedies,

Signboards: Histories, and Tragedies. Published

Their History. according to the true Originall Copies.

With Anecdotes of Famous Taverns London, Printed by ISAAC IAGGARD

and Remarkable Characters. By and ED. BLOUNT. 1623.-A Repro

JACOB LARWOOD and JOHN CAMDEN duction of the extremely rare original,

HOTTEN. Crown 8vo, cloth extra in reduced facsimile, by a photogra

with 100 Illustrations, 78. 60. phic process-ensuring the strictest accuracy in every detail, Small 8vo,

Sims (G. R.), Works by: half-Roxburghe, 78. 6d.

How the Poor Live. With 60 Illus The Lansdowne Shakespeare. Beau

trations by FRED. BARNARD. Large tifully printed in red and black, in

4to, 18. small but very clear type. With Horrible London. Reprinted, with engraved facsimile of DROESHOUT'S Additions, from the Daily News. Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth extra, 78. 6d. Large 4to, 6d.

(Shortly. Shakespeare, for Children: Tales

Sketchley.-A Match in the from Shakespeare. By CHARLEJ and MARY LAMB. With numerous

Dark. By ARTHUR SKETCHLEY, Post Illustrations, coloured and plain, by 8vo, illustrated boards, 28. J. MOYR SMITH, Crown 4to, cloth Slang Dictionary, The: Ety. gilt, 68.

mological, Historical, and Anecdotal, The Handbook of Shakespearo

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, 6s. 6d. Music. Being an Account of 350 Pieces of Music, set to Words taken Smith (J. Moyr), Works by: from the Plays and Poems of Shakespeare, the compositions ranging

The Prince of Argolls: A Story of the from the Elizabethan Age to the

Old Greek Fairy Time. By J. MOYR Present Time. By ALFRED ROFFE.

SMITH. Small 8vo, cloth extra, with 4to, half-Roxburghe, 7s.

130 Illustrations, 3s. 61. A Study of Shakespeare. By ALGER

Tales of Old Thule. Collected and NON CHARLES SWINBURNE, Crown

Illustrated by J. MOYR SMITH. 8vo, cloth extra, 8s.

Crown 8vo, cloth gilt, profusely Il

lustrated, 68. Shelley's Complete Works, in The Wooing of the Water Witch :

Four Vols., post Svo, cloth limp, 88.; A Northern Oddity. By EvAN DAL or separately, 28. each. Vol. I. con: DORNE. Illustrated by J. MOYR tains his Early Poems, Queen Mab, Smith. Small 8vo, cloth extra, 6s. &c., with an Introduction by Leigh HUNT; Vol. II., his Later Poems,

South-West, The New: Travel, Laon and Cythna, &c.; Vol. III., ling Sketches from Kansas, New Postbomous Poems, the Shelley Papers, Mexico, Arizona, and Northern Mexico. &c.; Vol. IV., his Prose Works, in. By ERNST VON HESSE-WARTEGG. cluding A Refutation of Deism, Zas. With 100 fine Illustrations and 3 Maps. trozzi, St, Irvyoe, &c.

evo, cloth extra, 149. (In preparations,

TheLane burghe, detail. Somstrictest

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