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We are also indebted to the following Boston Publishers: Messrs. James R. Osgood & Co., whose list of poetical works exceeds any other American house; to Messrs. Roberts Brothers, and Lee and Shepard; to the following Publishers of New York city: Messrs. Harper and Brothers, Robert Carter and Brothers, A. S. Barnes, Clark and Maynard, and D. Appleton & Co.; and to the following London Pub. lishers : Messrs. Macmillan & Co., Strahan & Co., Joseph Masters, James Nisbet, & Co., Bell and Daldy, Smith, Elder & Co., J. T. Hayes, F. S. Ellis, Chapman and Hall, Longmans & Co., Rivingtons, Murray, George Routledge and Sons, and many others.

At the completion of the work we feel like a child who, privileged to range through a large garden of flowers and gather at pleasure, finds his arms full, while yet the tempting blossoms invite him from all sides. Our arms full of fadeless flowers we present, regretting only that limited space would not allow us to secure more.

Like to a bride, come forth, my book, at last,
With all thy richest jewels overcast.
Say, if there be, 'mongst many gems here, one
Deserveless of the name of paragon :
Blush not at all for that, since we have set
Some pearls on queens that have been counterfeit. - Robert Herrick.

NEW YORK, March, 1872.

E. F.


Two numbers connected by a dash indicate the date of birth and death; b. date of birth; d. date of death ; w. date of writing.

ADAM OF ST. VICTOR, France, d. 1192.

BENJAMIN, Park, America, b. 1809. ADAMS, John Quincy, Quincy, Mass., 1767-1848. BERKELEY, Bp. George, Ireland, 1684_1753. ADAMS, Sarah Flower, Cambridge, England, BERNARD, C., England, w. 1870. 1805–1849.

BERNARD, St., of Clairvaux, France, 1091-1153. ADDISON, Joseph, England, 1672-1719.

BERNARD, St., of Cluny, France, w. 1145. AKENSIDE, Mark, England, 1721-1770. BETHUNE, George W., New York City, 1805– AKERS, Mrs. Elizabeth Strong, Me., b. 1832.

1862. ALDRICII, James, America, 1810-1856.

BETHUNE, John, Scotland, 1812-1839. ALDRICH, Thomas Bailey, Portsmouth, New BICKERSTETI, Edward Henry, London, w. 1858. Hampshire, 6. 1836.

BLACKLOCK, Thomas, Scotland, 1721-1791. ALEXANDER, Cecil Francis, Ireland, 20. 1858. BLACKMORE, Sir Richard, England, 1654–1739. ALEXANDER, J. Addison, America, 1809-1859. BLAIR, Robert, Scotland, 1699-1746. ALEXANDER, James W., America, 1804–1859. BLAKE, William, England, 1757-1828. ALEYN, Charles, England, d. 1640.

BOGART, Elizabeth, New York City. ALFORD, Henry, England, 1810-1871.

BOKER, George Henry, Philadelphia, Penn., ALGER, William Rounseville, Freetown, Mass 6. 1824. achusetts, 6. 1823.

BOLTON, Sarah T., Ohio, w. 1860. ALLEN, G. N., u. 1852.

BONAR, Fioratius, Scotland, 6. 1808. ALLINGHAM, William, Ireland, w. 1860. BONAVENTURA, John, Italy, 1221-1274. ALLIS, A. T., America, w. 1865.

BORTHWICK, Jane, England, w. 1860. ALLSTON, Washington, Georgetown, South Car- BOURNE, Vincent, England, d. 1747. olina, 1779–1843.

BOWLES, William Lisle, England, 1762-1850. ANACREON, Greece, d. 476 B.C.

Bowly, Mary, England, w. 1847. ANATOLIUS, St., Constantinople, d. 458. BOWRING, Sir John, England, 6. 1792. ANGELO, Michael, Italy, 1474-1563.

BRAINARD, John G. C., New London, ConnectiARIOSTO, Ludovico, Italy, 1474–1553.

cut, 1796–1828. ARMSTRONG, John, England, 1709-1779. BRANDON, Samuel, England, w. 1598. ARNDT, Ernest Moritz, Germany, 1769–1866. BREITHAUPT, J. J., Germany, 1658-1732. ARNOLD, Matthew, England, 6. 1822.

BRONTE, Anne, England, d. 1848. ATKINSON, Mary E., America, w. 1868.

BRONTE, Charlotte, England, 1824-1855. AUBER, Harriet, England, 1773-1862.

BROOKS, Charles T., Salem, Mass., 6. 1813. AUSTIN, John, England, w. 1668.

BROOKS, Maria, Medford, Mass., 1795–1845. AYTOUN, William Edmondstoune, Scotland, BROOKS, Mary E., New York City, u. 1829. 1813-1865.

BROWNE, T. B., England, w. 1844.

BROWN, Frances, Ireland, 1818–1864. BACON, William T., America.

BROWN, Mary Anne, England, 1812–1844. BAILEY, Phillip James, England, b. 1816. BROWN, Thomas, Scotland, 1778–1820. BAILLIE, Joanna, Scotland, 1763-1851. BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett, London, 1809– BALL, William, England, w. 1641.

1861. BALLY, George, England, w. 1750.

BROWNING, Robert, England, 6. 1812. BARBAULD, Anna Lætitia, England, 1743-1825. BRUCE, Michael, Scotland, 1746-1767. BARING-GOULD, England, w. 1870.

BRYANT, William Cullen, Cummington, Mass., BARKER, James N., Philadelphia, U. S.

b. 1797. BARNES, William, England, c. 1865.

BUCHANAN, Hamilton, Scotland. BARNFIELD, Richard, England, 1574-1606. BUCHANAN, Robert, Scotland, 6. 1835. BARTON, Bernard, England, 1784–1849. BUNGAY, George W., America, w. 1870. BATES, David, America, 6. 1820.

BUNYAN, John, England, 1628–1688. BAXTER, Richard, England, 1615–1691. BURGER, Gottfried August, Germany, 1747BEATTIE, James, Scotland, 1735-1803.

1794. BEAUMONT, Francis, England, 1586–1616. BURGESS, Bp. George, America, b. 1809. BEDDOME, Benjamin, England, 1717-1795. BURLEIGII, William H., New York, 6. 1812. BEDELL, C. C., America, w. 1871.

BURLEIGH, George S., America, b. 1821. BEECHER, Esther C., America, 6. 1800. BURNS, Robert, Scotland, 1759-1796. BELL, John Cross, England, w. 1869.

BURTON, John, England, w. 1840. BEMBO, Pietro, Italy, 1470-1547.

BUTLER, Samuel, England, 1612-1680.

BUTLER, William Allen, America, 6. 1825. DAWES, Rufus, America, 6, 1803.
BYRAM, John, England, 1691-1763.

DENNAM, Sir John, England, 1615-1668. BYRON, George Gordon, Lord, Eng., 1788–1824. DERZHAVIN, Gabriel Romanowitch, Russia,

1743-1816. CAMPBELL, Thomas, Scotland, 1777-1844. DE VERE, Aubrey, Ireland, 6. 1814. CANITZ, Baron Von, Germany, 1654-1699. DEWART,' Edward' Hartly, Canada, w. 1869. CAREW Lady Elizabeth, England, w. 1613. DICKENS, Charles, England, 1812-1870. CARMICILAEL, Sarah, Utah, w. 1865.

DICKSON, David, England, 1583-1662. CARY, Alice, Ohio, 1820-1871.

| Dix, John A., New York, w. 1863. CARY, Phæbe, Ohio, 1825-1871.

| DIMOND, William, England, 1800-1837. CASWALL, Edward, England, w. 1849.

DINNIES, Anna Peyre, America, b. 1810. CAUNTER, J. H., England, 1794–1852.

DOANE, Bp. George W., 1799-1858. CENNICK, John, England, 1717-1755.

DOBELL, Sydney, England, 6. 1824. CHANDLER, C. M., England, w, 1860.

DODDRIDGE, Philip, England, 1702–1751. CHAPMAN, George, England, 1557–1634. | DRUMMOND, William, Scotland, 1585–1640. CHAPMAN, L. M., England.

DRYDEN, John, England, 1631-1700. CHATTERTON, Thomas, England, 1752-1770. DUNN, R. P., America, 1825-1867. CHAUCER, Geoffrey, England, 1328-1400. DURYEA, William Rankin, America, CHELLIS, Mary D., America, w. 1870.

Dwigat, John Sullivan, America, b. 1813. CHESTER, J. L., America, w. 1840.

| DWIGHT, Timothy, Northampton, Mass., 1752– CHURCHILL, Charles, England, 1741-1764.

1817. CLARE, John, England, 1793-1864.

DYER, John, England, 1700–1758.
CLARK, Luella, America, w. 1860.
CLARK, Willis G., America, 1810-1841.

EASTBURNE, James Wallis, America, 1797-1819. CLINCII, J. H., America.

EASTMAN, Charles Gamage, Burlington, VerCLIVE, Caroline, Ireland, 1711-1785.

mont, 1816-1861.
CLOUGH, Arthur Hugh, England, 1819-1861. EDMESTON, James, England, 1791-1867.
COE, Richard, Jr., America, 6. 1830.

COLERIDGE, Hartley, England, 1796–1849. ELLIOTT, Charlotte, England, w. 1836.
COLERIDGE, Samuel Taylor, Eng., 1772–1834. ELWOOD, Thomas, England, 1639–1713.
COLLINS, Annie, England, b. 1627.

EMBURY, Emma C., New York City, b. 1807.
COLLINS, William, England, 1720-1756. EMERSON, Ralph Waldo, Boston, Mass., b. 1803.
COLLYER, William Bengo, England, 1782-1854. EPHRÆM SYRUS, Greek, d. 378.
COLMAN, George, England, 1762-1836.

ERSKINE, Ralph, Scotland, 1685-1752. COLTON, Caleb C., England, d. 1832.

ESLING, Mrs. Catherine H., Philadelphia, PennCOLTON, George H., America, 1818-1847.

sylvania, b. 1812. CONDER, Josiah, England, 1789-1855.

EURIPIDES, Greece, 481-406 B.C.
CONGREVE, William, England, 1670-1829.
Cook, Eliza, London, 6. 1817.

FABER, Frederick William, England, 1815-1863. COOPER, Ceorge, New York City, w. 1868. FALCONER, William, Scotland, 1730-1769. COSMAS, Greek, third century.

FARMER, Silas, America, w. 1860. COTTON, Nathaniel, England, 1721-1788. FARNINGHAM, Marianne, England. COWLEY, Abraham, England, 1618-1667. FITZARTHUR. COWPER, William, England, 1731-1800. FLETCHER, Giles, England, 1550-1610. COXE, Arthur Cleveland, Bp., America, b. 1818. FLETCHER, John, England, 1576-1625. Cox, Frances Elizabeth, England, w. 1841. FLETCHER, Phineas, England, 1584-1650. CRABBE, George, England. 1754–1832.

FOLLEN, Mrs. Eliza L., Boston, Mass., w. 1839. CRAIG, Isabella, England, w. 1856.

FORD, John, England, 1586–1639.
CBAIK, Dinah Maria Muloch, Eng., 6. 1826. | FORTUNATUS, Venantius, Italy, 530-609.
CRANCII, C. P., Alexandria, D. C., b. 1813. FOSTER, F. W.
CRASHAW, Richard, England, 1600-1650. FRIEDRICII, Jean, Germany.
CREECH, Thomas, England, 1659-1701.

FROTHINGILAM, N. L., America, w. 1860.
CREWDSON, Jane, England, w. 1860.

FROWDE, Philip, England, d. 1738.
CROLY, George, Ireland, 1780–1860.

FRY, Caroline, England, 1787–1846.
CROSSMAN, Samuel, England, w. 1664.
CROWN, John, Nova Scotia, w. 1675.

GALLAHER, William D., America, b. 1808. CUNNINGHAM, Allan, Scotland, 1784–1842. GARRISON, William Lloyd, America, b. 1805. .CURRY, Otway, America, 1804–1855.

GARTH, Samuel, England, d. 1719. CUTTER, William, America, b. 1801.

GASCOIGNE, George, England, 1540-1577.

GATES, Ellen H., America, w. 1860. DACH, Simon, Germany, 1605–1659.

GAY, John, England, 1688–1732. DALE, Thomas, England, 6. 1797.

GELLERT, Chr. Fürchtegott, Germany, 1715Dana, Richard Henry, Cambridge, Massachu. 1769. setts, b. 1787.

GERHARDT, Paul, Germany, 1606–1676. DANIEL, Samuel, England, 1562–1619.

GIBBONS, Thomas, England, 1720-1785. DANTE, 'Alighieri, Florence, 1265-1321.

GILL, George. DARWIN, Erasmus, England, 1731-1802. GILL, Thomas H., England, w. 1860. DAVENANT, Sir W., England, 1605-1668. GLEIM, Johann Ludwig, Germany, b. 1719. DAVENPORT, Christopher, England, 1598-1680. GLYNN, Robert, England, d. 1800. DAVIES, Sir John, England, 1570-1660.

GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang von, Germany, Davis, Thomas, Ireland, 1814–1845.


GOLDSMITI, Oliver, Ireland, 1725-1774. | JOHNSON, Samuel, England, 1709-1784.
GOULD, Hannah F., Lancaster, Vt., b. 1792. JONES, Sir William, England, 1746–1794.
GRAHAM, James, Scotland, 1612-1650.

JONSON, Ben, England, 1574–1637.
GRAHAME, James, Scotland, 1785-1838. JUDSON, Adoniram, America, 1788–1850.
GRANT, Sir Robert, Scotland, 1785-1838. JUDSON, Emily C., America, 1817-1854.
GRAY, Barry.

JUVENAL, Decimus J., Italy, 40-120.
GRAY, David, England, 1838-1861.
GRAY, Thomas, England, 1716-1771.

KEACII, B., England, 1640–1704.
GREENE, Robert, England, 1560–1592.

KEATS, John, England, 1796-1821. GREENWELL, Dora, America, w. 1860.

KEBLE, John, England, 1790–1866. GREGORY TIE GREAT, Italy, 540-604.

KELLY, Thomas, England, 6. 1805. GRIGG, Joseph, England, d. 1768.

KEMBLE, Frances Anne, England, b. 1811. GRINFIELD, Thomas, England, u. 1836. KEN, Bishop Thomas, England, 1637-1711. GURNEY, John Hampden, England, 1802-1862. KIMBALL, Harriet McEwen, America. GUYON, Jeanne de la Mothe, France, 1648-1717. KING, Henry (Bishop), England, 1591-1669.

KINGSLEY, Charles, England, 6. 1819. HAFIZ, Shiraz, Persia, d. 1389.

KIRBY, Mary F., America, w. 1860. HALE, Mrs. Sarah J., America, 6. 1796.

KNOWLES, James Sheridan, Ireland, 6. 1784. HALLECK, Fitz-Greene, Guilford, Ct., 1795-1869. Knox, William, Scotland, 1789-1825. HARRIS, Thomas L., America, b. 1830

KOSGARTEN, Ludwig T., 1758-1818. HART, Joseph, England, 1712-1768.

KRAUTII, Charles P., Pennsylvania.
HARTSOUGII, L., America, w. 1860.

KRUMMACHER, Germany, 1774–1837.
HARVEY, Christopher.
HASKELL, Jefferson, America, w. 1865.

LAMB, Charles, England, 1775-1834.
HASTINGS, H. L., America, u. 1860.

LANDOR, Walter Savage, England, 1775-1864. HASTINGS, Thomas, America, h. 1790.

LANGE, Ernst, Germany, b. 1711. HAVARD, William, England, 1710-1778.

LARCOM, Lucy, America, w. 1865. HAYES, Samuel, England, w. 1775.

LATROBE, John A., England, w. 1837. HEATI, Robert, England, b. 1625.

LAYARD, C. P., England, d. 1803. HEBER, Bp. Reginald, England, 1723-1826. LEE, Nathaniel, England, 1658–1692. HEERMAN, Johann, Germany, b. 1630.

LEGGETT, William, America, 1802-1840. HEMANS, Felicia Dorothea, England, 1794–1835. LEONIDAS OF ALEXANDRIA, Greek, 59-129. HENTZ, Caroline Lee, America, w. 1835. LESLIE, Mary, England, w. 1860. HERBERT, George, Wales, 1593–1632.

LETTICE, John, England, 1737-1832. HERRICK, Robert, England, 1591-1674,

LILLO, George, England, 1693–1739. HERVEY, Thomas Kibble, England, 1799-1859. LILLY, John, England, 1554-1600. HEY, John, England, 1734-1815.

LIST, Harriet w., America, b. 1824. HEYWOOD, Thomas, England, 1600-1649. LITTLE, Mrs. Sophia L., Newport, R. I., 6. 1799. HILLHOUSE, Augustus L., America, 1792-1859. LITTLEWOOD, W. E., America, w. 1865. Hill, Thomas, New Brunswick, N. J., 6. 1818. LLOYD, Elizabeth, Philadelphia, w. 1848. HODDER, Edwin, England, w. 1863.

LOCKE, Una, America, w. 1860. HODGSON, William, England, d. 1793.

LOCKHART, John Gibson, Scotland, 1792–1854. HOFFMAN, Charles F., America, 6. 1806. LOGAN, John, Scotland, 1748–1788. HOGG, Thomas, England, w. 1811.

LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth, Portland, HOLFORD, Mrs. M., England, w. 1798.

Maine, 6. '1807. HOLLAND, Josiah Gilbert, Belchertown, Mass., LOUD, Mrs. Margaret St. Leon, Philadelphia 6. 1819.

LOWELL, James Russell, Cambridge, Mass., b. HOLMES, Oliver Wendell, Cambridge, Mass., b. 1819. 1809.

LOWTII (Bp)., Robert, England, 1710-1788. HOLMES, W., England.

LUCRETIUS, Titus Carus, Italy, 95-55 B.C. HOMER, Greece, B.C. 950.

LUKE, Mrs. J., England, 2. 1850. HOOD, Thomas, England, 1798-1845.

LUTIER, Martin, Germany, 1483-1546. HOOPER, Lucy, America, 1770-1841.

LYNCH, A. C., America, w. 1855. HORACE, Italy, B.C. 65-8

LYTE, Henry Francis, England, 1793–1847. HORNE, Bp. George, England, 1730-1792. LYTTLETON, Lord George, England, 1708-1773. HOWARD, Sir Robert, England, 1626–1698: |LYTTON, Lord Edward Bulwer, England, b. HOWE, Júlia Ward, New York, 6. 1819.

1805. HOWITT, Mary, England, b. 1800,

LYTTON, Robert Bulwer, England, 6. 1831. Hoyt, Ralph, America, b. 1812. HUNT, Leigh, England, 1784-1859.

MACHEN. HUNTER, William, America, w. 1840.

MACKAY, Charles, Scotland, 6. 1812. HUNTINGDON, John, England.

MACKAY, Margaret, w. 1832. HURDIS, James, England, 1763-1801.

MACKINTOSH, J. HURN, William, England, w. 1813.

MADDEN, Samuel, Ireland, 1687-1765.

MALAN, C., Switzerland, d. 1857. INGELOW, Jean, England, w. 1863.

MANGAN, James C., England, w. 1845.

MANRIQUE, Jorge, Spain, d. 1479. JENNER, Charles, England, 1737-1774.

MANT, Richard, Bp., England, 1776-1848. JEWSBURY, Maria J., England, 1800-1833. MANZONI, Alessandro, Italy, b. 1784. JOHN OF DAMASCUS, 9th century.

MARSDEN, England, 1754-1836. JOANS.

| MARTIN, Theodore, England, w. 1838.

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MARVEL, Andrew, England, 1620-1678. PROCTER, Adelaide Anne, England, 1826–1864. MASON, John, England, w. 1683.

PROCTER, Bryan W., England, 6. 1798. MASSEY, Gerald, England, b. 1828.

| PROCTOR, Edna Dean, America, w. 1870. MASSIE, Richard, England, w. 1854.

PRUDENTIUS, Clement, Italy, b. 1650.
MASSINGER, Philip, England, 1584-1640. PUNSHON, William Morley, England, w. 1867.
MASTERS, Mary, England, w. 1758.
MATURIN, Charles R., England, 1782-1824. QUARLES, Francis, England, 1592–1644.
MAY, Thomas, England, 1595-1650.
McCHEYNE, Robert Murray, Scotland, d. 1843. RAFFLES, Thomas, England, 1788–1863.
MCKELLAR, Thomas, America, b. 1812. RAGG, T., England, 6. 1808.
MEDLEY, Samuel, England, 1738-1799.

RALEIGII, Sir Walter, England, 1552-1618. MELENDEZ, Valdéz Juan, Spain, 1754-1817. RANDOLPII, Thomas, England, '1005–1634. MERCER, Margaret, America, 1791–1847. RASCAs, Bernard, Provence, France. MIDDLETON, Thomas, England, 1570–1627. READ, Thomas Buchanan, Chester, Pa., b. MILLS, Elizabeth, America.

1822. MILMAN, Henry Hart, England, 1791-1868. RICIIARDSON, Mrs., England, w. 1808. MILTON, John, England, 1608_1674.

RIPPON, John, England, w. 1844. MITCHELL, J. K., America, 6. 1798.

Rist, Johann, Germany, 1607-1667. MONSELL, John S. B., England, 20. 1837-1870. ROBERTSON, W. B., America. MONTGOMERY, James, Scotland, 1771-1854. ROBINSON, Robert, Scotland, 1735-1790. MOORE, Thomas, Ireland, 1779-1852.

RODIGAST, S., Germany, b. 1650. MORE, Hannah, England, 1745-1833.

ROGERS, Samuel, England, 1763-1855. MORRIS, George P., Phila., Pa., 1802-1864. ROLLS, Mrs. Henry, England, w. 1815. MORRIS, William, England, u. 1871,

Roscoe, William, England, 1753-1831. MOULTRIE, G., England, U. 1868.

ROSSETTI, Christina G., England, w. 1870. MÖWES, Heinrich, Germany, 10. 1813.

ROSSETTI, Dante Gabriel, England, w. 1870. MUEHLENBERG, W. A., New York City, w. 1826. ROWE, Nicholas, England, 1673–1718. MUELLER, Wilhelm, Germany, 1794–1827. RUCKERT, Friedrich, Germany, d. 1867. MURRAY, Robert.

RYAN, Richard, Scotland, 18th century.

RYLAND, John, England, 1753-1825.
NABB, Thomas, England, d. 1645.
NEALE, Alice B., America, b. 1823.

SAADI, Sheik Moslih Edden, Persia, 13th NEALE, John Mason, England, 1818-1866.

century. NEWMAN, John Henry, England, b. 1801. Sachs, Hans, German, 1494-1578. NEWTON, John, England, 1725-1807.

SAXE, John Godfrey, Highgate, Vt., 6. 1816. NICOLL, Robert, Scotland, 1814–1837.

SCIIILLER, Johann C., Friedrich, Würtemburg, NOEL, Baptist W., England, b. 1799.

1759-1805. NOEL, Thomas, England, 1841.

SCHIMOLKE, B., Germany, 1731. NORTON, Caroline E. S., England, 6. 1808. Scott, James, Scotland, 1733-1814.

Scott, Sir Walter, Scotland, 1771-1832. OLIVERS, Thomas, England, 1725-1799. SCRANTOM, E., America, u. 1850. ORMSBY, A. S., England, w. 1871.

SCUDDER, Eliza, America, . 1865. ORNE, C. F., America.

SEAGRAVE, Robert, England, b. 1693. OSGOOD, Frances Sargent, Boston, Mass., 1812 SEARS, Edmund H., America, 6. 1810. 1850.

SEIDEL, Germany. OVID, Sulmo, Italy, 6. 43 B.C.


SENECA, L. A., Corduba, Spain, 1-65. PALMER, Phæbe, New York City, 6, 1807. | SHAKESPEARE, William, England, 1564-1616. PALMER, Ray, America, 6. 1808.

SIIARPE, R. S., England, 1759-1835. PATTERSON, S. D., America, w. 1860.

SHEA, John Augustus, Ireland. PAULIN, George, America.

SHELLEY, Percy Bysshe, England, 1792–1822. PAYNE, John Howard, New York City, 1792- | SHERIDAN, R. B., Ireland, 1751-1816. 1852.

SHIRLEY, James, England, 1591–1666. PERCIVAL, James Gates, Berlin, Conn., 1795– SHIRLEY, Walter, England, 1725-1786.

SIDNEY, Sir Philip, England, 1554_1586. PERKINS, J. H., America, u. 1860.

SIGOURNEY, Lydia H., America, 1791–1865. PERSIUS, Flaccus Aulus, Italy, 34–62.

SKELTON, John, England, 1485-1529. PETER DAMIANI, St., Italy, 1002-1072. SMART, Christopher, England, 1722-1770. PETER, William, England, d. 1853.

SMITI, Charitie Lees, Ireland, w. 1868. PHILIPS, Catherine, London, 1631-1664. SMITH, Dirk, Holland, 1702–1752. PIERCE.

SMITI, Elizabeth Oakes, America, 6. 1806.
PIERPONT, John, Litchfield, Conn., 1785–1866. SMITH, Horace, England, 1778–1840.
PLETTENBAUS, Louisa Von, Germany.

SMITII, S. F., America, 6. 1805.
Poe, Edgar Allan, Baltimore, Md., 1811-1849. SMITI, Sydney, England, 1771-1845.
POLLARD, Josephine, New York City, w. 1870. SMITII, William, England, 1711-1787.
POLLOK, Robert, Scotland, 1799–1827.

SMOLLETT, Tobias, England, 1721-1771.
POPE, Alexander, England, 1688-1744. SOUTHEY, Caroline Bowles, England, 1787-
PORTEUS, Bishop Beilby, England, 1731–1808. 1854.
PRIEST, Nancy A. W., America, 1834–1870. SOUTHEY, Robert, England, 1774–1843.
PRINCE, P., England,

SPENCER, William Robert, England, 1770-1834 PRIOR, Matthew, England, 1664-1721. ISPENSER, Edmund, England, 1553-1599.


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