Battle Cries and Lullabies: Women in War from Prehistory to the Present

University of Oklahoma Press, 11/07/2014 - 432 páginas

In this groundbreaking work, which covers thousands of years and spans the globe, Linda Grant De Pauw depicts women as victims and as warriors; as nurses, spies, sex workers, and wives and mothers of soldiers; as warrior queens leading armies into battle; and as baggage carriers marching in the rear.

Beginning with the earliest archaeological evidence of warfare and ending with the dozens of wars in progress today, Battle Cries and Lullabies demonstrates that warfare has always and everywhere involved women. Following an introductory chapter on the questions raised about women’s participation in warfare, the book presents a documented, chronological survey linked to familiar models of military history.

De Pauw provides historical context for current public policy debates over the role of women in the military. "Whether one applauds or deplores their presence and their actions, women have always been part of war. To ignore this fact grossly distorts our understanding of human history."


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BATTLE CRIES AND LULLABIES: Women in War from Prehistory to the Present

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As president of an institute devoted to promoting women's military studies, De Pauw (History/George Washington Univ.) is clearly enthralled with women's place in military history. Unfortunately, very ... Ler crítica na íntegra

Battle cries and lullabies: women in war from prehistory to the present

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In a work infused with meticulous citations and presented in a logical chronology, De Pauw (history, George Washington Univ.; Seafaring Women, 1982) covers thousands of years and spans the globe to ... Ler crítica na íntegra


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One Hundred Thousand Years of Peace
The Greeks DiscoverWar The PersianEmpire
The RiseofMacedon Alexander theGreat The Roman WayofWar
The Mongol Invasion
The Thirty YearsWar Women Soldiers CHAPTERFIVE THEAGEOF
Indian Wars The American Revolution
The Boer War American Overseas Imperialism
American Women
Women Remember
The UnitedStates Japan
World War II and Historical Memory
The AllVolunteer Military
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The New World African Warrior Women

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Linda Grant De Pauw is President of the Minerva Center (an institution dedicated to studies of women in the military) and Professor Emeritus of History at George Washington University. She is the author of Founding Mothers: Women of America in the Revolutionary Era, “Remember the Ladies”: Women in America, 1750-1815, and Seafaring Women.

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