Irish-American History of the United States, Volume 1

P. Murphy, 1907 - 677 páginas
Canon John O'Hanlon was principally a religious writer who compiled volumes of the lives of Irish saints, folklore and mythology. His "Irish-American History of the United States" offers an unusual perspective on American history and contains plentiful maps with portraits of founders, generals and presidents of the United States.

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Página 220 - The names and places of their nativity being taken down, I can answer the question with precision. — There were scarcely one-fourth natives of America; — about one-half Irish, — the other fourth were English and Scotch.* Q.
Página 136 - And tall, and strong, and swift of foot, were they, Beyond the dwarfing city's pale abortions, Because their thoughts had never been the prey Of care or gain : the green woods were their portions ; No sinking spirits told them they grew gray ; No fashion made them apes of her distortions ; Simple they were, not savage ; and their rifles, Though very true, were not yet used for trifles.
Página 237 - ... sincere grief for having done, written, or said any thing disagreeable to your Excellency. My career will soon be over ; therefore justice and truth prompt me to declare my last sentiments. You are in my eyes the great and good man. May you long enjoy the love, veneration, and esteem of these States, whose liberties you have asserted by your virtues.
Página 27 - A True Relation of such occurrences and accidents of noate as hath hap'ned in Virginia since the first planting of that Collony which is now resident in the South part thereof, till the last returne from thence.
Página 278 - The treatment, in general, that we have received from the enemy since our surrender has been perfectly good and proper, but the kindness and attention that has been shown to us by the French officers in particular — their delicate sensibility of our situation — their generous and pressing offer of money, both public and private, to any amount — has really gone beyond what I can possibly describe, and will, I hope, make an impression on the breast of every British officer, whenever the fortune...
Página 179 - An Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes who traversed the Wilderness in the Campaign against Quebec in 1775.
Página 85 - Resolved^ That the imposing and levying of any moneys upon her majesty's subjects of this colony, under any pretence or colour whatsoever, without consent in general assembly, is a grievance and a violation of the people's property.
Página 69 - Wonders of the Invisible World, being an account of the Trials of several Witches lately executed in New England, and of the several remarkable curiosities therein occurring.
Página 238 - The History of the United States of North America, from the Plantation of the British Colonies till their Revolt and Declaration of Independence.

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