The Cambridge Economic History of the Greco-Roman World

Walter Scheidel, Ian Morris, Richard P. Saller
Cambridge University Press, 29/11/2007 - 942 páginas
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Introduction / Ian Morris, Richard Saller and Walter Scheidel. -- Part I. Determinants of Economic Performance. Ecology / Robert Sallares ; Demography / Walter Scheidel ; Household and gender / Richard Saller ; Law and economic institutions / Bruce W. Frier and Dennis P. Kehoe ; Technology / Helmuth Schneider. -- Part II. Early Mediterranean Economies and the Near East. The Aegean Bronze Age / John Bennet ; Early Iron Age Greece / Ian Morris ; The Early Iron Age in the western Mediterranean / Michael Dietler ; Archaic Greece / Robin Osborne ; The Persian Near East / Peter R. Bedford. -- Part III. Classical Greece. Classical Greece: production / John K. Davies ; Classical Greece: distribution / Astrid Moller ; Classical Greece: consumption / Sitta von Reden. -- Part IV. The Hellenistic States. The Hellenistic Near East / Robartus J. van der Spek ; Hellenistic Egypt / Joseph G. Manning ; Hellenistic Greece and western Asia Minor / Gary Reger. -- Part V. Early Italy and the Roman Republic. Early Rome and Italy / Jean-Paul Morel ; The Late Republic / William V. Harris. -- Part VI. The Early Roman Empire. The early Roman empire: production / Dennis P. Kehoe ; The early Roman empire: distribution / Neville Morley ; The early Roman empire: consumption / Willem M. Jongman ; The early Roman empire: the state and the economy / Elio Lo Cascio. -- Part VII. Regional Development in the Roman Empire. The western provinces / Philippe Leveau ; The eastern Mediterranean / Susan E. Alcock ; Roman Egypt / Dominic W. Rathbone ; The frontier zones / David Cherry. -- Part VIII. Epilogue. transition to late antiquity / Andrea Giardina

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Acerca do autor (2007)

Walter Scheidel is Dickason Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Classics and History at Stanford University. His publications include Measuring Sex, Age and Death in the Roman Empire (1996), Death on the Nile: Disease and the Demography of Roman Egypt (2001) and, as editor, Debating Roman Demography (2001) and The Ancient Economy (2002, with Sitta von Reden).

Ian Morris is Jean and Rebecca Willard Professor of Classics and Professor of History at Stanford University and directs Stanford's excavation at Monte Polizzo, Sicily. His publications include The Greeks: History, Culture, and Society (2005, with Barry Powell) and The Ancient Economy: Evidence and Models (2005, with Joe Manning).

Richard Saller is Kleinheinz Family Professor of European Studies and Professor of Classics and History and the Vernon R. and Lysbeth Warren Anderson Dean of the School of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University. His publications include Personal Patronage under the Early Empire (Cambridge, 1982) and Patriarchy, Property and Death in the Roman Family (Cambridge, 1994) and he is co-author of The Roman Empire: Economy, Society and Culture (1987).

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