The Romantic Generation, Volume 1

Harvard University Press, 01/01/1995 - 723 páginas
What Charles Rosen's celebrated book The Classical Style did for music of the Classical period, this new, much awaited volume brilliantly does for the Romantic era. An exhilarating exploration of the musical language, forms, and styles of the Romantic period, it captures the spirit that enlivened a generation of composers and musicians, and in doing so it conveys the very sense of Romantic music. In readings uniquely informed by his performing experience and amplified by examples on an accompanying CD, Rosen offers consistently acute and thoroughly engaging analyses of works by Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Bellini, Liszt, and Berlioz, and he presents a new view of Chopin as a master of polyphony and large-scale form. He adeptly integrates his observations on the music with reflections on the art, literature, drama, and philosophy of the time, and thus shows us the major figures of Romantic music within their intellectual and cultural context. Rosen covers a remarkably broad range of music history and considers the importance to nineteenth-century music of other cultural developments: the art of landscape, a changed approach to the sacred, the literary fragment as a Romantic art form. He sheds new light on the musical sensibilities of each composer, studies the important genres from nocturnes and songs to symphonies and operas, explains musical principles such as the relation between a musical idea and its realization in sound and the interplay between music and text, and traces the origins of musical ideas prevalent in the Romantic period. Rich with striking descriptions and telling analogies, Rosen's overview of Romantic music is an accomplishment without parallel in theliterature, a consummate performance by a master pianist and music historian.

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Author/teacher/concert pianist Rosen delivers a monumental follow-up to his award-winning The Classical Style (not reviewed), here concentrating on the generation of European composers who ``came of ... Ler crítica na íntegra

The romantic generation

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This logical and long-awaited sequel to Rosen's award-winning The Classical Style: Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven (LJ 5/15/71) once again demonstrates the author's extraordinary insights. Rosen explains and ... Ler crítica na íntegra


one Music and Sound
the absent melody 7 Classical
The Fragment as Romantic form 48 Open and closed 51 Words
the melody suppressed
Horn calls 116 Landscape and music 124 Landscape and the double time
four Formal Interlude
Fourbar phrases
Counterpoint and the Narrative Forms
the distraction of influence 474
Sonnet no 104 517 SelfPortrait as Don Juan
Liberation from the Central European Tradition
the idee
ten Mendelssohn and the Invention of Religious Kitsch
Mastering Beethoven 569 Transforming Classicism 582 Classical form and mod
Politics Trash and High
Politics and melodrama 599 Popular art 602 Bellini 60S Meyerbeer

Poetic inspiration and craft 279 Counterpoint and the single line 285 Narrative
Keyboard exercises 361 Virtuosity and decoration salon music? 383 Morbid
From the Miniature Genre to the Sublime Style
Folk music? 410 Rubato 413 Modal harmony? 416 Mazurka as Romantic
On Creation as Performance
Triumph and Failure of the Romantic Ideal
The irrational 646 The inspiration of Beethoven and Clara Wieck 658 The inspi
Index of Names and Works
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Charles Rosen is an internationally respected pianist. A pupil of Moriz Rosenthal, he has performed and recorded a wide repertoire from Bach to Pierre Boulez.

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