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870. T. 168.

2 Meanwhile God the holy Spirit MIDST the trials we experience, Is our pledge of joys to come,

Let us not give way to fears, Of the bliss we shall inherit But possess our souls in patience, When above with Christ at home;

While here in this vale of tears ; O! this blessed meditation Wean'd thereby from things terrestrial, Yields us solid consolation, Let us look for joys celestial,

That we shall, when time is o'er, Waiting for that time, when we With the Lord be evermore ! From all sorrow shall be free.

XXXVII. Hymns for sundry Occasions.
A. For the New Year. And swift my passing moments run,

The few that yet remain.
T. 10.

3 Now a new scene of time begins, YEAR after year commenceth,

Pursue the way to heav'n; And as our life advanceth

Seek pardon of thy former sins, it is We, strength from Christ deriving,

By Christ it will be giv'n. Each year by faith are thriving. 4 Devoutly yield thyself to God;

And on his grace depend; 2 As, in tempestuous weather, Unweary'd walk the heav'nly road, A kind and tender mother

Nor doubt a happy end.
Her babe from harm protecteth,
And safely home conducteth;

873. T. 97 3 So shelters Christ our Saviour, WHO can rehearse,most gracious Lord, His children by his favor,

The mercy which thou dost afford And proves in each temptation Unto thy people ev'ry year ? Their refuge and salvation,

We thy poor congregation here [more, 4 Lord, grant thy benediction

Desire to thank and praise thee everTo ev'ry thought and action ; And humbly in the dust thy name adore. On youth and age declining,

2 For we, unworthy as we are, Thou Sun of grace be shining. Enjoy'd the faithful Shepherd's care ; 5 O keep our souls and senses

Thou always comfort didst impart Under the influences

To ev'ry needy contrite heart; Of thy most holy Spirit,

Thou didst to us. thy dying love display, Until we heav'n inherit.

And wast our help and refuge ev'ry day. 6 O God of our salvation,

3 The hearing of thy precious word,

Thy gracious presence, holy Lord, Withhold no kind donation

Have cheer'd our hearts abundantly, From

but let us savor

When met in fellowship 'fore thee : In this new year thy favor.

But, О what blessings were on us be872. T. 14.

stow'd AGAIN another fleeting year

When we enjoy'd thy body, and thy Of my short life is past;

4 Lord Jesus we would fain express

To thee our cordial thankfulness, I cannot long continue here, · And this may be my last.

For all thy boundless love and

But how imperfect are our lays (give, 2 Much of my dubious life is gone,

O take our hearts, to thee ourselves we Nor will return again;

In future more unto thy praise to live.



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874. T. 166.

2 To him we owe our breath,

He took us from the womb,
LORD Jesus,'mongst thy flock appear, which else had shut us up in death,
And thy poor congregation bless;

And prov'd an early tombo'
We're met to close another year,
Accept the thanks our hearts express.

3 When on the breast we hung,
We are not able to record

Our help was in the Lord;
The boundless favors we have prov'd, 'Twas he first taught our infant tongue
They show that we, most gracious Lord,

To form the lisping word,
'Midst our defects, by thee are lov'd.

4 When in our blood we lay, 875. T. '184.

He would not let us die;

Because his love had fix'd a day
THEE we approach, most gracious To bring salvation nigh.

Saviour !
We pray thee, mark our sighs and 5 In childhood and in youth


eye was on us still; Accept our thanks for all thy favor,

Tho' strangers to his love and truth,

Bestow'd on us these many years ;

prone to cross his will,
We conscious are of our transgression, 16 E’er since his name we knew,
Ah! cleanse us with thy precious How gracious hath he been !

What dangers hath he led us thro'.
Seal with thy pardon our confession, What mercies have we seen!
Thine are we, and thou art our God.

7 Now thro' another year
2 Thou God of mercy! thy salvation Supported by his care,
Remain’d throughout this year our We raise our *Ebenezer here,

« The Lord hath help'd thus far."
Thy care of us, thy congregation, 8 Our lot in future years
Was manifested ev'ry day;

We cannot, Lord, foresee,
Yea, even trials and affliction

But kindly, to prevent our fears,
Prov'd thee our gracious God and

Thou say'st, " Leave all to me."
In all we felt thy benediction :

9 Yea, Lord, we wish to cast
Thee, we now praise with one ac Our cares upon thy breast;

Help us to praise thee for the past,

And trust thee for the rest.,
3 Ogracious Lord, thy name be blessed

* 1 Sam. vii, 12.
By us, for all thy proofs of grace!
For all the gifts by us possessed.

Thoucrownest allour years and days. B. Morning and Evening
Tho' we with deep bumiliation

Own, that we basely thee requite:
Yet will we joy in thy salvation,

877. T, 22.
Thou art our Lord, and Help, and AWAKE, my soul, and with the sun

Thy daily stage of duty run;

Shake off dull sloth, and early rise 876. T. 595.

To pay thy morning sacrifice.
LET hearts and tongues unite 2 Thy former mispent time redeem,

And loud thanksgivings raise; Each present day thy last esteem; 'Tis duty mingled with delight, Thy talents to improve take care, The Saviour's name to praise.

For the great day thyself prepare. нь

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3 Thy conversation be sincere, 12 Prevent me lest I harbor pride, Thy conscience as the noon-day clear; Lest I in mine own strength confied'; For Goil's all-seeing eye surveys Show me my weakness, let me see Thy secret thoughts, thy works and I have my pow'r, my all, from thee. ways

3 Enrich me always with thy love, 4 Glory to God, who safe hath kept, My kind Protector ever prove ; And hath refresli'd me while I slept! Lord, put thy seal upon my breast, Grant, Lord, when I from death shall And let thy Spirit on me rest. wake,

4 Assist and teach me how to pray, I may of heav'nly bliss partake.

Incline my, nature to obey;. 5 Direct, control, suggest this day, What thou abhorrest, let me flee, All I design, or do, or say;

And only love what pleaseth thee. That all my pow'rs, with alltheir might,

880. In thy sole glory may unite.

T. 582. 6 Praise God, from whom all blessings

TEACH me, my God and King, flow!

In all things thee to view ; Praise him, all creatures here below!

And what I do in any thing, Praise him above, ye heav'nly host!

For thee alone to do.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! 2 To scorn the senses' sway,

While still to thee I tend;
878. *
T, 10.

In all I do be thou the way,
MY soul, awake and render

In all be thou the end. To God thy great Defender

3 All may of thee partake; Thy pray'r and adoration

Nothing so small can be For his kind preservation.

But draws, when acted for thy sake,

Greatness and worth from thee.
2 With joy I still discover
Thy light, O Lord my Saviour! 4 If done t' obey thy laws,
My thanks shall be the spices

Ev'n servile labors shine ;
Of morning sacrifices.

Hallow'd is toil, if this the cause, 3 Bless me this day, Lord Jesus,

The meanest work divine, And be to me propitious,

881. Grant me thy kind protection

THAT favor grant to us, O Lord, From ev'ry sin's infection.

That we maintain our part in thee, 4 Bless ev'ry thought and action ; Unto thy voice attentive be, Afford me thy direction;

And seek instruction in thy word. To thee alone be tending

2 Tho' often of encumb’ring care, Beginning, middle, ending,

With busy Martha, we complain';
5 Be thou my only treasure, Yet, gracious Lord, we wish to gain
Fulfil in me thy pleasure,

In Mary's happy lot a share.
May I in ev'ry station,
Give i hee due adoration.

T. 79

MAY Jesus' grace and blessing
T. 22.

Attend me without ceasing:
BE with me, Lord, where'er I go, [do; Thus I stretch out my

hand, Teach me what thou wouldst have me And do that work with pleasure, Suggest whate'er I think this day, Which, in my call and measure, Direct me in the narrow way.

My God for me to do ordain'd.

T. 26.

882. *




T. 89.


T. 14 GOD, omnipotent Creator,

LORD, in the morning when I rise, Who mad'st all things by thy might, Accept my humble praise: Rulest ev'ry thing in nature,

And when at night I close mine eyes, And commandest day and night,

Grant me thy pard'ning grace. Who the universe so wide

2 Lord Jesus Christ, who is like thee! By thy pow'r alone dost guide:

Thou art, both day and night 2 Let


life and conversation The Source of my felicity, Be directed by thy word!

And only true delight. Lord, thy constan preservation

3 Thanks, dearest Jesus, for thy love, To thy erring child afford: No where but alone in thee

And great fidelity,

O may I truly thankful prove, From all harm can I be free.

To all eternity. 3 Lord, my body, soul, and spirit, Keep in thine almighty hand;

T. 22. Strengthen’d by thy pow'rful merit, LORD Jesus, may I constantly Let me follow thy command:

Both day and night be near to thee, Thou my glory and renown,

Both when I close at night my eyes, I would fain be all thy own,

And in the morn from sleep arise. 884. T. 580. 2 Lord Jesus Christ, my life and light, O GOD, my gracious God, to thee, Preserve my steps and guide my ways,

I wish to love thee day and night; My morning pray’r shall offer'd be,

And let me live unto thy praise, For thee


soul doth pant; To me th' enjoyment of thy love

888. Than life itself doth dearer prove;

Renewed strength from thee I want. O JESUS, may our whole behavior 2 Thou, Lord, art present to my mind,

Rejoice thine heart and please thine When I lie down sweet sleep to find, In thy communion, gracious Saviour,

eyes; And when I wake at night: Since thy arm to me succor brings,

May we retire to rest, and rise ; Beneath the shadow of thy wings

Be present with us constantly, I rest with safety and delight.

Then shall we sleep, and wake, to thee.

T. 580.
T. 14

IN lying down to take my rest,
My God, the spring of all my joys, In rising, and in being drest,
The life of my delights;

In all I think or do,
The glory of my brightest days, In eating, drinking, on the way,

And comfort of my nights! In sickness, and in health, I pray, 2 In darkest shades if thou appear,

Thy blessing, Lord, on me bestow. My dawning is begun: Thou art my soul's bright Morning-star,

890.* T, 36. And thou my rising Sun.

LORD Jesus, thro' all temp'ral varia* The op'ning heav'ns around me shine tion,

With beams of sacred bliss, Thy loving kindness be my consolation, When Jesus shows his mercies mine, By night and day, wiene'er I rest am And whispers I am his,


Or when I'm waking.

T. 106.



891.* T. 22.

3 Where'er I thee this day did grieve, ANOTHER day is at an end,

O Lord, me graciously forgive;

And, with a mind from trouble freed, And night doth now its shade extend ; Let me sleep in thy peace indeed. To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise, And thee for ev'ry mercy praise.

894. T. 22. 2 Yet we are of defects aware: Forgive them, Lord; thy children ALL praise to thee, my God, this night,

For all the blessings of the light; spare; o Christ, our souls from guilt acquit, Under thy own alma shty wings.

Keep me, oh keep me, King of kings, Take us into thy care this night. 3 Now I'll lie down and safely sleep, Forgive the ill that I have done,

2 Lord, for the sake of thy dear Soin Lord Jesus, in thy fellowship;

That with the world, myself, and thee, Thus under thy protection blest

I, ere I sleep, at peace may be. Will soul and body sweetly rest.

S Teach me to live, that I

live, that I may dread 892. T. 14.


grave as little as my bed ; THE hour of sleep is now at hand,

Teach me to die, that so I may My spirit calls for rest;

Triumphant rise at the last day. O that my pillow may be found

4 O may my soul on thee repose, The dear Redeemer's breast!

And may sweet sleep my eye-lids close, 2 This night my longing soul with Sleep that may me more vig'rous make Christ

To serve my God when I awake. Would take up her abode, 5 When in the night I sleepless lie, I gladly would myself divest

My soul with heav'nly thoughts supply Of ev'ry thing but God.'

Let no ill dreams disturb my rest, 3 The nightly watches would I spend No pow'rs of darkness me molest.

In fellowship above ;
Would hold communion with my Lord,

895. T. 14. And feast

his love.


mercy, Lord, remember me, 4 Dead to the world when I'm asleep, Be with me thro' this night, I'd be alive to God;

And grant to me most graciously My soul would rest at peace with him The safeguard of thy might. Who bought me with his blood.

2 With cheerful heart I close my eyes, 5 O may I then of Christ this night Thou wilt not from me move: Be happily possest;

Lord, in the morning let me rise,
With holy angels round my bed, Rejoicing in thy love.
And Jesus for my Guest.

3 Oh, if this night should prove my last, 893,

And end my transient days;
T. 22.

Lord, take me to thy promis'd rest,
THE hours' decline and setting sun Where I may sing thy praise.
Show, that my course this day is run;
The ev'ning shade and silent night
My weary limbs to rest invite.

T. 165 2 I now my soul and frail abode AUTHOR of the whole creation, Humbly commit to Israel's God, Light of light, eternal Word! To bim who slumbers not nor sleeps, Soul and body's preservation And who his own in safety keeps. I commit to thee, O Lord!


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