Y ffydd ddiffuant; sef, Hanes a thinwedd y ffydd Gristionogol. 6 argraph., gan P. Williams


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Página 366 - Philosophy, baptized In the pure fountain of eternal love, Has eyes indeed ; and, viewing all she sees As meant to indicate a God to man, Gives him his praise, and forfeits not her own.
Página xxv - Ac efe a fu farw dros bawb, fel na byddai i'r rhai byw fyw mwyach iddynt eu hunain, ond i'r hwn a fu farw drostynt, ac a gyfodwyd.
Página 483 - I may be true and faithful to those who have entrusted to me their secrets : that I may be courteous and kind towards all men, and that both in my words and actions, I may show unto them a good example.
Página 483 - I love thee, inflame my love more and more: I repent of all my sins, but do thou increase my repentance ! As my first beginning, I worship thee ; as my last end, I long for thee : as my Eternal Benefactor, I praise thee...
Página 483 - Thee all my thoughts, words, and actions, as well as my afflictions* pains, and sufferings ; and I desire to have Thee always in my mind, to do all my works in thy name, and for thy sake to bear all adversity with patience.
Página 483 - Lord, in subduing lust by mortification, covetousness by liberality, anger by mildness, and luke-warmness by zeal and fervency. Enable me to conduct myself with prudence in all transactions, and to shew courage ' in danger, patience in adversity, and in prosperity an humble mind. Let thy grace illuminate my understanding, direct my will, sanctify my body, and bless my soul. Make me diligent in curbing all irregular •affections, zealous in imploring thy grace, careful in keeping thy commandments...
Página 249 - Pob un oedd yn troii'w yrfa, megis march yn rhuthro i'r frwydr. le y ciconia yn yr awyr a edwyn ei dymhorau ; y durtur hefyd, a'r aran, a'r wennol, a gadwant amser eu dyfodiad ; eithr fy mhobl i ni wyddant farn yr Arglwydd.
Página 398 - Milo, a celebrated athlete of Crotona in Italy. His father's name was Diotimus. He early accustomed himself to carry the greatest burdens, and by degrees became a monster in strength. It is said that he carried on his shoulders a young bullock four years old, for above 40 yards, and afterwards killed it with one blow of his fist, and ate it up in one day.
Página 483 - Vigilant in my conduct, and unmoveable in all good purposes. Grant, most merciful Lord, that I may be true and faithful to those...
Página 483 - I desire to have thee always in my mind, to do all my works in thy name, and for thy sake to bear all adversity with patience. I will nothing but what thou wiliest, O God, because it is agreeable unto thee.

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