Journal of the Senate, Parte 10


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Página 12 - ... endeavored to escape the consequence by amusing the people with the absurd and impractical project of an exclusive hard money currency. . . . There must be change, there must be reform. The Public Treasury must be again firmly placed in the custody of law ; and all power and control must be repudiated. . . The patronage of the Executive must be reduced, and his power to remove public officers so modified as to prevent his displacing a faithful and competent man, either to gratify party malice,...
Página 108 - Hackelton, from the Committee on Enrolled Bills, reported as correctly enrolled, bills of the following titles, to wit: "An act to authorize John Green and William Stadden to build a toll bridge across Fox river...
Página 93 - Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives, That our Senators and Representatives in Congress be requested to use their...
Página 7 - At the time the President of the United States assumed the responsibility of ordering the public money to be removed from their legal deposit in the Bank of the United States, for the purpose, as he avowed, of preventing the re-charter of that institution by Congress, there never was a sounder currency, or a more healthy state of things in any government in the world.
Página 142 - Illinois the act which authorized this action was entitled "an act to increase the capital stock of certain banks, and to provide means to pay the interest on a loan authorized by an act entitled ' an act to establish and maintain a general system of internal improvements.
Página 46 - An act to establish and maintain a general system of Internal Improvement" and two certain acts supplemental to the said act, and an act further to amend the said act of the one part and John Wright of Henrietta Street Covent Garden in the County of Middlesex and Kingdom of Great Britain of the firm of Messieurs Wright and Company Bankers, on behalf of himself and copartners...
Página 48 - ... and that said committee have power to send for persons and papers; and that they report by bill or otherwise.
Página 141 - BRECKENRtDGE reported, from the committee to whom was referred, on the third instant, the amendment of the House of Representatives to the amendment of the Senate to the bill, entitled "An act for the relief of the captors of the Moorish armed ships Meshouda and Mirboha.
Página 6 - Marion, from the joint committee appointed to wait upon the Governor, and inform him that the two Houses...
Página 44 - I am directed by the Governor to deliver to the Senate a communication in writing which requires action to be taken thereon by the Senate. Appointment Referred The following communication from the Governor was read and referred...

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