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So all weigh deep, the Lord doth speak

For all's before His THRONE :
And for to know, that it is so,

His Spirit is come down.
So I'll end here, and say no more;

Let Solomon be found,
For to appear and try all here

It is the Law of God:
And if you now refuse to hear,

Then tremble at His Rod."

Second Book of Sealed Prophecies, page 106.

The following communication was given to Joanna in 1797, after she had been into Exeter, and was informed that a dissenting minister had said, the Virgin Mary was a whore, and our Saviour was a bastard; and this pernicious idea he tried to instil into the minds of some young men that went to school to him. When I heard it, my soul trembled, my heart shook, and anger and indignation rose within me against him; as I was going, I thought to myself I might say with Peter, I wish to have him destroyed; and wondered the ministers did not warmly reprove him ; but was answered in the following manner :

« Now Joanna thee I'll answer :

These blasphemers must appear;
For though Satan is their master,

It is what was said before.
Now if I find men hut nor cold,
When thou'st these things to them unfold,
But dead, and sickly, and lukewarm,
I'll bring on all a dreadful storm;
If they my honour won't maintain,
Like Eli, they shall sure be slain ;
For though thou fear'st to write the word,
I'll let them know, with one accord,
That I no Bastard did appear,
My Mother 110 Adulterer ;
My Gospel they shall find is true
And they have made it good ;
I'll bring the mysteries to their view :

They've open'd all my side ;

They crucify their Lord afresh,

And open every wound.
'Tis perfect what the Scriptures saith-

Now let a Paul be found;
Let ******* bring his fifty men,

'That will awake like Paul,
And then the Holy Guost shall come

And soon destroy them all.” The meaning of the words, of bringing fifty men, who will awake like Paul, was in answer to a sermon that I heard preached by a reverend divine, from Genesis xviii. 23, 24. “And Abraham drew near, and said, wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked? Peradventure there be fifty righteous within the city ; wilt thou also destroy, and not spare the place for the fifty righteous that are therein ?" He began his discourse with Abraham's pleading for Sodom; and then he brought in these words, “And the Lord said, if I find in Sodom fifty righteous within the city, then I will spare all the place for their sakes.” After he had explained Abraham's pleading with the Lord, that it was far from him to slay the righteous with the wicked, to destroy the whole city for the great sins committed in Sodom, he then brought it to our nation, and lamented of the increasing sins in our nation; yet he pleaded strongly from Abraham's words, and the answer the Lord gave to Abraham, that the Lord would spare the city for the sake of fifty righteous; and therefore he trusted that our nation would be spared for the sake of the righteous: for he was certain there was not one wanting of the fifty; and it was to his words I was answered concerning the blasphemy spoken by the other against the Gospel.

“ Now I shall answer thee further. Let him come to Abrahani's faith ; and let him bring his fifty men, who will come forward to prove the Gospel true, from what I have revealed to thee;

because I tell thee, it is by the Holy Ghost pro. ving the knowledge of the Lord, by the visitation of his Spirit, that these blasphemers must be destroyed. I do not tell thee, by cutting them off by death; but by destroying the works of the devil in them; to bring them out of darkness into my marvellous light; and to prove the truth of my Gospel, by the visitation of my Spirit.

Now call to thy remembrance how ***** told thee, that, after seeing thy books, he burnt all his books that he had of the Unitarian Doctrine, though he had many neatly bound ; and know how the Deists and Atheists have been convinced by thy writings, who had before been stumbled by the ministers, who had told them all was finished ; and thus they could not see my Gospel true, if it was no more to be fulfilled. And know what ****** told thee of a minister's saying that the bible would be no more fulfilled than it was already; then remember his answer : “ then we are hoodwinked in our bibles, if there is no more to be fulfilled.” And now I tell thee, from such men, who say the whole is finished, it gives room for Satan's working, that there is no truth in the Gospel, no truth in the Prophets ; so that the Scriptures could never proceed from the God of truth. Then now I ask him, where are his fifty men, that awake like Paul, to convince these blasphemous writers, that thou hast treinbled to see. Call to thy remembrance how thou hast been shocked to see the blasphemy that men have written against the Scriptures, against the Gospel ; and the ways of the Lord every way, thou knowest, are blasphemied: and where are his righteous men, who can turn one of them from the evil of their ways, to prevent these increasing sins ? For I have already told thee, and. I tell thee again, these righteous men, who boast of their religion; yet, by saying all is finished,

is like throwing oil into the fire, to quench the flames, which makes it burn the greater; and therefore if he will bring his fifty righteous men, he must find them amongst the flock that I have already prepared for thee; and then he may plead as Abraham did. I shall not destroy the nation for fifty's sake, if he will this way bring them forward.

" And now come to what I have told thee before, and bring forward the Prophecies that stand in print, that they may see the truth of my words.”

Strange Effects of Faith, page 109. The following was written in answer to a dignitary of the church, to whom I have sent many letters. It was from the text he preached on a thanksgiving day in 1797_“ Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling." Psalm ii. It was answered nie in the following manner :

" Now thou hast ended I'll begiu i . ou The Second Psalm to all is come;

My sword is drawn, and dipp'd in blood,

Tis time for man to know his God.

For conquering now Mil conquer all, .:. And fast the deluge down shall fall,

19Till every nation you shall see,
. Will each fall down and worship me. I .

I'll trifle now with man no more,
· 103 My sword I'll send from shore to shore,

Until the nations do comply, 09And in the vallies humbly lie, o 9To worship at Emanuel's feet :

Now I've begun I'l} finish it.

But if your peace you'll keep at home,
1 My mind and will must be made known;
I That every nation now may fear; isini

Let England know my Kingdom's near, i
Wild When every burthen I'll relieve,

And gladden soon the hearts that grieve..
But if this way you do go on, si
To keep in darkness still your land, 1 1., :.:
Just like thy head all hearts will be it.
" We cannot stand"--lie down, like thee.

... Provok'd by anger first they'll go ;
- Careless, like thee, of what they do,

Until their feet are wet with blood,
And soon the pain will seize their head;
Then sure, like thee, they'll all lie down
“ We cannot stand, nor bear the wound.”
Therefore ye shepherds, now awake,
The helmet of salvation take,
And the whole armour now put on:
And show the corner-stone to man;
The temple-gate throw open wide,
And show your flocks where they must hide;
The Rock of Ages now is come-
Such days as these were never known,
Nor did a woman so appear
To write, or act, as thou hast here.
Then every thing together weigh,
You'll see the dawning of the day;
Though like the weather it doth appear-
The sun seems hid and cloudy here,
That you cannot behold the sun-

No more you see the days are come.” I shall answer thee of the Second Psalm. Now let men land back their thoughts to see the time that this was given ; and then look back on what hath followed since. Let them compare this with the nations abroad and at home; then they will see the truth has followed, like what I told thee of the shepherds. And now let them discern deeply, how greatly the burthen is complained of in your land: and now I give the warning to all, the fulfilment of this is hastening fast. Hitherto thy WRITINGS have been as a candle hid under a bushel; but now I have ordered thee to put it on a candlestick, that it might give light to all that are in the house: the HOUSE is the house of faith; but the candlesticks are the heads of the church, that are invested with power amongst mankind , and as I have told thee of the standard of the church; let them look to their Prayer-Books, and see how the standard beginneth...

** Repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at

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