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Weak as thy Father all are come;

For here my words go deep-
The branch cut off and stumps remain,

If I like man should sleep." The Valley of Jehoshaphat, a communication given in 1796.

6. For to the valley all must come

That will be sops of light;
A valley's low, you all shall know,

And lowly all must come,
When that I do begin to plead,

Aud resc e every man;
For when the battles I have fought,

And every victory won,
I'll bring them in the valley low,

And reason then with men.
The vallies low, I'll let them know,

It must be in the heart; ,
Together every man shall come

And know how I did smart,
And what I suffer'd to this day,

As I for man do feel;
The marks can ne'er be done away

My side is open still
A doubting Thomas to receive,

A persecuting Paul;
The trembling jailors I will free,

And men shall know me all,
That in the valley now will come,

As doves begin to fly.
The valley must be in the heart-

The battle's drawing nigh;
Imperfect is thy Father's house;

Imperfect's every land ;
Then trust to me for victory,

If ye are imperfect men, ..
As to perfection I see nope

The perfect ones are gone;
Sickly and wounded all by sin,

I see, is every one.
I said thy Father's house, like mine,

Was now to ruin come;
Therefore I see 'tis time for me

To come and make an end.
'Tis deeper than philosophy

The lines that thou hast penn'd.

Their Bibles to explain,
And tell me how they think 'twill be

That I shall call them in;
What signs or wonders will they see,

That I have not foretold ;
Or how do they expect 'twill be,

My Bible all unfold?
If they will say they can explain,

And shew their judgment clear;
I say that they are more than men-
911 A Peter must be here;
For flesh and blood can never know,

The way I shall proceed.
"Tis words must try the hearts of men,

Or they will never bleed;
For signs or wonders will not do,

'Tis words do try the heart:
And words shall bring all to their view

Why I for man did smart.
So now if man will bumbly come

Thy written band to see,
And own thou art a simple worm,

My Spirit sure't must be,
And from the Spirit wish to know,

And honour the Most High;
Then sure my Spirit they shall know,

And so may prophesy.”


“ The Woman clothed with the Sun shall make all nations shake; Because the mystery I'll explain, the Revelations break.

Then wonders here will fast appear,

And wonders will come on;
But now this land I'll surely spare,

If ABRAHAM now do come,
To plead at last, as thon didst first

Thy pleading let men see:
And let him bring his FIFTY MEN

To join as Sheep with thee. " Then they will find I shall fulfil the words that I have said in thy writings.

- “ On my holy hill

I'll come to cut the stumps away:.
The barreu wilderness I'll prune,

Where, men can never go.”
But know I have told thee

“ A Canan's wonder must begin,

To make the water wine;
And greater wonders shall be seen

Than was wrought at that time."

" And now let men see what I said of thy father's house; and compare it with your land.”

Here I am ordered to bring forward my own pleading and petitions to the Lord, in 1794.

I was deeply wounded with the conduct of the Methodists, who said that my writings were not from the Lord. I was ordered to pen my feelings, and was answered that the preparation of the heart, and the answer of the tongue, were both from the Lord. I was to pen my feelings in verse, and it should be answered to me. I wished to forgive all injuries ; but said, to my shame, I could not forget them, though I wished them to be buried in oblivion, never to be remembered any more.

But, Oh, the follies of my heart!

Why do these thoughts arise ?
And every injury done to me

Lie spread before my eyes ;

All past offences now appear

As strong within my view As though they were this moment donc,

And old things now were new. But let old things be done away,

And new things now appear; And every heart united be

In Christ our Saviour dear;
That Salan may no more destroy

Our unity and peace;
Our hearts unite, dear Lord, in thee,
May every jarring cease.

The Answer of the Spirit.
Is this the language of thy heart?

The Lord will grant it thee;
In perfect love unite your hearts

In bonds of unity.
The heavenly music shall appear

In every heart and voice;
The devils shall all rage and fear;

And angels shall rejoice,
To chain the powers of darkness down.

That have destroy'd your peace ; In Christ shall all united be,

And every jarring cease.
Tben now be strong and stand like men,

With salt be season'd well,
And pray for power to stand against
The fiery darts of hell.

Joanna's Answer.
That power, dear Lord, is all in thee,

Thou knowest our feeble frame; No power hath man to help himself, But what from Jesus came.

The Spirit, I know your weakness, and your power

I know what man can do; Ask but believing to receive, And I will give it you.

Joanna. But, Oh! that faith, dear Lord of like,

Must surely come from thee; Thou art the Author of our faith.

Our finisher must be.

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The Spirit.
Thou'st spoken right: I know it well,

The power of man is small;
But I that died to vanquish hell,

Have died to give you all :
All that you ask in humble faith,

Believing in my Name;
My promise is, to cast out none,
That thus believing come.

All this, dear Lord, I know is true;

Thy promises are sure:
Our fearful hearts cannot believe,

Unless thou giv’st the power.
For though we know thy promise true,

And thus we may believe;
Yet subtilly doth Satan come,

And all our hopes deceive;
For when he cannot sore afrigbt,

In his own shape appear;
He will come as an Angel bright
To thy best followers here.

I've heard the reasoning of thy heart,

And know the sentence just;
The tempter of mankind how strong,

He will mankind molest;
But am not I the Strong Man arm'd,

To keep him by my power?
And him I'll bind with cords so strong,

He shan't my saints devour:
Then come all you of little faith,

And I will give you more:
I died to rescue every soul
That trusteth in my power.

Dear Lord, thy goodness and thy love

My soul cannot deny ;
But humbly I may say Amen
To what my Lord doth say.

The Spirit.
And dost thou humbly say Amend

And so't shall be to thee,
And every true believing soul

That doth rely on me.

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