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I freely come to seek and save,

With open arms receive;
And will not scorn the meanest name
That doth in me believe.

Then now, dear Lord, grant that they love

May fall on every heart;
Thy quickening Spirit from above

To every soul impart.
For none, dear Lord, can come to thee,

Unless thou giv’st the power ; By nature we are fallen so low,

We cannot rise no more; Corrupt we are in heart and life;

Our adversary's nigh, And like a lion doth pursue Our utter misery

The Spirit.
All this I know as well as thee;

Man's practice is unclean;
There is no good that can be found

In the dead sons of men,
Until the quickening grace of God

Be printed in their hearts,
That from the evil of their ways

They're drawn for to depart.
But, Oh! the stubborn hearts of men

Are all conceald from thee,
How strongly to resist my love

Perfidious man will flee.
I came to save the world that's lost,

With open arms of love,
And died upon the cursed cross,

The guilt of man to move.
Yet thus did they resist my love,

And hugg’d their pleasing sin;
With pleasure ate forbidden fruit,
While poison lay within.

Dear Lord, thy sentence all is just

Against rebellious Men;
I know thy love they did resist,,

And gloried in their shame:
To trample on thy heavenly love

Rebellious men have stood,

And hugg’d the Serpent in their arms,

That poison'd all their blood. Yet still, dear Lord, some pity take

On wretched sinful men; . The poison of the deadly snake

Runs strong through every vein ; Too strong for fallen man to cure,

The poison lies so deep, Must be the Heaven's Physician sure To bring the blood more sweet.

The Spirit. All this I know as well as thee;

But mildness will not do ;
Therefore my Spirit is provok'd,

And I my work shall shew,
With tumult and the dreadful war,

And famine next shall come;
The sword of vengeance from above

Shall go through every land ; For I did whet my glittering sword,

And bathed deep 'twill be;
For I'll not sheath it up again,

Till Sinners do comply
To own I am the living Lord,

And fear my holy name;
Then shall my Spirit be impress'd

On every soul of man.
But first shall my devouring sword

And famine make the way; , For conquering I will conquer now

All those who don't comply. No longer shall my patience bear

To hear my name blasphem'd ;
No longer will the sinners spare,

That do not fear my name.
For near upon two thousand years

I've borne with sinful men,
Since on the Cross of Calvary

My blood for ihem was slain. But, Oh, how few regards iny love!

How few regard my pain ! How few think on my bloody sweat,

When I for man was slain ! How few think on the cross I bung!

How few regard my name! How few despise, the cursed sins

That caused all my shame!

But now my shame is past and gone,

And the victorious hour
Is come, that on the sons of mon

I shall fulfil my power.
But first will I a warning give,

And those that do believe,
And that trust in my mercies grcat

They mercies shall receive;
But those that do despise my word,

Of warning ihem before,
Shall feel the terror of my rod,

And feel my mighty power.
The time appointed is at hand,

That I shall visit all
With sword, with famine, and the plague,

That on my name don't call.
Therefore let none be mockers now,

Nor think this will not be ;
For I that am in heaven so higla

Have all these things decreed.
I've sent my angels unto thee,

To warn all men before,
That of the blood of every soul

That I may now be clear.
And this shall be a sign to thee:

My servants soon shall come;
For I will so incline their hearts,

That my will may be done.-

And now remember the first writings of the ponderings of thy heart :

Why do these thoughts arise,
And every injury done to me

Lies spread before my eyes ?
All past offences now appear

As strong within my view,
As though they were this moment done,

And old things now are new.
So is it with the Lord of life:

Old things do now appear;
The past and present in his view,

What he for man did bear;
But old things shall be done away,

And new things now shall come;
The Lord that sittelh on his throne

Will make an end of sin.

If these be thy decrees, dear Lord,

Awake the shepherds' voice
For to call back the wandering sheep,

Let all in thee rejoice.
Ah! make them now awake, dear Lord,

As men from frighted sleep:
And from the altar to the porch

Thy faithful servants weep;
And may they daily cry to thee, '

Thy wandering sheep to spare;.
And bring them back unto thy fold,

Oh, thou Redeenrer dear!
For Paul we know may plant in vain,,

And Apollos water too;
Unless thou dost their labours bless,
Their preaching will not do.

The Spirit. . .
Their labour I will surely bless,

If they obey my word ; And crown their preaching with success, For my name is the Lord.

JOANNA. . Dear Lord, incline them to believe,

And they will all obey; !
For when they know it is thy will,

Thy servants can't say nay:
With willing and obedient tongues,

-Thy truth shall fly abroad; And all thy faithful servants shall Obey their King and God.

The SPIRIT. My faithful servants shall obey;

My laws upon their hearts Shall deeply be imprinted strong,

That they may not depart." But those that carelessly do hear,

And slight my heavenly word,
Shall feel the terrors of my wrath,

And know I am the Lord.
I caus'd my servants for to err,

For ends they did not know,
That every truth may be more clear

To all mankind to shew.

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Dear Lord, thy wisdom O how deep;

How wondrous doth it shine!
As high as heaven's above the earth, '

So high from all mankind :
In wisdom is thy knowledge hid,

In wisdom is made known;
In wisdom thou reveal'st thyself,

And thou art God alone.
O, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

One God, in presence three,
Thy wondrous wisdom, when reveal'd,

How wondrous great 'twill be! ..
How foolish is the heart of man, .

Thy wisdom to dispute!
Let every longue be silent now,

And every mouth be stopp'd;
The pearl of great price, dear Lord,

Let us dig deep to find,
And sell our foolish wisdom now,
Since there's none in mankind.

.: The Spirit..
The wisdom of the prudent men in

'Twas I alone conceald, That they might see with eyes more bright When I the truth reveal'd. ..

But Oh, the follies of my heart!

Why do I doubt within
The truth of thy revealed word,

When I so much have seen?
Pardon, dear Lord, my foolish make; ?

Thou know'st my timid mind;
Forgive the weakness of my heart,

Thou Saviour dear, most kind;
I would believe thy promise Lord,

Help thou my unbelief;
But while I am thus left alone,

My soul is full of grief ;
For as a sparrow on a house

Thou know'st I stand alone;
And to assist in any thing,

Dear Lord, thou know'st I've none,
For who hath this report believ'd?

Or who thy threatenings fear i

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