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To dwell with saints and angels there above?
Are these the mercies great that they will prove?

“But to thy thoughts I now shall answer here : The stars in glory you may now see clear Are like the stars that you do see below; Some near the earth, and little brightness shew; Yet in the firmament you see they're plac'd; Then from the heaven of heavens judge all the rest. The heaven of heavens will make your bliss complete; But different heavens, I say, are at my feet; In different mansions there will many come : Where I shew mercy Satan hath no room, I say, to enter and destroy them thereThat man who's freed from hell doth mercy share.

“ So here I've answer'd now the thoughts of thee,
The way in mercy I may sinners free,
Whom thou didst judge could never enter heaven :
I've shewn the way that they may be forgiven,
For to find mercy and not enter hell,
Where the infernal rage of Satan swells.
So this I've answer'd, and I'll say no more :
I've shewn mankind the way they all do err,
To think professors do my favour gain. -
Know what I told thee by the sun and rain,
That all their prayers I surely should turn back;
For like the ministers they all did act,
And like them wound and grieve the heart of thee,
Refus'd to hear the warning given by me.
And so alike I did their prayers refuse;
Because, I tell thee, like the stubborn Jews,
Who thought by their goodness they should heaven gain,
And by their prayers they should it all obtain ;
But this I told them it would never do,
To pray against my word, and man be true; :
And so to their God they all would give the lie.

Then sure in men the strongest power must be,
*If they by prayer can overcome the Lord,
For to go back and not fulfil his word
To them who do his words and laws obey;
Against my honour men do falsely pray;
Against my wisdom, as I've laid my plan;
They judge their prayers the whole shall overcome;
And as a God I shall to man submit.
So these self-righteous think to finish it, .
To spread my Gospel; but they do not know
The way it stands to waken now the Jews,

33 And how it stands to waken all mankind. For by their wisdom they can never find, And by their prayers I ask what they have done? Look through thy writings; have they alter'd one That stood of threatenings in your land I'appear? Thou know'st, for blessings I said in three years I'd shew in harvests if my friends did come; And now I ask if I did alter one? I told the sorrows that in the land appear'd ; A heavy burden men would bring it here; And now I ask if they did this prevent ? Throughout your land, you've heard the discontent, The load and burden which are in your land; And this thou know'st is still complain'd by man. But will they say, this burden they've remov'd ? They boast of blessings ; now come to my love; I said the harvest did with believers stand; If they increas'd I'd shew it in the land; And so you see believers do increase. If I send blessings, let no man to jest, To say I sent them quite against my word, And so their prayers did quite prevent the rod. But now I answer, they'll not find it so; Judge from thy feelings, and my mind they'll know, The way my heart will now be drawn to men, To undertake their cause and pity them.

“ So here I'll leave, men's wisdom for to try;
But they must judge from what they've seen in thee,
And then I tell thee I shall further go; .
For deeper mysteries they'll hereafter know.
And now the deeper mysteries I'll reveal,
And nothing from thee will I e'er conceal,
That's for your good, for thee of man to know:
And from thy writings thou hast search'd them through
What is already open'd to thy view;
And there thou'st find how all is now foretold.
But deeper mysteries I shall soon unfold;
For in the books that now are sealed up,

They'll find foretold how every thing will drop,
' Before it comes unto the bolted door,
And then I said I'd surely tell them more.
For deeper mysteries lie still behind,
Which I shall surely open to mankind,
When that obedience doth in them begin;
Because, I say, that way they all must win,
For what at first was lost by Adam's fall.
Look deep to Abraham, and behold the call;


By his obedience the promise there was made,
How in the end all nations should be led
For to obtain the blessing from it there,
And by obedience I the end shall clear.

“ So when men come according to my word,
They'll find me as a true and faithful God;
But now my Bible men do not discern,
The way and manner 1 throughout did warn;
If disobedience first brought on a curse,
And so by it that paradise was lost;
I said, that obedience should it regain.'
For that's the way I'll shew to man my mind,
The way returning sinners do repent.
And so they all shall find my mind is bent
The promise that I made I'll now fulfil;
And so in Isaac every land shall feel
The promis'd blessings I have now in store,

If they'll awake, and own the Lord is here. “ For now I shall come to the purpose with all mankind, and prove from my visitation to thee, that no prayers nor petitions of men have altered one of my decrees. Now call to thy remembrance the time when the Methodist Preachers said they should pray Bonaparte dead; let the date and words appear, and I shall answer thee."

This was in 1803, when I was at Leeds ; some one said to a Methodist Preacher-" What shall we do with Bonaparte ?" He said, “O, pray him dead;" and spoke in a manner as though he easily could do it.

“Now let men discern how many years he hath went on conquering, as I told thee, since this man boasted of his prayers, to pray him dead. And now come to my Gospel, what I said of the scribes and pharisees, who made long prayers, and thought that they should be heard for tbeir much speaking; but this I told them would be rejected, if I was rejected by them, after I had shewn my power by the miracles I wrought amongst them; and perfectly so I tell them now: the prayers of the Jews could not keep their city, nor defend theirselves against the power of their 35. enemies, but were scattered into all nations, as I told them; and all their prayers and petitions to this day have never regained their city for them. And though you have heard that they have given much money unto Bonaparte, seeing he was a conqueror, and many simply supposed he would conquer for them, as they set him as a Saviour, in iny stead; yet know I always told thee that he would never gain the victory for them, but they would see him fall, like other men, when my appointed time was come; and then they would see they had been worshipping the Beast, instead of ME. For as they choosed a murderer at first to be freed, when I was cast; so they have chosen one at the last: and this they must be convinced of, to look on me, whom they crucified, before any deliverance will come to the Jews. But they must first see my Gospel clear, by the TYPES and SHADOWS · I have placed for the END, before they will be convinced of the errors they are in; and therefore the Revelation is placed of Types and SHADOWS, to shew you the END. But this must be clearly proved that these Types and SHADOWS do appear in this NATION, before the other Nations will begin to fear, to fall before you.

* And now I shall return to what I told thee of Bonaparte, that he would go on conquering and to conquer, till my appointed time was come to cut him short; but I have already told thee what bis end will be; and all will find my words are true. So that it is not the prayers of men which have altered one of my decrees. They ask and receive not, because they ask amiss; for their petitions are, that I would rob myself of my own honour, to go from what I have revealed to thee, to bring honour and glory to man: for thus I must have given the Spirit the lie, that I have warned thee by, if they could “pray him deadin any other way than I revealed to thee. And let them

discern, when I began to weaken his power, it was not by the power and strength of men, but by my power in the weather ; and know I have told thee it is by my power that the FRENCH Nation shall come into distress by the weather, which I shall send there ; for they shall know he is no God, whom they have set up.

" Therefore my decrees will be fulfilled, according to what I have revealed unto thee; because my word shall stand; so it is in vain for men to think, by their power, or their wisdom, or by their prayers, to alter my decrees. Let them pray as I taught them in my Gospel, that my kingdom may come, and my will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. This is the prayer I shall hear and answer; for this I have told thee I am hastening on to fulfil; and then they will join with thee in prayer, that my will may be made known amongst mankind; that I shall enlighten their understanding to know the days of their visitation, that they may know my will and obey it; confess their blindness, and their ignorance of the days that are come; and what is my will, that they cannot do it for want of knowledge. - These are the prayers and petitions, which I shall hear and answer; for in this they own theirselves but men, and that my will cannot be done by them, before my will is made known to them. My mind and will are revealed to thee: and, as they search out to know the will of a man, when he is deceased, so let them search out to know my mind and will, in the way I have directed. Then their prayers will ercel the weapons of war, and change the scenes of sorrow in this nation; for then they will begin to do my will on earth, as it is done in heaven. For if I command my angels to go, they go, as ministring spirits, where they are sent. And so I have told them I have sent them to thee, as guardians and ministripg spirits,

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