A Manual of Common School Law

C.W. Bardeen, 1896 - 296 páginas

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Página 67 - ... such exercises as shall tend to encourage the planting, protection and preservation of trees and shrubs, and an acquaintance with the best methods to be adopted to accomplish such results.
Página 75 - The institutions of the university shall include all institutions of higher education which are now or may hereafter be incorporated in this state, and such other libraries, museums or other institutions for higher education as may, in conformity with the ordinances of the regents, after official inspection, be admitted to or incorporated by the university.
Página 55 - To establish such rules and regulations concerning the order and discipline of the schools, in the several departments thereof, as they may deem necessary to secure the best educational results.
Página 212 - ... their country, humanity and universal benevolence, sobriety, industry, and frugality, chastity, moderation, and temperance, and those other virtues, which are the ornament of human society, and the basis upon which...
Página 179 - When the correction administered is not in itself immoderate, and therefore beyond the authority of the teacher, its legality or illegality must depend entirely, we think, on the quo animo with which it was administered. " Within the sphere of his authority, the master is the judge when correction is required, and of the degree of correction necessary ; and, like all others intrusted with a discretion, he cannot be made penally responsible for error of judgment, but only for wickedness of purpose.
Página 20 - ... election is other than at the principal school-house, the trustees shall give notice thereof by the publication of such notice, at least one week before the time of holding such election, in some newspaper published in the district, or by posting the same in three conspicuous places in the district.
Página 53 - Whenever at any such meeting called and held as aforesaid it shall be determined by a two-thirds vote of the legal voters present and voting, to be ascertained by taking and recording the ayes and noes, to dissolve such union free school district, it shall be the duty of the board of education to present to the school commissioner of the commissioner district in which said union free school is situated, a certified copy of the call, notice and proceedings. If such school commissioner shall approve...
Página 63 - ... clean, and make them reasonably comfortable for use, when no provision has been made therefor by a vote of the district, or the sum voted by the district for said purposes shall have proved insufficient.
Página 174 - No pupil shall be detained in school during the intermission at noon, and a pupil detained at any recess shall be permitted to go out immediately thereafter. All pupils, except those detained for punishment, shall be required to pass out of the schoolrooms at recess, unless it would occasion an exposure of health.
Página 75 - ... and shall hold office during their pleasure ; but no election, removal or change of salary of an elective officer shall be made by less than six votes in favor thereof.

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