Gertrude and Beatrice, Or, The Queen of Hungary: A Historical Tragedy, in Five Acts

C. Mitchell, 1839 - 104 páginas

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Página 82 - Their flourished hues of vegetable light Fast by the fount. . some paces from a cypress. I nearer drew to gaze : . . So gloriously They wore the morning dew upon their heads, As if they were crowned queens of all the flowers; Robed were they in the purple, and anon, When the slow lazy breeze came muttering by, The frail stejnsbow'd, and dipped their long black leaves, Like hair below the water.
Página 81 - Atheist of me. (Paces up and down—then stops short—remains a little while in a thoughtful posture.) Bankban's dead!.. His widow's free to wed again : How's that ? Shall she enjoy him all ? Whilst I stand wishing, And like a spirit damn'd, be robbed of hope? ( Goes to the side, and calls)— Doth any wait? . .Without! . . . What, mate with him ? Our Cousin ! whilst .... (calls) D'ye hear!
Página 83 - Qu. (Descends from the seat in agitation.) I taste the bitter fruit of rashness. God ! Did Andreas never purpose to unqueen me? Then had I made a pause, this union shunned, I had been still mine own ! My headlong ire Drew after it reason . waking, I am mad, Indeed to think what's done. Ro. (Apart...

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