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And sound revenge upon this traitor's soul,
Traitor to kin and kind, to gods and men I

Now Nemesis upon her doubling drum, r Mov'd with this ghastly moan, this sad complaint, i. 'Larums aloud into Alecto's ears, /

And with her thundering wakes, whereas they lie
In cave as dark as hell and beds of steel,
The furies, just imps of dire revenge.
Revenge, cries Abdilmunen's" grieved ghost,
And rouseth with the terror of this noise ; :
These nymphs of Erebus; wreak and revenge * .
Ring out the souls of his unhappy brethren; */
And now start up these torments of the world, /
Wak'd with the thunder of Rhamnusia's drum -
And fearful echoes of these grieved ghosts,
Alecto with her brand and bloody torch,
Megaera with her whip and snaky hair,
Tisiphone with her fatal murdering iron :
These three conspire, these three complain and moan.
Thus, Muly Mahamet, is a council held
To wreak the wrongs and murders thou hast done.
By this imagine was this barbarous Moor
Chas'd from his dignity and his diadem, *
And lives forlorn among the mountain shrubs, ,
And makes his food the flesh of savage beasts.

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/ Amurath's soldiers have by this install'd o Good Abdilmelec in his royal seat; The dames of Fesse and ladies of the land, In honour of the son of Soliman,

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Erect a statue made of beaten gold,
And sing to Amurath songs of lasting praise.
Muly Mahamet's fury over-rul’d,
His cruelty controll'd, and pride rebuk'd,
Now at last when sober thoughts renew’d
Care of his kingdom and desired crown,
The aid that once was offer'd and refus'd
By messengers he furiously implores,”
Sebastian's aid, brave king of Portugal.
He forward in all arms and chivalry,
Hearkens to his embassadors, and grants
What they in letters and by words entreat.
Now listen, lordings, now begins the game,
Sebastian's tragedy in this tragic war. [Exit.

[Alarum within, and then enter ABDILMELEC, MULY MAHAM ET SETH, CALSEPIU's BAss A, with Moors and Janisaries, and the ladies.

ABDILM. Now hath the sun display'd his golden beams, And, dusky clouds dispers'd, the welkin clears, Wherein the twenty-colour'd rainbow shews. After this fight happy and fortunate Wherein our Moors have lost the day, And Victory adorn'd with Fortune's plumes Alights on Abdilmelec's glorious crest, Here find we time to breathe, and now begin To pay thy due and duties thou dost owe To heaven and earth, to Gods and Amurath. [Sound trumpets, * implores] Old copy “imploys.”

And now draw near, and heaven and earth give ear,
Give ear and record, heaven and earth, with me;
Ye lords of Barbary, hearken and attend,
Hark to the words I speak, and vow I make,
To plant the true succession of the crown:
Lo, lords, in our seat royal to succeed
Our only brother here we do install,
And by the name of Muly Mahamet Seth
Intitle him true heir unto the crown.
Ye Gods of heaven gratulate this deed,
That men on earth may therewith stand content.
Lo, thus my due and duty is done, I pay
To heaven and earth, to Gods and Amurath !
[Sound trumpets.
MULY MAH. SETH. Renowned Bassa, to remu-
Thy worthiness and magnanimity,
Behold the noblest ladies of the land
Bring present tokens of their gratitude.
RUB. Rubin, that breathes but for revenge,
Bassa by this commends herself to thee;
Resign the token of her thankfulness:
To Amurath the god of earthly kings
Doth Rubin give and sacrifice her son,
Not with sweet smoke of fire or sweet perfume,
But with his father's sword, his mother's thanks,
Doth Rubin give her son to Amurath.
QUEEN. As Rubin gives her son, so we ourselves
To Amurath give, and fall before his face:
Bassa, wear thou the gold of Barbary,

And glister like the palace of the sun,
In honour of the deed that thou hast done.
BAs. Well worthy of the aid of Amurath
Is Abdilmelec, and these noble dames.
Rubin, thy son I shall ere long bestow,
Where thou dost him bequeath in honour's fee,
On Amurath mighty emperor of the east,
That shall receive the imp of royal race
With cheerful looks and gleams of princely grace.
This chosen guard of Amurath's janisaries
I leave to honour and attend on thee,
King of Morocco, conqueror of thy foes,
True king of Fesse, emperor of Barbary;
Muly Molocco, live and keep thy seat,
In spite of fortune's spite or enemies' threats.
Ride, Bassa, now, bold Bassa, homeward ride,
As glorious as great Pompey in his pride.
[Ereunt omnes.

Enter DIEGo Lopis, governor of Lisbon, the IRIsh
Bishop, STUKELEY, Jon As, and HERCULEs.
D1E. Welcome to Lisbon,” valiant Catholics,
Welcome, brave Englishmen, to Portugal.
Most reverent primate of the Irish church,
And, noble Stukeley, famous by thy name,
Welcome, thrice welcome to Sebastian's town ;
And welcome, English captains, to you all:
It joyeth us to see his Holiness' fleet
Cast anchor happily upon our coast.

* Lisbon] In the old copy, here and elsewhere, “Lisborne.”

Bish. These welcomes, worthy governor of Lisbon, Argue an honourable mind in thee, * * * * * * * But treat of our misfortune therewithal. To Ireland by Pope Gregory's command Were we all bound, and therefore thus embark'd;

To land our forces there at unawares, to Conquering the land for his Holiness, * : IL ( ) And so restore it to the Roman faith: on 1 This was the cause of our expedition,” of

And Ireland long ere this had been subdued, to of
Had not foul weather brought us to this bay.”
DIE. Under correction are ye not all Englishmen,
And 'longs not Ireland to that kingdom, lords?
Then may I speak my conscience in the cause
Sans scandal to the holy see of Rome, *
Unhonourable is this expedition, ... 1
And misbeseeming you to meddle in. -
STUK. Lord governor of Lisbon, understand
As we are Englishmen, so are we men,
And I am Stukeley so resolv’d in all, s
To follow rule, honour, and empery,

Not to be bent so strictly to the place, of Wherein at first I blew the fire of life, * - / But that I may at liberty make choice , , , ; * Of all the continents that bound * the world...! // For why? I make it not so great desert Zion | To be begot or born in any place, " . A 12

Sith that's a thing of pleasure and of ease,
That might have been performed else-where as well.

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