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false supposition. to celebrate mistres holiday in Idlenesse. f Love. What thing is love (for wel I wot) love is a thing


it is a pricke, it is a sting
it is a prettie, prettie thing
it is a fire, it is a cole
whose flame creepes in at eurie hole.
and is [as] my wit doth best devise

loves dwelling is in ladys eies: * from whence do glance loves piercing darts that mak such holes into o' harts

and al the world herin accord
love is a great and mightie lord s
And when he list to mount so hie |
With Venus he in heaven doth lie
And ever more hath been a god
Since Mars and sche plaid even and od.


Kis a litle and use not.

Q. why kissings good. R. to stirre zour bloud to make zou wel dispos'd to play. ab aquilone omne malum. wold have moued teares in wreath [wrath?] herselfe. wrinckled sorrow sate in furrowes of a faire face. famous for his il fortune. zou that think ther is no heaven but on earth. zou that sucke poison insteed of honney. he excedeth fiends in crueltie and fortune in unconstancie. , set up Cynthea by day and Citherea by mig". H sche strakid his head and mist his hornes. . . [t who bluntly bespake her : A grew this sueet rose in [on] this soure stalkenn,

Curtis"At Venus entreate for Cupid her some "" ARRowes these arrowes by Vlcan are cunningly done * "the first is love the second shafteis hate but this is hope from whence suéet comfort springs " ' ' ' " " " this jelousie in bassest minds doth duell "his mettall Vlcan's Cyclops fetcht from Hel a smaking kis that wakt me w the dine [dini knew good and eschew it praise chastnesse and follow lustful love like the old [one or two words illegible here] 2.1% o al quicklie com home by weeping crosse." highest imperial orbe and throne of the thunder Et non morieris inultus. schelter and shade. holdeth them faster than Vlcan's fine wires kept Mars. a song to be sung for a wager a dish of damsons new gathered off the trees. . . . " Melampus when wil love be voide of feares when jelousie hath mather eies nor eires or Melampus tel me when is love best fed * * * * * * when it hath sucke the sueet y' ease hath bred o Licoris as sueet to him as licorice. Cor sapit' et [some words illegible here] a hot liver must be in a lover. To commend anay thing is the Italian way of crauing. my hart is like a point of geometrie

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indiuisible, and wher it goes it goes al. in Hard hart that did thy reed (poore shephard) brake thy reed y' was the trumpet of thy wit .**)2

Zet thought unworthie sound thy phenix's praise and with this slender pipe her glorie raise "a


Cupid enraged to see a thousand boyes
as faire as he sit shooting in her eies
fell doune and sche
pluckt al his plumes and made herselfe a fan
suering him her true litle seruing man.
Muse chuse
My mistres feeds the ayre ayre feeds not her
ly' of the ly' sche is, delyt supreame.
Zet so far from the lytness of her sex
for sche is the bird whose name doth end in X.
Not clouds cast from the spungie element
nor darknesse shot from Orcus pitchie eyes
Zet both her shines vailed w' her arche beauties
her words such quickning odors cast
as raise the sicke and make the soundest thinke
ayre is not wholsome, til her walke be past
more then the fontaynes til the vnicornes drinke
a thousand echoes vat [wait] upon her voice.
CUPID. Those milkie mounts he eurie morning
wher to their drink his mothers doues he calls.
in my younger dayes when my witts ran a wool
some prettie lye he coined.

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“Merrie conceited Iests of George Peele, Gentleman, sometimes a Student in Oxford. Wherein is shewed the course of his

life, how he liued: a man very well knowne in the Citie of London,
and elsewhere.

Buy, reade, and iudge t The price doe not grudge: It will doe thee more pleasure, Then twice so much treasure. London, Printed by G. P. for F. Faulkner, and are to be sold at his Shop in Southwarke, neere Saint Margarets Hill, 1627. 4to.

- Of this tract I have made particular mention in my account of Peele and his writings.


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