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Dear JOSEPH-five and twenty years ago
Alas how time escapes !- 'tis even som
With frequent intercourse, and always sweet,
And always friendly, we were wont to cheat
A tedious hour--and now we never meet!
As some grave gentleman in Terence says,
('Twas therefore much the same in ancient days)
Good lack, we know not what to-morrow brings
Strange fluctuation of all human things!
True. Changes will befall, and friends may part,
But diftance only cannot change the heart:

And, were I called to prove the affertion true,
One proof should serve a reference to you.

Whence comes it then, that in the wane of life, Though nothing have occurred to kindle ftrife, We find the friends we fancied we had won, Though numerous once, reduced to few or none? Can gold grow worthless that has stood the touch? No; gold they seemed, but they were never such.

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I knew the man, and knew his nature mild, And was his plaything often when a child;

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