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Αρχη πολιτειας απασης νεων τροφα.



It is not from his form, in which we trace
Strength joined with beauty, dignity with grace,
That man, the master of this globe, derives
His right of empire over all that lives.
That form indeed, the associate of a mind
Vaft in its powers, ethereal in its kind,
That form, the labour of almighty skill,
Framed for the service of a free-born will,
Aflerts precedence, and befpeaks control,
But borrows all its grandeur from the foul.
Hers is the state, the splendour, and the throne
An intellectual kingdom, all her own.
For her the memory fills her ample page
With truths poured down from every diftant age;

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And if, soon after having burnt, by turns,
With every luft, with which frail nature burns,
His being end where death diffolves the bond,
The tomb take all, and all be blank beyond;
Then he, of all that nature has brought forth,
Stands felf-impeached the creature of leaft worth,
And useless while he lives, and when he dies,
Brings into doubt the wisdom of the skies.

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