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Courtier and patriot cannot mix
Their heterogeneous politics

Without an effervescence,
Like that of salts with lemon juice,
Which does not yet like that produce

A friendly coalescence.

Religion should extinguish ftrife,
And make a calm of human life;

But friends that chance to differ
On points, which God has left at large,
How freely will they meet and charge,

No combatants are stiffer !

To prove at laft my main intent
Needs no expence of argument,

No cutting and contriving-
Seeking a real friend we seem
To adopt the chymifts golden dream,

With ftill less hope of thriving.

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Then judge yourself, and prove your man As circumspectly as you can,

And having made election, Beware no negligence of yours, Such as a friend but ill endures,

Enfeeble his affection.

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The man that hails you Tom or Jack,
And proves by thumps upon your back

How he esteems your merit,
Is such a friend, that one had need
Be very much his friend indeed

To pardon or to bear it.

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Some act upon this prudent plan,
“ Say little and hear all you can."

Safe policy, but hateful
So harren fands imbibe the shower,
But render neither fruit nor flowery

Unpleasant and ungrateful.

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