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And liberty, and oft-times honour too,
To peculators of the public gold;
That thieves at home muft hang; but he that puts
Into his overgorged and bloated purse
The wealth of Indian provinces, escapes.
Nor is it well, nor can it come to good,
That, through profane and infidel contempt
Of holy writ, she has presumed to annul
And abrogate, as roundly as the may,
The total ordinance and will of God;
Advancing fashion to the post of truth,
And centering all authority in modes
And cuftoms of her own, till fabbath rites
Have dwindled into unrespected forms,
And knees and hafsocks are well-nigh divorced.

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Reflections suggested by the conclusion of the former

book.Peace among the nations recommended on the ground of their common fellowship in sorrow.Prodigies enumerated-Sicilian earthquakes.--Man rendered obnoxious to these calamities ly sin.--God the agent in them.-The philosophy that stops at secondary causes reproved.-Our own late miscarriages accounted for.-Satirical notice taken of our trips to Fontainbleau.But the pulpit, not satire, the proper engine of reformation.The Reverend Advertiser of engraved sermons.- Petit-maitre par. son.The good preacher.Pictures of a theatrical clerical coxcomb.-Story-tellers and jesters in the pulpit reproved. Apostrophe to popular applause. -Retailers of ancient philosophy expostulated with. -Sum of the whole matter. - Effects of sacerdotal mismanagement on the laityTheir folly and ex. travagance.--The mischiefs of profusión.---Profusion itself, with all its consequent evils, ascribed, as to its principal cause, to the want of discipline in the universities.

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