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a part' in'ti mate re frain: prac'tis ing de cep'tion sug gest'ing realm chord

“ Let pleasure go; put care apart.

“ He is good whose intimate friends are all good.” - Lavater.

Those who desire to command respect must refrain from practising deception.

“ Life is a rich strain of music, suggesting a realm too fair to be." Curtis. The chords of music thrilled the heart.

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“ He who has good health is young, and he who has no debts is rich."

“He most lives who thinks the most, feels the noblest, acts the best."

“Our best friends are they who tell us of our faults and help us to mend them.”

“Do thou thy work; it shall succeed

In thine or in another's day ;
And though denied the victor's meed,

Thou shalt not miss the toiler's pay.”

re hearse
ex cep'tion
plun'der ing
re pub'lic

66 “ Words learned by rote any parrot may rehearse.'

Cowper. In winter, with few exceptions, the birds migrate to warmer climates.

“The plundering soldier rarely visits the garret.” — Juvenal.

“ Luxury ruins republics ; poverty, monarchs.”

“Reserve your kind looks and language for private hours.” — Swift.

“Our palace stood aloof from the streets.'

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re hearsed' mi grat'ed re served

re hears'ing
mi grat'ing
re serving

re hearsal
mi gra'tion
res'er valtion


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ef face

“If we work upon marble, it will crum'ble

perish ; if we work on brass, time will im mortal efface it, if we rear temples, they im bue' will crumble into dust ; if we work on prin'ci ple immortal minds, if we imbue them with en grave' principles, with a just fear of God and tab'let love of our fellow-men, we engrave e ter'ni ty on those tablets something that will sus pi'cion brighten to all eternity.” — Webster. haunt

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind."


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Fen' de re [fen'sus] = to strike, keep off.

Flec'te re (flex'us] = to bend.

fender “The polished fire-irons before a fire de fend'ing may be cold, while the black fender is de fense' often unbearably hot.” — Ganot. of fender “ Education is the chief defense of de fendant nations.” Burke. . of fen'sive “Truth is offensive when it is against re'flex one's interest." reflecting “ Nature is the glass reflecting God re flect'ed As by the sea reflected is the sun." re flect'or

“The bear has a well-developed paw flex'i ble

with a flexible wrist.” – Agassiz.


eb'o ny in'dus try

“ His image is cut in ebony.” Fuller.

“Nothing is impossible to industry.” im pos'si ble - Periander. im press' “ All great virtues bear the impress self-de ni'al of self-denial.” — Channing. man'u al

“Manual labor is a normal safepro tec'tion guard, a protection against sin.' safe guard “Blame where you must; be candid can'did where you can.” Goldsmith. as sort'ed

The box contains assorted candies.

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Fi ni're [fi ni'tus] = to end, to finish, to limit.

Mo ve're [mo'tus] = to move.

de fine'

re fine

6 Love refines and elevates the con fine

mind.” Milton. def'i niltion “Great efforts from great motives is

the best definition of a happy life.” su'per fine “They define virtue to be life ordered mo'tor according to Nature." - Robyson. im mov'a ble The silk is superfine in quality. mo'tive

A new motor was attached to the mo'tion less sewing-machine. pro mot'er

“ Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health." - Addison.

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