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ad van'tage ten'den cy re fresh'es en courage de scend' silent ly

“ A great advantage of friendship is its tendency to cause a person to grow like the one he loves.”

“Friendship cheers, refreshes, and encourages us.

The snow descends silently.

6 Pride that dines on vanity sups on contempt.” — Franklin.

Quit not certainty for hope.” “ A little neglect may breed mischief." - Franklin.

van'i ty

con tempt' certain ty breed



Dice re [dic'tus] = to say, to tell.
Duc'e re [duc'tus] = to lead. Verlus = true.

pre dict'

dic'tion a ry

I predict a storm for to-morrow. ben'e dicltion “ With silence only as their beneverdict diction, God's angels come.” — Whittier. .

“ Nature never says anything that con tra dict' wisdom will contradict." - Juvenal.

' The soil produces good crops. ductile

Gold is more ductile than iron. ab duct The jury returned a verdict of guilty con ductor against the prisoner for abducting the re duction child.

pro duce

[blocks in formation]

ap parlent

That he is welcome is apparent. se cure'

“ To secure a contented spirit, meascon tent'ed ure your desires by your fortunes." for'tune 66 The swallow twitters about the eaves; twit'ter

Blithely she sings, and sweet and blithely

clear; wood'bine Around her climb the woodbine leaves at'mos phere In golden atmosphere.”Thaxter. o mit'

“Every truth that we omit obscures ob scure some truth that we should know.”




for' ceps

pre cise

' vault tri sect' sin'ew pre cise'ly shod'dy gris'tle mus'cle a pol'o gy

pho'to graph in'no cent stren'u ous

a pol'o gize tel'e graph. te'le = afar pho'to = light graph= to write


be stow'
be stowed'

re deem

ar' se nal in spect' in spect'or cer'ti fy" san'i ta ry

“ Were half the power that fills the

world with terror, Were half the wealth bestowed on

camps and courts, Given to redeem the human mind from

error, There were no need of arsenals and

forts."Longfellow. The inspector will inspect the public buildings of the city and certify to their sanitary condition.

Reptiles are crawling animals.

con di'tion rep'tile


[blocks in formation]

“So act that your principle of action would bear to be made law for the whole world.” - Ruskin.

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Leg'e re [lec'tus] = to choose, to gather.
Clud'e re [clu'sus] = to shut, to close.

se lection e lection le' gion col lec'tion in'tel lect pre clude ex clude con clude ex clu'sive con clu'sion

At every election, the loyal and public-spirited citizen will exercise his right to vote.

On Sunday afternoon, the city pours forth its legions to breathe fresh air.

“ Character is higher than intellect.”

His conduct was such as to preclude an entrance into good society.

“ It is not the nature of true greatness to be exclusive." - - Beecher.

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a blush' a glow' vivid flush pet'aled clus'tered wreathe gar'land nod'ding cau'tious

6 The Orchard rows are all ablush,

The meadows are aglow;
On every bush a vivid flush,

A drift of petaled snow;
The clustered bloom with faint per-

Wreathes many a garland fine,
And many a rosy, nodding plume

In apple-blossom time.”
“Be swift to hear, but cautious of

tongue." — Watts.


type splice im ag'ine ir'ri gate

bollster mus tache beard
be sought' col'o ny whis'kers
skew'er collo pist shave
pul'ver ize ju've nile shav'en

spliced splic'ing im ag'ined im ag'in ing ir'ri gat ed ir'ri gat ing pullver ized pul' ver iz ing

[blocks in formation]
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