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Ja'ce re [jac'tus] = to throw, to hurl, to cast.
Re ji' ce re [re jec'tus]

[re jec'tus] = to throw back. For ma're [for ma'tus] = to form, to shape, to make.

re ject

“Never will God reject a soul that e ject sincerely loves him." — Coleridge. ob jec'tion Numerous objections to every truth in ject'

are always advanced. proj'ect The live, energetic man will inject

enthusiasm into any project. in form'er “ The work of reformation is child's ref'or maltion play to that of making your friends re form believe


have reformed.” Conway. trans form' “ Love may transform me

to an formal oyster.” Shakespeare.

pro ject

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trea'son trai'tor re li'gion sa'cred re cline re clin'ing Chi'na man fa'vor ite af flic'tion ac cus'tom ac customed

“For while the treason I detest, the traitor I love." - Hoole.

Each religion of the world has a sacred book.

To read in a reclining position strains the eyes.

A Chinaman's favorite present to a parent is a coffin.

66 The afflictions to which we are accustomed do not disturb us.'

The diagram was well drawn.

di'a gram

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“ Let honesty be as the breath of thy soul, and never forget to have a penny when all thy expenses are enumerated and paid." – Franklin.

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pro cure'

at tract'ive 66 To be attractive to all sorts of read'i ness

people, one must have great readiness sym'pa thy of sympathy." pearl

“ Contentment is a pearl of great con tent'ment price; and whoever procures it,

though at the expense of a thoupur'chase sand desires, makes a wise and happy tor ment'ing purchase. o'ver come! “ It is tormenting to fear what one com'bat

cannot overcome. la'bor eth “Who hath a greater combat than

he that laboreth to overcome self?

- Thomas à Kempis.

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127 dis' ci pline

“Self-control and self-discipline are prac'ti cal the beginnings of practical wisdom.” wis'dom

Smiles. grace'ful ly “ Nothing sits so gracefully upon ha bit'u al children as habitual respect and du'ti ful dutiful deportment

toward their de port'ment parents.” au'to graph “ The taste for collecting automod'ern graphs is not confined to modern

times." con fes'sion

“ Confession is cheap, but reforma

tion is often costly." bi'ped

Plato defined man as a featherless biped.

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Av., Ave., Avenue. Ps., Psalms.
cash., cashier. Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy.
Cr., creditor, credit. Ph.G., Graduate of Pharmacy.
C.E., Civil Engineer. R.S.V.P., Please reply.
Dist. Atty., District U.S. M., United States Mail.

U.S. N., United States Navy. M.C., Member of viz., namely.

M.P., Member of Parliament.


} against or opposite.

a, ab, abs = from, away. ad (ac, af, al, an, ap, ar, as, at) = to. an te (ant), fore, pre = before. con (co, cog, col, com) = with, together. con tra (con tro, coun ter), an ti = ob (obs, oc, of, op) dis (di, dif) = asunder, apart, opposite of. in (ig, il, ir, im) = not, in, into, on. en (em, el) = in, into, on, to make. sub (suc, suf, sug, sur, sus, sup) = under, after. bi (bis) dis (di) = two, twice. per (par, pel)= through, thoroughly. inter (intel) = between, among. a= at, to, in, on. su per, sur, hy per, ex tra, pre ter = over, beyond. in tra, in tro = in, into, within. pro (pol, pur) = for, forth, forward. ex (e, yc, ef) = out, out of. sub ter, un der = under, beneath. be ne = well.

cir cum = around. post, af ter = after.

non, n= not. de = down, from, out. re = back, again. un, in, dis = not.

se = apart, aside. trans = over.

to at, on. mis = wrongly.

hem i, sem i= half. tri= three.

arch = chief.

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