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a ble, i ble, u ble, ble = able or fit to be, worthy. ance, an cy, a cy, i ty, ty, ness = being, state of being. ar, er, or, eer, ier, ent, a ry, ate, ard, an, ian, ean, ive,

ist, st, ite = one who. al, ac, a ceous, a cious, an, ar, ene, ic, ic al, id, ile, a ry,

o ry, en, ane, ine = of, like, or pertaining to. a cy, age, dom, rick, wick, hood, head, ship, ry, ate =

office of. a ry, o ry = place where, that which. ern, ward = in the direction of. ee = one to whom. en = made of; past time. er = more; one by whom. est = most. ful, ous, ose, some, lent, y = full, consisting of. ish, like, ly, y, ic, ic al = like, resembling. ise, ize, ate, en, fy = to make. ion, ance, ence, ment, ness, ure = act of, state of being. kin, let, lock, el, en, ule, erel, et, isk, cle, cule, y=

little, small. s, es = plural. mo ny = state of being. ess, ix, ine = feminine.

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Alabama, Ala.
Arkansas, Ark.
California, Cal.
Colorado, Colo.
Connecticut, Conn.
Delaware, Del.
Florida, Fla.
Georgia, Ga.
Idaho, Ida.
Illinois, Ill.
Indiana, Ind.
Iowa, Ia.
Kansas, Kans.
Kentucky, Ky.
Louisiana, La.
Maine, Me.
Maryland, Md.
Massachusetts, Mass.
Michigan, Mich.
Minnesota, Minn.
Mississippi, Miss.
Missouri, Mo.
Montana, Mont.

Nebraska, Neb. Nevada, Nev. New Hampshire, N.H. New Jersey, N.J. New York, N.Y. North Carolina, N.C. North Dakota, N. Dak. Ohio, O. Oklahoma, Okla. Oregon, Ore. Pennsylvania, Pa. Rhode Island, R.I. South Carolina, S.C. South Dakota, S. Dak. Tennessee, Tenn. Texas, Tex. Vermont, Vt. Virginia, Va. Utah, U. Washington, Wash. West Virginia, W. Va. Wisconsin, Wis. Wyoming, Wy.

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ap plause bed'stead crev'ice spin'dle spin'ach plain'tive

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me rid'i an mon'strous tri'umph whith'er sham pool lilchen cac'tus lav'en der steer'age pot'tery cornice lar'board lee' ward pro pel'ler ter'ra pin wee'vil fos'sil wist'ful ly gor'geous christ'en con'fi dent

au ro'ra bo're allis ob'e lisk


bey'er age

squad'ron stead fast gym'nast ar'rant en am'el squan'der tu'ber pack'et shimmer

ware'house mem'brane culti cle whelp win'now yilal tu reen'



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vis'ion ne ces'sity sap'phire gey'ser spear

ep'au let an ten'na

re hearse tier

hic'cough av'a lanche veg'e ta ble ma rine

in fe'ri or mul'lein drudg'er y de crease mortise realm

cor' dial as'phalt ab'scess re serv'ing an'cient squeal

de ci'sion
e'qua ble

di'a logue lyre

lei'sure ba rouche ve'nous fea'ture pre'vi ous

pha'e ton cor'pus cle heifler weird han som

ex haust' a chieve' for'eign im bue

knap'sack breach

can'ni bal naph'tha be siege'

flex'i ble

hal'yard ruf'fi an cres'cent sol'emn sus pi'cion wean rogu'ish pla teau'

en cour'age cas'tile ear'nest steppe vir'tue

pa'tient phys'ic singeling span'iel of fi'cial mien

wield wreathe check-rein hus'tler rhyme pre'mi um re ceipt' ca tarrh' gouge

fuch'si a ledg'er mu si'cian mil'i ta ry mu'cous oint'ment hos'tler weap'on

e lix'ir an'ti sep'tic height be sought' poul'tice for'ging mos qui'to

gi raffe flour'ish mis' sile


bis'cuit heir

fer rule scep'ter mar'riage

ga zelle' par'tial jour'nal

dun'geon mort'gage

rec'i pe



The groves were God's first temples. Ere man learned
To hew the shaft and lay the architrave,
And spread the roof above them, ere he framed
The lofty vault, to gather and roll back
The sound of anthems; in the darkling wood,
Amidst the cool and silence, he knelt down
And offered to the Mightiest solemn thanks
And supplication. For his simple heart
Might not resist the sacred influences
Which, from the stilly twilight of the place,
And from the gray old trunks that high in heaven
Mingled their mossy boughs, and from the sound
Of the invisible breath that swayed at once
All their green tops, stole over him, and bowed
His spirit with the thought of boundless power
And inaccessible majesty. Ah, why
Should we, in the world's riper years, neglect
God's ancient sanctuaries, and adore
Only among the crowd, and under roofs
That our frail hands have raised ? Let me, at least,
Here, in the shadow of this aged wood,
Offer one hymn, – thrice happy if it find
Acceptance in His ear.


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