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“ True self-denial involves personal per' son al sacrifice for the good of others." self-de ni'al "A cunning knave needs no sac'ri fice broker." knave

“ Knavery and flattery are blood bro'ker relations." knav'ery “A sculptor wields the chisel; the sculp'tor stricken marble grows to beauty.” strick'en

6 The desperate man has lost hope." des' per ate " A bad excuse confirms a fault." con firm' “ As our privileges are abridged a bridge our pleasures are curtailed.” cur tail'

“Opportunities are very sensitive; op'por tu'ni ty if you slight their first visit, you sel'dom seldom see them again.”

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“ Endurance is the crowning quality,
And patience all the passion of great hearts.”

- Lowell.

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“In most things, success depends upon knowing how long a time is required to succeed.”— Montesquieu. ca reer

“ A great career is a dream of youth relal ize realized in mature age." ma ture' “ To Adam, Paradise was home; to Par'a dise the good among his descendants, home de scend'ant is paradise.” es'ti mate I t is difficult to estimate what un tried' profits will result from an untried en'ter prise enterprise. in teg'ri ty For integrity of character, the man es teem' was highly esteemed. de ceit' " Deceit and treachery make no man treach'er y rich.”

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ar'tis an busi'ness aus tere' ter'mi nate team'ster mu'tu al gam'brel em bel'lish chem'ist borlough de fault' re plen'ish lag'gard loathe bru nette' hea'then ish - The best hearts are always the bravest.” — Sterne.

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