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atmosphere envious gracious giraffe fuchsia



distil deceit plague mutual borough

pre serve

9 ran'dom

“O, many a shaft at random sent arch'er

Finds mark the archer little meant. max'im The maxims of antiquity contain the an tiq'ui ty essence of wisdom; the precepts and precept doctrines of religion are the foundadoc'trine tion of right living; the rules of pru'dence prudence preserve us from error and

misfortune; and the laws are the basis mis for'tune of civil society. dis'count Discount is a rebate or an allowance al lowance for the payment of a debt before it is re bate'

due. fic'tion 6. Man is a lover of fiction."

- Epicurus.

10 bier

bondage di van' can'did ly o'cher re ci'tal

dis tress' fu'ror


cat'a log scep'ter dec'o ra'tion

cro chet'

tu'tor ship

pa'gan ish

oc'cu pan cy

“ Victory belongs to the persevering.” – Napoleon. “One to-day is worth two to-morrows. - Franklin.



Cu ra' re [cu ra'tus] = to care for, heal.

Pon'e re [pos'it us]= to place. se cur'i ty op po'nent

trans pose cur'a tive pos'i tive

de pos'i tor in cura ble op'po si/tion

com'po siltion cure'all ex'po si'tion

post pone'ment

[blocks in formation]

“ Perseverance fails nineteen times but succeeds the twentieth." -- Anderson.


un furl'

leg'i ble

du'el ing

“ The storm of contrary wind unfurls in scrip'tion the banner and thereby makes its in

scription more legible.” a bate'

“ Hamilton's death, by making the

duel odious, did more to abate it than o'di ous

any other event in history.” Lodge. bar'bar ism

“Dueling is a relic of barbarism.” rel'ic

“Candor looks with equal fairness at can'dor both sides of a subject.”. - Webster. et'i quette

“Etiquette regulates our conduct." reg'u late

“ Extend courteous greeting to every cour'te ous

one, whatever be his faith.” — Jacheel.


Cap'e re [cap'tus] (ceiv, cept, ceipt, ceit) = to take,

seize, hold.

Vox [voc'is] (voic) = voice. vo'cal voiceless

in ca'pa ble con ceive' cap'ti vate

con cep'tion vo'cal ize re cep'tion

ex cep'tion al re ceiver ca pa'cious

de ceiver

[blocks in formation]

“ Truth lies at the bottom of the well.”-Old Proverb.

[blocks in formation]

leg'a cy

“No legacy is so rich as honesty." ex empt' The laws of God exempt no man from ob'li ga'tion the obligation of obedience. sus pect' “Let a man believe that you suspect fi del'i ty

his fidelity, and he will soon verify your ver'i fy as sign' The troublesome task assigned me irksom not only proved irksome but also exvex a'tious tremely vexatious.

" An estate inherited is less valued." in her'it “ Cowards die many times; the valvalliant iant never taste death but once."


es tate'

“To thine own self be true; and it will follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.

- Shakespeare.


Tend'e re (ten'sus, ten'tus] = to stretch, to strive.

ex tent' in tent' ten'sion

at ten'tive tend'en cy in ten'si ty in ten'sive

con ten'tion ex ten'sion at tendance pre tend'er

pre tense'

fur'ry ma'jor pol'ka

mu'ti neer' nau'se a

bot'a nist

tip'pler me chan'ic

dys pep'si a wizard imli ta'tor neu ral'gi a

reflu gee'

ma lakri a


[blocks in formation]

“ The habit of looking at the bright side of things is better than an income of a thousand pounds a year." —Hume.

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