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convertible ordinary intercede stanch

especial panacea venison
passably casino laudanum magnesia
morphiné Democratic rheumatism devoutly
prospectus leprous expansion ordinal

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sep'ul cher

“The past is the sepulcher of our e mo'tion dead emotions and actions." Bovee. tem'per ance “Temperance and sobriety are the guard'i an guardians of health.” health

“He sat serene upon the flood se rene

Their fury to restrain.” Sternhold.

The parent restrains the child. re strain' The physician restricts the patient's phy si'cian

diet. re strict' " A holiday Sabbath is the ally of

despotism." Proverb. des'pot ism “Literature is the garden of wislit'er a ture

dom.” “Common sense is knowledge of common things.” “ Gratitude is the music of the heart."

Robert South.

al ly'




Vo ca're [vo ca'tus] (vok, vouch)= to call.
Cla ma're [cla ma'tus] (claim)= to call, cry out.

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“Every man stamps his value upon himself.”


54 ac cu'mu late

Capital is accumulated work ; pro spective

work is prospective capital. a mend'ment Slavery was abolished by the thircon'sti tultion teenth amendment to the Constituro bust'

tion. nox'ious

“ The huntsman ever gay, robust, va'pors

and bold defies the noxious vapors.” con spic'u ous Conspicuous among the names of il lus'tri ous the illustrious in history is that of dis tin'guish

Daniel Webster, the distinguished em'i nent orator and eminent statesman. states'man

66 Action is the charm of eloquence.” — Mellois.

el'o quence


WORD BUILDING Tra' he re [trac'tus] (trac) = to draw. Sta're [sta'tus] = to stand. Mors [mor'tis] = death. mor'tal ly stat'ure

re trace

con trac'tion sta'ble de tract' mor tal'i ty re tract' im mortal es tab'lish im mortal ize

sta'tion a ry

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“ The path of duty is the way to glory.”

- Tennyson.

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con tempt “Contempt of others is the surest symptom

symptom of a bad heart.” Fielding. boun'ty “ From bounty issues power.'

“ The spacious firmament on high fir'ma ment With all the blue ethereal sky, e the're al

And spangled heavens, a shining frame, o rig'i nal

Their great original proclaim. ac com'plish He accomplishes most who best exeex'e cute cutes his plans. lus'ter

“A good name keeps its luster in the lustrous dust." - Proverb. skil'ful ly

6 A smooth sea never made a skilful nav'i ga tor navigator.”

“ He is not manly who cannot say 'No.'”



Ulti [u'sus] =to use. Aqua = water.
Du' ce re [duc'tus] = to lead, bring forward.

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frontier hyphen issue tonsil rotary

conscience erysipelas typhoid

acceptance bulletin ferment manicure leprous fusible pacified Republican pleurisy turbulent complicate


Ant arc'tic fer'til ize shrine cal' cu late cen'tral ize stealth cal'en dar au'thor ize cli'max em'i grant col'o nize de ter

di gest'i ble nav'i ga ble char'i ta ble ir'ri ta ble

Agriculture is always an honorable vocation; wisely followed, it is often profitable.

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