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“ Politeness is usually the inmate of so' cial

an honest, social, benevolent heart." be nev'o lent

Holford. reg'u la'tion “Order is the primary regulation ce les'tial

of the celestial regions. Saxe. im ag'i na'tion “ Wit, the flower of imagination, con'ver sa'tion is the salt of conversation." con trast'

We contrast unlike qualities in com pare' objects and compare resemblances. re sem'blance The contrast was noticeable. con'trast

“ Conscience is the sentinel of virsen'ti nel tue.” fa tigue

Fatigue does not always win sleep.”



Rum'pere [rup'tus] = to break, burst.

Teg'e re (tec'tus] = to cover. Urbs [ur' bis] = a city. de tect' sub urban

in'ter urban uroban


sub ur'ban ite sub'urb. de tec'tive ir rup'tion

cor rupt'i ble

pro tect'or

dis rupt!

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leglis la'ture council or'di nance re peal' Mi ka'do Sulltan e'dict re voke' li'cense an nul con'tract a greement con tract

Legislatures make laws, city councils pass ordinances. They can also repeal them. The Mikado of Japan and the Sultan of Turkey issue edicts and have sole power to revoke them. A license may be revoked for cause by the body granting it, or be annulled by a higher authority. Contracts are canceled when the conditions are complied with or by agreement of the contracting parties.

I will contract to do the work.
He will agree to accept the position.

“Noble ideas of citizenship and its duties strengthen the will of all patriots.” — Gates.



Cae'de re [cae' sum] (cis) = to kill, to cut. Va' de re [va' sus] = to go, rush. Ri'vus = a stream. ri'val ar ri'val

e va'sive e vade de ci'sive

in va'sion con cise

in vad'er in ci'sor de rivla tive

pre ci'sion

ri'val ry

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ba'bel laugh'a ble

twinge coun'ter mand! cow'er tire'some ul'ster coun'ter march parse pit'i a ble pal'let con'tro vert va'grant doubt'ful quo'ta con'tra vene! " The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

- Proverb.


en tice

de coy'

ap peal'


Secret anguish is one of the serious ca lam'i ty calamities of human life. al lure'

Pleasing appearances allure; flat

tery entices; false arts and trickery trick'er y seduce and decoy. se duce

“The frank man is under no restraint;

his lips are ever ready to give utterance re straint' to the dictates of his heart; he has no ut'ter ance

reserve." Quintine. dictate “Greatness appeals to the future.”

Emerson. 71

Tri bu'e re (tri bultus] = to give, pay.
Sig na're [sig na'tus] = to sign.
Cad'e re [ca' sus] (ch, cid)= to fall, to happen.

sig'na ture
at'tri bute

ac'ci dental in'ci dent con trib'ute

dis'tri bultion cas'u al ly

des'ig nate res'ig na'tion

de sign

trib'u ta ry

per chance'


mag net'ic



mag'net ism gav'el cleft fa natlic fa nat'i cism surge

or gan'ic or'gan ism swerve shire me thod'ic plasm

“The tongue of a fool is the key of his counsel, which, in a wise man, wisdom hath in keeping.”



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“ The bee sits on the bloom extracting co logne' liquid sweets.” Milton. o'dor ous

Colognes are made from the odorous hyp'o crite extracts of flowers. trib'ute “ The hypocrite pays tribute to God im pose'

that he may impose on man.” ad join'ing Things adjoining touch, and those ad ja'cent adjacent are near each other. brav'er y

“Bravery has no place where it can a vail

avail nothing.” Johnson.

“ Brave actions require no eulogy; war'rant they carry their warrant with them."

eu'lo gy

" You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one.”

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