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accent ac cent' syl'la ble ex change wooden shan'ty ha'zel crim'son hue, fore tell'

You should accent the last syllable of the word exchange.

“The winds make this wooden shanty rock to and fro.” “ The hazel blooms, in threads of

crimson hue, Peep through the swelling buds,

foretelling spring."



19 gur'gling “ Pure gurgling rills the lonely rill

desert trace

And waste their music on the savage ter'ri ble

race.” re joice “Oh, the snow, the terrible snow, lodge

Won't we rejoice when we see it go!” vast

“Oh, for a lodge in some vast wil'der ness wilderness! " ” dis miss'

At the close of the session, the ses' sion teacher will dismiss all the pupile.

re bel'

vic'to ry

nec'es sa ry

20 rebel “He became a surly little rebel, who. sur'ly took pleasure in doing exactly the ex act'ly contrary of everything that he was desired con'tra ry to do."

The servants rebel against the master. servant “Our watchword is victory or death;

we will enjoy our liberty or perish in the per'ish last ditch." caution “ Hidden reefs made caution necessary.

“ The sleeping fox catches no poultry.” poul'try

21 wickled “ The foolish and wicked practice of pro fane' profane swearing is a vice so mean and charac ter so low that every person of sense and de test' character detests and despises it.” de spise “ Proverbs are the wisdom of ages." prov'erb The boy recites well. re cite

“ Practice what you profess to be.”

Practice is often spelled practise. bleak

The winter day was bleak and cold. re side

I reside in the city.

pro fess'


pause. let'tuce poul'try con'tra ry

pi' geon weath'er caution nec'es sa ry

va nil'la
um brel'la

at tack'
re joice
syl'la ble
be hav'ior

per form

22 · per'il

At the peril of his own life, the brave y en deav'or fireman endeavors to rescue those in y rescue

danger. re new

“By land, by water, they renew the char'i ot

charge ; barge They stop the chariot and board the

hes'i tate X

barge.” ' Hesitate not to perform your duty. cal'la

The calla is a beautiful flower. rinse

The maid will rinse the clothes.

23 range

fu'ture or' phan au'burno grate in'dex in sane'

squawe hearth ken'nel

pa poose cur'rantx in'va lid


dec'i mal grid'dle

band'age nu'mer al


“ Yet do the work; it shall succeed vic'tor

In thine, or in another's day. meed

And if denied the victor's meed, toil'er

Thou shalt not lack the toiler's pay." va ri'e ty “ Variety's the spice of life, fla'vor

That gives it all its flavor.” ex'cel lent Happiness is an excellent remedy and rem'e dy keeps people in better health than any

other medicine." bou quet'

The bouquet was beautiful. heifler A heifer is a young cow.

a sy'lum



in' di go

suc ceed'

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as sist'

ar rang'ing You may assist me in arranging for

the auction. Some antique furniture ar range will be on sale. an tique “Thus I steer my bark, and sail fur'ni ture On even keel, with gentle gale." keel

“ From the cool cistern of the midnight cis'tern

air, mid'night My spirit drank repose." re pose' Many receive advice; only the wise ad vice'

profit by it.” prof'it


“ Lies pass away; truth endures." kid'naped The man who kidnaped the child was ju'ry found guilty by the jury.

“ Pain and misery are fruits of vice.": fair'est “ The trees their fairest foliage yield,

In apple blossom time.” de rive' “ Life, like every

every other blessing, bless'ing derives its blessing from its use alone.” re form

“Seek not to reform every one's dial dilal by your own watch.”

en dure'

mis'er y

fo'li age

la goon'

27 Aus tra'li a The large island of Australia is often con'ti nent called a continent. is'let

An islet is a very small island. a'toll An atoll is a ring-shaped, coral island, in close' inclosing a body of water, called a in clos'ing lagoon.

“I regret that I have but one life to re gret' give to my country.” en'vy “Envy comes from little minds.” at tempt Attempt the end, never stand to doubt doubt."

28 stan'za A stanza is a division of poetry. po'e try Though the cause of evil prosper, pros' per

Yet 'tis truth alone is strong." for sake' 6 Forsake not an old friend." ob'sti nate Because the boy is so very obstinate ex pell the teacher will expel him.

66 Accuse not others to excuse self.” fail'ure “ Not failure, but low aim is crime." wid'ow “ And there came a certain poor widow, mite and she threw in two mites."

ac cuse


breast au'ger is'land mis'chief


beard heifler a'cre bou quet'

a're a knuc'kle a'toll an tique

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